Weighted dips

Discussion in 'General Training' started by ian, Mar 2, 2005.

  1. ian

    ian New Member

    Was gona give you a big storey but the top and bottom of it is ......

    How do you guys do weighted dips??? (ie when you can lift heavier than your own body weight)

    The Wdip machine doesnt go heavy enuff any more, so iv been balancing dbs between my legs, however not only do i luk stupid, its harder balancing the weights than liftn it.

    Any ideas or have i just gota buy one of them belts??
  2. Dood

    Dood New Member

    Get a belt, or make one with chain and padding.
  3. Old and Grey

    Old and Grey Super Moderator Staff Member

    I use a regular old lifting belt and added about 18" of chain and hook it to the belt buckle with a pin like you see holding lat bars to the machine cable. Total cost, since I already had the belt, was about $2.50. My only complain is that when I have more than about 90 pounds on it, it tends to dig into my hip bones a bit. I can usually fix that by supporting the weight on a bench and hiking the belt up a little higher. You could also add padding.
  4. ian

    ian New Member

    Sounds good, O&G do you know a website I can geta cheap chain??? :D

    Only kiddin, im not quite that poor.

    Thanks again, I thought someone was gona tell me the best techniques for balancing weights on my head!
  5. O&G, you can do weighted dips with 90 pounds? I'm impressed!

    I like the idea of modifying a standard belt with a piece of chain, too. Was thinking about buying a dip belt; you just saved me about $40.
  6. I used an old backpack that I filled up with weight plates, until my bag started ripping (85lbs in a little school bag will do that)
    just bought a belt last night (40 bucks) I think its well worth it.

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