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Discussion in 'General Training' started by berserk, Mar 1, 2005.

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    I got an email today from steroid encyclopaedia who are trying to sell a new Massive Growth training system. I laughed all the way through reading the spiel - thank heavens I'm now a HST informed man, a couple of years ago I could have been sold by this BS. Here it is.
    For years bodybuilders have searched for such a mass
    gaining system and today we are ecstatic to announce that we
    have now found one that definitely appears to work... it is
    called the Massive Growth System and it was a system
    designed and tested in Africa and on African athletes,
    bodybuilders and hard gainers alike.
    The Massive growth system  has proven itself time after time
    to deliver wicked size and strength gains in a breathtaking
    short period of time
    Here is how it works
    * It is the only system that cycles intensity, volume,
    density without you knowing or figuring anything out...So
    you never have to worry about over training...simply follow
    the step-by-step system and you will make all the gains you
    want and you'll never hit a plateau...
    * It is the only system that works every aspect of a
    muscle, holistically targeting every fiber in your
    body...every muscle fiber from your slow twitch to your
    fast twitch muscle fibers ...and it even targets and builds
    up the joints and ligaments (which is important if you are
    on steroids-as it prevents injury)...this is like getting
    quadruple the muscle growth stimulation with the same
    effort that you currently spend on current inefficient
    training routines!
    * It is the only system out there that targets the central
    nervous system (CNS), the CNS is the mechanism in your body
    that gives your body "permission" to grow (most programs
    don't even consider this important mechanism of the
    body)... getting massive is easy once you learn how to
    target and stimulate the CNS...
    * It boost testosterone levels by 50% each workout and
    maintains that elevated levels throughout the day (a
    special workout system forces your body to produce more
    testosterone)...which means you will be able to grow bigger
    muscles faster...
    Now what I am trying to say here is that this program makes
    it easy to gain muscle mass... it has worked on natural
    bodybuilders and steroid users alike... and it will work for
    you as well! I don't care if you are skinny 98 pound
    weakling or if you are a massive 250lbs mass monster-this
    system will give you the extra growth you seek!
    Here is just a glimpse of what you will discover in the
    massive growth system
    * You will learn about the 3 adaptation stages of the body
    and how to activate them for mind-blowing gains. (Once you
    learn these 3 simple stages you will have the key to
    stimulating muscle mass gains that just won't
    stop.)....You'll learn how to use them to superimpose mass
    gains un top of mass gains....taking the body to higher and
    higher levels of strength and muscle mass gains...
    * Learn how to use the two types of intensities. One will
    magnify the metabolic pathways of the muscles by building
    better capabilities of handling lactic acid so you will
    recover super fast and pack on solid mass... and the other
    will explode your muscle mass gains into unheard of rates.)
    Using these two simple intensities together - will
    transform you from a pencil head geek to a Greek statue.
    So if you want some serious muscle size and want it in just
    a few short weeks, I urge you to take a look at this
    program...simply click the link below and test drive it (for
    FREE if you wish).... You will be thrilled that you did in
    just a few short weeks...
    [​IMG]  [​IMG]  [​IMG]  [​IMG]  [​IMG]  [​IMG]  [​IMG]
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    Notice how all the wonder programs you see advertised in this manner don't actually say HOW they work, just that you they will "superimpose mass upon mass" blah blah......
  3. ian

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    In my younger days (about a year ago) i saw a steroid book in advertised in some bbing mag. As i didnt ava clue on the subject i thought id purchase this 'massive encyclepedia' covering 'every aspect of bodybuilding'.

    Got an envelope a week later, thought it wasa bill. It had the 'encyclepedia inside. About 10pages long, worked out a £3 a page. Bargain. Was fuming.

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