What protein powders should I use, if intolerant of both dairy & eggs ?

Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by shiphen, Sep 13, 2010.

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    I appear to be 'intolerant' of both milk products and eggs.
    What protein powers should I use for pre & post weight training?

    I have a long history of IBS (iritable bowel syndrome). Part of the problem is that I seem to be mildly sensitive to both milk-related products and also to eggs.

    I have tried various different protein powers based on whey (e.g.
    - "100% Whey", "Perfect Whey Protein", "Night Protein Blend"... } from Trec Nutrition
    - "Cyclone", "Promax", "Promax Extreme"... } from Maximuscle

    If I eat a scoop or so any of these (with water), I am made aware of my digestion - particularly 3-4 hours later. I get a swollen abdomen, irregular stools, perhaps some gas, but the real clue according to my doc is that I can feel my pulse if I press (slightly firmly) just above belly button.

    I have tried eating enzymes at the same time in case I am lactose intolerant.
    - "Super Lactase Enzyme" from Holland & Barrett
    - "Universal Food-Zyme" from Nature's Pluss
    - "Prolactazyme Forte" from BioCare

    But that doesnt seem to solve the problem.

    I tried "ISO SOY" from Solgar (which claims to be rich in Isoflavone including Genistein & Daidzein)
    but I am told soya is frowned upon because it has 'estrogenic' effects and feminizes us!

    I did also try something based on egg whites but it was so digusting that I couldnt stomach it - plus it wasnt clear that I shouldnt just eat nice (organic) freshly cooked eggs instead. But I did a blood test (York Test) which said that I was very sensitive/allergic to egg yolk (whites were fine).

    Medically speaking I also have a history of hypoglycemia (reactive hypoglymia) although this is only "borderline clinical" , so eating little and often suits me.

    I need something to eat before and immediately after training.
    But almost all protein powders that I can find appear to be based on milk (ie. .whey/casein) and/or sometime egg and/or soya (!!)

    Should I give up eating protein powders altogether.
    Any advice ?

    John Smith
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    Soy won't kill you and I really think the estrogenic thing about is highly exaggerated.
  3. shiphen

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    What about other sources? e.g. peas, rice or other types of bean.

    In fact cant you get good quality protein powders made out of fish or meat or similar?

  4. Totentanz

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    I've tried pea protein and it was horrible. It's cheap but it is nasty and it clumps up very badly. Not worth it.

    I would just go with the soy. It's easy to get, cheap and it tastes decent. Soy isn't going to give you breasts if that's what you are worried about.
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    i love pea protein....but i dont seem to really grow on it ....i cant use whey concentrate but can use whey isolate....has anyone had success useing pea protein....
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    i dont think the wheys you mentioned were whey isolate and it does make a big difference.......you ought to try out the pea protein also....
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    dumb of me to say that i did not grow on pea protein as i just did not get enough calories.....i do like the stuff......and you can get it cheapily at true protein.....and like tot said soy is used by a lot of people,,,,what did you decide as its been awhile...
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    >what did you decide as its been awhile...

    So far I don't like any of the options ! I have been mostly getting my calories from real food. (e.g. mostly chicken, fish, eggs (but only once/week due to allergy worries) and some other meat e.g. lamb, pig and occasionally beef [although I do not seem to digest that very well either]).

    Right now it's complicated because my digestion clearly does not get along with milk products (for now). In fact my entire digestion seems to be much happier on what is in effect rather a fairly low protein diet. So I am in "maintenance" mode. I am still doing moderate training, however I screwed up my knee joints quite badly doing a rather heavy (for me) leg press (c.225Kg) (whereas I only weight 80Kg). Joints seem to be quite 'moody'. I have often lifted that or similar weights before without ill effect. But this time I got a little bit of pain in the joints at the time but I just pushed on through. Mistake! The next day I could barely get down stairs...!

    So due to screwed up knees I have had an enforced strategic deconditioning (SD)... of the legs for the last 2 weeks. And am not eating very many calories either in case I put on too much fat.

    I have read in various places that soya is NOT very good for you. Something about being a problem for thyroid gland too. (I am borderline hypo-thyroid as it is).

    I am still hoping that some particular high quality milk derived powder might be tolerated by my guts. I seem to be able to eat pretty well anything... until 4 hours later when I discover the reaction(s). Also if I look after my digestion for a while I am hoping that the sensitivies may well change. I know my abdomen in slightly bloated as it is - I have a long history of moderate IBS...

    But yes, I am still looking for a decent source of protein supplement.

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