When do most people see their gains

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This is a very subjective topic, and some will say they see greater gains during 15s and 10s, while others will say during the 5s and negs. The glycogen-depleting high rep phases of the 15s and 10s necessitate a higher carb and calorie intake if you want to stay in a surplus to build muscle. During the lower volume, lower rep phase of 5s, you may decrease carbs if you notice fat gain. People who notice most of their gains during 5s most likely didn't eat sufficiently during 15s and 10s.

Please remember that the stimulus for growth has nothing to do with any specific rep count or rep range, but has everything to do with the frequency, progression, and effective SD as per the HST principles. So in theory you should be growing at a constant rate throughout the cycle, but this doesn't always happen due to the way people eat and implement the HST program.

- Blade

Here are a few things to think about:

1) The leaner you are, the easier it will be to see gains.

2) The better you eat (proper diet for gaining muscle), the greater the gains will be. (This cannot be emphasized enough)

3) The better the person has done his/her SD, the faster they will see gains.

4) The more muscular the person already is, the easier it will be to see gains.

So all of these factors will have an effect on what people see in the mirror when they begin HST.

I personally usually "feel" sore by the 3rd workout of the first week of 15s. I usually see an increase in size/fullness and slight increase in bodyweight (1-2 pounds) by the middle of the second week of 15s. Keep in mind, I really know how to SD! :D

- Bryan
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