where to place close grip chins in routne?


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Hey everyone. I'm about to start my 2nd HST cycle and I'm modifying the exercises for arms. In my 1st cycle, I alternated btwn hammer and incline curls for bis and decline extensions and v pressdowns for tris. This cycle. I'm thinking of doing close grip chins (weighted) and weighted ez curl benhc dips. Problem is, I will be doing wide grip chins for lats in the same routine, which will be followed by shoulder exercises then my last 2 exercises will be arms. I will alternate pendalay rows and wide chins. Will this be a problem in terms of fatigued muscle since I'm doing 2 kinds of chins in the same workout? Will these 2 exercises be sufficient enough for growth? My arms are kinda lagging (13in arms, 43 in chest) some help or advice is appreciated! Btw starting hst cycle Wednesday!
You will probably notice that your pullups will suffer due to the chins especially as the weights increase. You can always alternate a different exercise in. To help with arm development stick to the heavy basics . Close grip bench, dips and even skullcrushers for tri and barbell/ezbar curls, alternate db curls, and reverse grip pulldwon/pullups. To me arms are all about controlling the weight. Live in your muscle, feel it contract and stretch. Keeping it simple and really focusing on the task at hand are keys to success. Good luck!