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  1. NateDogg

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    Just wondering if anyone has used this technique to 'fire all muscle fibers'. I know I have a problem trying to 'fire all fibers' in just a couple sets for each muscle group using HST.

    BTW I'm a newb [​IMG]
  2. vicious

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    X-reps comes down to pulsing. I think somewhere Steve Holman talks a little about using pulsing to activate the myotatic reflex as well, but for most part, he uses pulsing to extend the effort and accentuate burn.

    He's technically not correct about X-reps recruiting more fibers. Only time that really happens is during the activation of the myotatic reflex. But the ideas do work, just not for the reasons he states.

    The Customizing thread breaks down how to perform and vary pulsing (and with that exercises) to get the effect that you want. It's a more specific version of X-reps. If you're new to HST, it may be kinda hard to follow. ;)

  3. NateDogg

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    Hey Jules,

    Thanks a lot for the clarification. I will check out the customizing thread and see if i can learn anything. BTW I have been doing HST for about 6 months and I really built up some mass but I want to be more 'ripped' with lower body fat for doing sports.

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    Is this the infamous, southern-based stud NateDogg from the T-Mag forum who is addicted to those horrendous rice burners?    :D

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