Your Bulk to Cut Ratio


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I'd like to know how long your average bulk and cut cycles are. Also, I'd be interested in knowing what your primary goal is (IE, strength, size, leanness, etc.).

I used to alternate with such frequently that I ended up just spinning my wheels with little progress. As a former fat-body, I feared any fat gain. Currently, I am learning that carrying more fat than I'd like is part of the cost associated with success in weightlifting. Never have my been heavier nor my workouts more productive and rewarding.

Economists like to say rational people think on the margin, and that is very true when it comes to fat gains. I might go a year without looking to lose fat while making sure to avoid ballooning up for "bulking's" sake.

So how about you?

I am interested in finding out people's opinion on this, too. I trained for about a year and a half before this last recent layoff and all of it was trying to lose body fat. And that's also what I'm doing now. I've never tried bulking and I have the same reservations about gaining fat.
I typically bulk for about 9 months (like a pregnancy) and then spend maybe four months max cutting off the fat (unlike a pregnancy) but it will vary greatly by the individual, I think.
I've spent more time cutting than bulking although there is some underlying issues to that... wrong diet in Spring 06, bulked too much in winter while not recording calories after surgery - hence I am still cutting.
I just completed a 6 month bulk, going from 10.5% BF to 14.5% BF. I am just starting my cut, hopefully lasting no longer than 8-10 weeks. Goal is to get back to around 10% BF before next bulk.