your results with HST...



I did a search to find success stories with HST and found some testimonies but there are too many threads, and some people reported their gains on others board... why not simply put your results in ONE thread ?! (this one

I'm sure many people would like to read such a thread and Bryan could also use some of the testimonies.

HST worked or didn't work for you ?! Post your results but only if you did HST (I mean something close to the "official routine" or close to what Bryan suggested to optimize HST), not YOUR own HST (as I did) !!!

Please post your restults (I know some of your already posted 2-3 times theirs results but in 2-3 different threads....) I'll also search on others boards if I can find testimonies (both positive and negative). But nearly all testimonies I read about HST were positive

ok thank you all
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Posted: Sep. 05 2002,08:40


HST is awesome, after years of small gains, this has really boosted my muscles to another level.

I managed to gain 7 lbs of weight in three weeks (only one week of 15s & two weeks of 10s). This translates to 5 lbs of LBM. I have three weeks left of 5s. Can't wait to see the end results.
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Posted: Aug. 13 2002,7

One session away from my 5RM cycle and with only 2-3lbs of lean muscle gained, I'm starting to wonder whether if I'm the only one on this boat (especially after reading the results from other guys). I eat healthy and a lot and perform exercises in good form.

Two questions:
1. At which part of the HST cycle are maximum gains common?

2. My previous workout routine was an upper-lower body split, with 3 exercises and 3 sets per body part. My current HST routine has considerably less volume, only 16. I've been working out on-and-off for about 2.5 years.
Is an HST program with a volume higher than 18 recommended?

On the upside, at least Im not losing weight and am noticing some gains in strength but wondering when Id get results for hardwork.
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Steve McDermott

HS:Good Friend

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Posted: May 06 2002,11:16

Ok, I did all the measurements this weekend. No BF% due to broken calipers

So here they are.

Weigth: lost 2lbs
Waist (at navel): -3/4 inch
Chest: +1/2 inch
Shoulders: +1/4 inch
Neck: -1/2 inch (fat I think)
L bicep: +1/4 inch (finally hit 17"!! )
R bicep: +1/8 inch (smaller at 16 5/8"?? )
Hips: -1/2 inch (fat)
L quad: -1/4 inch (fat)
R quad: -1/4 inch (fat)

I look bigger and more defined in the mirror. My wife has done all my measurements since I started taking them, so they have all been done exactly the same each time.

I absolutely gained some LBM and lost BF at the same time during this cycle. As most of you know I was eating hypocalorically this time around, but looking at the averages on fitday, I thought I was eating less than I actually did due to refeeds on the weekends. I will be dropping calories a bit more to increase the fat loss for my next cycle. I will add some carbs back in during the 15s and then drop them back down during the 10s.

Strength also went way up on most lifts. I posted my SBDL increases earlier, but all my lifts increased as well. I added 10lbs to my DB bench press, and 7.5lbs to each DB for rows.

All in all, I'm very pleased. This cycle was just shy of 6 weeks (by one workout). I hope to continue with the fat loss into this next cycle, and then start adding mass towards the end of the summer. I plan to stick with HST as long as I can get results like these.

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Posted: Aug. 05 2002,11:58

I just took my measurements after 6 days of SD following my 3rd cycle and have the following improvements from day 6 of SD from the 2nd cycle:

Chest +1/4 inch
-this is surprising as I visually have much more upper body mass than before but I think I was deluding myself as it's largely delts/traps which I don't measure.

Bi's +1/2 inch
-a very pleasant surprise!

Waist -1 inch
-another very pleasant surprise as I wasn't trying to reduce any fat.

Thighs +1/4 inch
-not too bad for only doing deadlifts

Calves +1/4 inch

Neck +1/4 inch

Forearms +1/8 inch
-a little disappointing, I'll be adding wrist curls to the next cycle.

I don't have access to a decent scale, but I clearly gained a few pounds of muscle, which on top of my gains from the first two cycles explains how I've been outgrowing my clothes:D
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Posted: June 28 2002,2

Ok, today i finished my my second cycle fifth week (5's) and i think i'm ending it here. My results seem too good to be true. Get ready for this:

I started at a bodyweight of 81.5 Kg (179.3 pouds) and am now at 87 (191.4 pounds). My bodyfat went from 13.3% to 14.4%. This reading was obtained through an bioimpedance device so it's probably not very acurate, but i always used the same machine and it's always pretty consistent so i believe the increase was something similar to the 1.1% it states.

I only started taking measurements recently and i've checked and rechecked a million times as they seem so hard to believe.

In my two HST cycles arms went up 0.9 cm, legs 1.3 cm, calfs 0.9 cm (this one is unbelievable) waist 1.5 cm .

So in two cycles with a lenght of two and a half months i gained 7.5 kilos (16.5 pounds).

Diet started at 4600 cals and went up to 5000 Kcals. The macronutrient split was 40% fat, 35% carbs, 25% protein. I started creatine 3 weeks ago and this definitly increased my gains.

Bryan if you want to use my post as proof that HST works please do!
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Posted: July 05 2002,03:42

hello everybody,

for those interested i´ve listed my results after following two HST cycles. i also included training and dietdetails.

start cycle 1 end cycle 1 end cycle 2
april 1,2002 may 10,2002 july 4,2002

chest(relaxed) 120,5cm 121 cm 122,5 cm
(47,4 inch) (47,6 inch) (48,2 inch)
chest(expand) 124,5 cm 125,5 cm 126,5 cm
(49,0 inch) (49,4 inch) (49,8 inch)
waist(navel) 98 cm 92 cm 90 cm
(38,6 inch) (36,2 inch) ( 35,4 inch)
biceps(flexed) 38 cm 39,2 cm 40,5 cm
(15,0 inch) (15,4 inch) (15,9 inch)
forearms(flex) 33,2 cm 34 cm 34,3 cm
(13,1 inch) (13,4 inch) (13,5 inch)
hips 103 cm 99 cm 99,5 cm
(40,6 inch) (39,0 inch) (39,2 inch)
thighs(flexed) 61,5 cm 61 cm 62,2 cm
(24,2 inch) (24,0 inch) (24,5 inch)
calves 39 cm 39,5 cm 39,5 cm
(15,4 inch) (15,6 inch) (15,6 inch)
neck 41,5 cm 42 cm 41,6 cm
(16,3 inch) (16,5 inch) (16,4 inch)
wrists (*) (*) 17,5 cm
( 6,9 inch)
ankles (*) (*) 21,5 cm
( 8,5 inch )
age 41 years 41 years 42 years
length 180 cm 180 cm 180 cm
( 5 ft 11 ) (5ft 11 ) (5 ft 11)
weight 94,4 kg 90,4 kg 90,6 kg
(207,9 lb) (199,1 lb) (199,6 lb)
fat% 28% 25% 17,9%
(**) (**) (***)
fatmass 26,4 kg 22,6 kg 16,2 kg
(58,1 lb) (49,8 lb) (35,7 lb)
fatfreemass 68,0 kg 67,8 kg 74,4 kg
(149,8 lb) (149,3 lb) (163,9 lb)
bodyfluid (*) (*) 54,5 kg
(120,0 lb)

(*) = not measured
(**)= measuring method BIA.device used Tanita TBF-611
(***)= meas.method BIA. device used Tanita TBF-300
all bodyparts measured "cold"

total duration: 15 weeks, including deconditioning.
completed two cycles.
first cycle 7 weeks (2wk 15rps/2wk 10rps/2 wk 5 rp/1wk dec)
sec cycle 8 weeks (2wk 15rps/2wk 10rps/3wk 7-5rp/1wk dec)
3 weekly workouts nonconsecutive days.
3 weekly cardiosessions, 400 calories a session, low intensity.

exercises used: ( remained unchanged in two cycles )
1. leg press 2 sets ( first cycle 1 set )
2. leg curls 2 sets
3. machine chest press 2 sets
4. dips 1 set
5. wide chins 1 set
6. small underhand chin 1 set
7. machine rowing 2 sets
8. machine rowing 1 set
9. machine deltpress 1 set
10. dumbbell side laterals 1 set
11. rear delt machine 1 set
12. one arm dumbbell curl 2 sets
13. tricep pushdown 2 sets
14. calf raises 2 sets
15. crunches, bodyweight only 2 sets 15 reps only

daily intake 2000 calories, 215 grams protein, 30 grams fat, 215 grams carbs. divided over seven small meals.
(full details in the reply of june 18,2002 to giarumas´ post " your diets guys..?" of june 18,2002 in the HST dietforum)

proteinpowder, multivitamin-mineraltabs, chromium 300mcg.

no AAS assistance.

short-termtarget: 15 % bodyfat

changes in third cycle:
load increases for every workout to come.
additional third set calfraises at each workout.

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Posted: July 17 2002,12:26

roughly six week cycle doing split of one day lower body, next day upper body, next day rest (a few times two days rest). Did 15 rep workout twice (2 upper and 2 lower), 12 rep twice, 10 rep twice, 8 rep twice, and then 6 rep 4 times. Was going to do two more weeks at 4 reps but stopped due to injuries (lower back disc herniation - happens all the time to me - and left bicep strain and a forearm tendon strain - )

supplements: fish oil, vitamins, minerals, protein powder

results (cold and relaxed):
weight: 143 lbs -> 148 lbs
waist: 31.0 -> 30.25
shoulders: 43.5 -> 45
chest: 37.25 -> 38 7/8
arm: 11.75 -> 12.5
calf: 14 - 14 3/8
thigh: inconsistent where I was measuring. They noticeably grew just not sure how much. I'll get it right next cycle.

So gained *more* than 5 lbs LBM since also lost fat, and in only 6 weeks. Was basically seeing a pound a week increase on the scale and my waist line slowly shrinking. Two more weeks and I would have easily hit my 150lb goal for this cycle! Oh well, SD is over for me next Monday and cycle two starts. Still trying to decide whether to try 3x per week full body or stick to my split. Did HIT before HST and didn't really care for full body workout. Obviously the split works fine for me.

Btw, I'm 38 yrs old, not some teenager with raging hormones.

HST works as advertised!
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Posted: Aug. 19 2002,2:22

I am in the middle my 5`s and cant hold it anymore, here is my results so far
16.07.2002 18.08.2002
Neck: 40 42
Chest: 113 119
Hip: 99 99
Waist: 95 96
Arm: 39,5 41,5 (Pumped, never tested cold)
Forearm:32 33,5
Thigh: 55 59
Calf: 40,5 42
Weight: 88Kilo 95Kilo!
I have eaten normally, and taken 5 protein shakes each day! To counter my widening waist, I switched to Whey protein and non fat milk. Creatin after every workout. Can’t say anything other that I’m extremely pleased with these results.

Some of it is muscle memory (But my neck, pecs, shoulders and lats have never been so big as they are now)

Followed HST to the letter.

Training at home. That have some advantages, can listen to Heavy Metal, and
none saw how light the 15`s was at first.

Have gotten quite some interesting comments after the holidays was over

Squat 2 set
Stifflegged deadlift 1
Bechpress 1
One armed rows 1
Pullover 1
Shrugs 2
Dumbbell press 1 (seated but with no back support)
Bic Curl: 1 (Tried 2 set but the second set was useless)
Tri press: 1 (Same as above)
One legged calf raise 1
Crunch 1 (skips this one occasionally)

On the negatives I will repeat 5`s (can not resist will up the weight)
with squat, dead lift, bench-press and pullover. The
Rest I can do negatives with.

In my youth I trained a typical Arnold routine, grew at first before plateau
Then I tried HIT, my thighs grew but I reached a plateau before long.
I’ve trained two months without a clear plan, before i learned about HST, but now I have my routine
HST lives!!!!

Can not wait to go at the 15 again! Love the feel I get from this type of training and cause I know the weight ill go with for each workout I can be 100% focused on the lifting!
HST is Great Stuff, I feel like I’m 20 in the gym again
9 days of SD will be sad though
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Posted: Aug. 10 2002,01

Hi every one,
Just completed my first cycle of HST style training and would like to share my experiences.HST made sense to me cause I liked the idea of working out knowing exactly the sets and weights I would be lifting on a particular day. It helped me stay focused.
I began my 2-month cycle with the foll exercises
Sumo squat (I have a problem with form on the regular squat)
Barbell bench press
Barbell Bent Over Rows
Barbell shrug
Barbell curl
After completing the 15”s and 10”s I increased the number of exercises for the 8 rep and 5 rep
Sumo squat
Barbell bench press
Barbell Bent Over Rows
Barbell shrug
Db curl
Db hammer curl
Arnold press
Tricep press
All exercises were performed for only one set with warm up sets only when I started the 8 rep cycle.I have been amazed at the results. I wanted to get cut this cycle before bulking up so I cut down on my calories and tried to stick to a 50 c 30p 20 f plan (pretty difficult in India where rice is the staple diet.) the results speak out loud, I’ve lost 2 inches on my waist while all other measurements are the same or increased marginally. Total weight loss was only 2 kgs, which means that while losing fat I’ve gained a good amount of lean muscle. I don’t have access to body fat testing but the mirror tells me the story.
Next cycle the intention is to primarily gain muscle and I would like you people to advise me
The exercises I’ve chosen are
Barbell flat bench press
Db incline bench press
Sumo squat
Barbell lunges
Barbell bent over rows
Tricep press
Db curl
Db hammer curl
Arnold press
Any comment ,or reactions are welcome.
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Posted: May 21 2002,2:11

I'm sorry to say that I have to end my HST cycle a bit early (2 weeks early) due hand-wrist pain.
I think I got it from playing soccer this weekend but I ain't sure.

So I thought I would make my first HST cycle a 6 week cycle. I started the cycle on a saturday and did my first and last workout of 5RM (instead of negatives) this saturday.

I weighted myself last time with one week of fives left (allmost two weeks ago). And then I had gained 16 pounds.

So the results after my first HST cycle are:
Strenght up!
Great uper body development and during fives also great leg development.
Gained 16 pounds. A little fat but mostly muscles.

No exact measurments..

These 6 weeks was clearly the most succesful weeks in my 8 month long training period.
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Posted: July 22 2002,07:37

Just finished my second cycle. These are my measurements from pre-HST to after 2 cycles of HST All measurements are cold, taken on my first day of SD. All measurements, except arms, are in a relaxed state. I have no way to measure BF% but it has gone down steadily since day 1.


Weight 208 lbs
Chest 44"
Left thight 24"
Right Thigh 24
Waist 36 1/4"
Shoulders 48 3/4"
Left Arm 16 3/4"
Right Arm 17"

5/19/02 (end of 1st cycle)

weight 209
Chest 45 3/4"
left Thigh 24 1/4"
Right thigh 24 1/2"
waist 36 1/2"
shoulders 48 1/2"
Left Arm 16 1/2"
right Arm 16 3/4"


Weight 209
Chest 46 1/4"
Left Thigh 26"
Right Thigh 25 3/4"
waist -36"
Shoulders 51 1/2"
Left Arm 17 1/4"
Right Arm 17 1/4"

My impressions after 2 cycles :

- I like HST and wish I had trained like this years ago. I think my joints would be a lot healthier now.

- I still feel I am the biggest at the end of my 10's mini-cycle. In others words, I think I lose a little size during the 5 rep part of the cycle. Next cycle I will meausre this - maybe just my imagination.

- I am still getting bigger with pretty restrictive eating. I am only using protein once per day (trying to stay fairly lean for the summer). I am looking forward to really upping my protein intake in the fall - I expect much better gains with the protein increase.

- My strength continues to rise in a nice slow progression. A progression that is joint friendly but keeps me encouraged about what I am doing.

I am a 49 yr old long time trainer and still gaining under this system. My last gains were also accomplished during an eight week period that had many distractions for me personally, planning parents 50th anniversary party, our oldest daughter's wedding, etc. many times I went to the gym with 'other' things on my mind - HST still worked.

starting a 3 week minicycle today. I will do 2 full body workouts 3 days per week (as was recently suggested in this forum). I plan to do 1 week of 12's, 1 week of 9's and 1 week of 6's.

Can only do a 3 week cycle as our family has one more 'emotional' hurdle this summer. On Aug 11th we have to take our 'baby' off for his first year of college - 5 hrs from home (in Mass). Been a tough summer - especially for the wife. So after dropping our son off to college/football camp - we are headed to Cape Cod for a week of R & R.
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Posted: May 11 2002,5:19

I'm coming to the end of my 2nd hst cycle so i have given it a chance without doubt. My results have been unimpressive at least to me although admittedly I have made some progress.

I started cycle 1 whilst dieting getting down to 6% before bulking up from the 1st week of 5's in cycle 1 onwards. This way I figured I would be set for rapid gains. 2 weeks left in cycle 2 and here are my results.

My measurements on my arms have gone up slightly, whilst my waist has gone from 7mm at the end of the diet to 14mm. Strength is up but given I've been bulking not by anything to write home about.

I had a feeling going into this that whilst high frequency works (I've always done this) that the low volume wasn't enough stimulus but to give the system a fair crack of the whip I kept it as recommended by BH, i.e. 1 set per exercise unless I felt the first wasn't stressful enough. I never went to failure before the last workout on each cycle. No exogenous factors hampered by ability to train so really I think HST simply didn't work.

I like the idea of more volume a la Korte's 3x3 or EDT since these programs lead to more tension on the muscles than HST.

Anyone willing to troubleshoot my poor results on HST?
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Posted: July 18 2002,4

Entering the last workout of the routine this friday.Overall results are a net gain of about 7 lbs.I think I could have gained more but I do a ton of cardio.Strength seems to be up overall.This was the first time I have tried HST so I had some trial and error on getting the weights correct.

I plan on taking 10 days off from the gym and starting a more focused HST.The 15 reps started out easy but were kickin my ### by the 6th workout.I actually lost 3 lbs initially because my system wasnt use to total body workouts.

If I cut out the 15's for my next session what is the opinion on an 8 week duration.10's for 4 weeks than 5's?Or should I stick with the 15's to start out with again.?

Overall I enjoyed the system and I have two of my buddies giving it a try also.

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Posted: May 25 2002,8:12

Just finished 2nd cycle. (literally minutes ago)

* My rep scheme was 15/10/6/3/1 but I stopped at the end of the 3s.
* I exercised using 6 exercises and performed a total of 12 work sets
* At the end of each 2 week period I tested myself in the 2nd sets to see how many reps I could get out (ie trained to failure or very close to)
* On the 5th workout of the 3s I was unable to get the bar off the ground for my sumo deadlifts. On teh 6th workout I reduced the weight slightly but was again unable to lift the br off the ground
* For the rest of my 5th and 6th workout of the 3s I increased my weights fast so I could test my maxes
* I was dieting about 500-600 calories below maintenance, but towards the end increased my calories to 200 below maintenance

OK, now for the results.... (drumroll please)

* My LBM increased by 100g
* I lost 1.6kg of fat (I went from 25% BF to 23%)
* I lost 1.5cm circumference round my abs (navel height)
* All my other measurements (thigh, calf, biceps etc) remained roughly the same
* My upper body strength went through the roof. By the end of the program I was about 2 weeks ahead. ie I was using my 2nd week 1 rep weights to do 3 reps with.

My final weights/reps were
* Sumo deadlift 2 reps @ 100kg
* DB Chest press 3 reps @ 35.5 kg
* DB Rows 4 reps @ 36.5kg
* DB Shoulder pressses 4 reps @ 27kg (very happy with that one)
* EZ bar curls 3 reps @ 39.5kg
* Forearm curs 1 rep @ 27kg

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Posted: May 25 2002,4:39

Oh well, I have my 8 week results from my training cycle, for anyone who cares.

All i did was 3 sets of hack squats, 2 sets of leg curls and 2 sets of calf raises two times per week for two weeks of each 15s, 10s, 8s and 5s.

My results reaffirm my idea about my calf training, but the quad result is good though.

Baseline 4wks 8week

Leg diameter 602mm 608 625
Calf diameter 412mm 420mm 416mm

I have also done a calculation for thigh muscle area to take into account skinfold differences, its not accurate but its the same method each time which is more important.

Thigh Muscle area 234cm3 242 259 !!!
Calf muscle area 107cm3 115 112

Its a good improvement all around, and an inch on my thighs is excellent for me as even when squatting big for powerlifting (~550@198) I didnt grow.

I am starting my second cycle, going full body 3 times per week after SD, so am excited to see what I can achieve.
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Posted: May 30 2002,2:21

Brief Introduction : Been around in the gym for about 8 months now. Goal was to lose weight and was pretty clueless for first 3 months and then was on a traditional 4 day split, till I saw a thread about HST on MFW and then the thinkmuscle site and then this board.

Results of My first 6-Week HST cycle :

Note : all measurments in inches.

Bodypart: week6-week1

Chest: -0.5
Thigh: - 0.75
waist: -1.25
hips: -0.75
Arms: - 0.25
Calf: - 0.25
Forearms: 0.0
Neck: -0.25
Weight : -6.5 lbs

Supplements used : Whey protein powder , multivitamin

Notes: I moved down on the scale from 263.5 to 257 .

I usually take tape measurments every 30 days and with HST I noticed that I have lost some size in my arms and my calf , though its really pretty small. I havent noticed this happen in the past 3 months, but before that when I first hit the gym, I lost some size all around.

My usual change in waist size is about 0.5in a month average and this is something really unexpected. I dropped a lot more in my hips and waist than I expected.

Another thing, I did after I started my HST training cycle was that I bumped my calories about 300, and was still able to sustain my loss of 1lb/week average. However for the first time, I included refeeds once/week from week3 of the HST cycle. I am now able to eat about 2300 calories and maintain the weightloss. Before HST I was eating 2000 calories.

I havent had any great strength increases, but I expected that since I was dieting and I was pleased that I was able to get most of my RM's and in Squats, Deadlifts, Incline-DB chest press, DB-Shoulder press, I managed to get 2 additional reps which I think is still a decent strength increase. I barely managed to get my RM's in triceps and biceps exercises.

I did cardio twice a week, moderate intensity , 30 mins

Finished my first 6-week HST cycle yesterday am planning to hit the gym again tomorrow and calculate my 15,10,5 RM's for a couple of exercises that I might add next cycle.

In the meantime during my 9 day deconditioning, I will be rereading the HST articles and be back with questions regarding fine-tuning my next cycle to improve my results.

A couple of questions come to mind with regard to my results and measurments:

1. could it be possible that I lost lean mass from my arms and calf because they werent trained enough. Earlier when I was in the 4 day routine I used to do about 6 sets each for biceps and triceps. for calfs I used to have about 5 sets. In HST i had just one 1set/day for bicep & tricep and calf which works out to about half the voulme/week I used to do earlier.

2. I think the compound movements, three days a week, has accelerated the loss in size from waist and hips which was rather slow earlier.

3. I am extremely pleased at how my metabolism is working ( based on the fact that i eat 300 more calories/day than I used to earlier, do 1 day less of cardio/week) and still manage to maintain a loss of about 1lb/week.

4. I noticed that my weight loss pattern was as following:
week1: working on 15RM's : 1lb
week2: working upto 15RM : 2lbs
week3: Start second microcycle 10RM's : 2lbs
week4: Working up 10RM : 1lb
week5: Start third microcycle -5RM : 1lb
week6: Work upto 5RM : 0.5lb
Could somebody help me understand these points and point me to some studies on the internet, so that I could educated myself to fine tune my next cycle better.

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Posted: May 20 2002,09:27

Well - I finished my 1st HST cycle and took my measurements the next day. Not real impressive. I am 49 yrs old and have trained regualrly for 15+ yrs. I was well trained going into this - hitting each bodypart 2X per week. I did the SD for 9 days then began 2 weeks of 15, 2 weeks of 10, 2 weeks of 5 (progressively) then 1 more week of 5 staying at most weights (able to increase some others a bit).

My measurements on 3/23 were:
weight - 208
chest (relaxed) - 44
waist (relaxed) - 36 1/4
shoulders - 48 3/4
l thigh - 24
r thigh - 24
l arm - 16 3/4
r arm - 17

on 5/19 they were:

weight 209
chest - 45 3/4
waist - 36 1/2
shoulders - 48 1/2
l thigh -24 1/4
r thigh 24 1/2
l arm - 16 1/2
r arm - 16 3/4

My workout was 3X per week-


Squat (2 sets) (5 lb increments)
Hamstring curls (2 sets) (2 1/2 lbs)
Calf Raise (2 sets) (5 lbs)
Incline DB Press (2) (2 1/2)
Flat DB Press (2) (2 1/2)
Behind Neck Press(2) (5 lbs)
Rear Lat. Raises (2) (2 1/2)


V-Bar Pulldowns 2) (5)
Machine Rows (2) (5)
Shrugs(2) (5)
Preacher Curl machine(2) (5)
Triceps Pushdowns (2) (5)

25 minutes on Eliptical trainer

I changed nothing but my lifting routine during this time. I ate the same, slept the same, etc.. i did get stronger on most lifts by 5-10 lbs.

I found the squats and behind-neck presses the most demanding. I never felt that I was training at failure but on those 2 I frequently came very close (1 rep away maybe).

I also feel (by looking in the mirror) that I was bigger after my 10's and may have lost some size during the 3 weeks of 5's - is that possible? I started another SD yesterday and plan to give this 1 more shot. I am very open to suggestions. after yrs of instinctive training I did like knowing my target weights for every lift and every workout.

I know I haven't reached my genetic potential yet so I must have made some major errors here. What do you think?

Down but not out


I guess my biggest disappointment was my loss of arm size. Doing 6 sets of bi's and 6 sets of tri's per week is low compared to what I was used to. I thought if anything the reduction of sets per week would benefit my arms most. Seems I was wrong - although as I mentioned earlier I think I lost my arm size during the 3 weeks of 5 reps. after the 10's they looked pretty good. Anyway - thanks for the opinions. I am SD'ing this week and will design my next routine. I am taking all your opinions into account when doing this.
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I have done 2 1/2 cycles of HST, with minimal gains. I am also a noob and have been working out for 7 months. I have gained a lot of strength over the first few months, which I attribute to being a noob in the gym. I started on bench at 150 and over a three and half month period went up to 235. I have since finished 2 HST cycles and 1/2 of a third cycle. I follow the criteria exactly, about 16 sets per workout, with increasing load every workout. I also keep a proper diet with at least 1 gram/lb of protein a day, and consume 5 to 6 healthy meals a day(carbs, protein, monounsatured fats). I went to bench max three times within the last 3 times to the gym and I can't even get 225 up now. I think HST does not promote heavy enough weights long enough to elicit good strength gains. I also have noticibly shrunk in a few places. I think it is time for a new routine, with heavy weights, low reps, and mass amounts of protein. That is how I went up 85 pounds on the bench in 3 1/2 months to start, and looked much bigger. I think I definitely gave HST plenty of chances, but I am not at all impressed with the results. I do appreciate the knowledgeable people on this site, but I think they must exxagerate to some degree, b/c I have not put on any size at all with 2 1/2 cycles of HST, following exactly as stated by people on the board.
Here were my exercises:

All exercises were two sets(16 total)
Flat Bench
Overhead Dumbell Shoulder presses
Tricep pushdowns Or Weighted Dips
Standing or Preacher curl
Squats Or Leg Press
Standing Calf Raise Or Sitting Calf Raise

Never missed a workout (M, W, F)
5 - 6 quality meals a day (including EAS Mass shakes or Cytogainer shakes).
What the hell else do I need to do?


Bryan Haycock


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sounds like your overtraining.
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People have asked in the past when we see the most growth -- I have been measuring my left arm regularly to try to get a more accurate answer to the question.

For reference, I'm doing incremental HST. I started this cycle with 20 reps; next workout was 18 reps, next was 16, for this pattern:

20, 18, 16
14, 13, 12
<fudge>, 11, 10

(Fudge was because I was off that day and ended up completing a lot of 10's; repeated those weights for 11, raised them to make 10's next time. Worked out fine, because my legs just kep increasing weights an making the reps all along; the upper body needed a repeat.)

Each workout was a single set just shy of failure -- so on my 12's, for example, I was probably lifting my 13 rep max.

Here's what I found.

During deconditioning, I lost about 1/4 inch.

After the first two workouts, I regained the quarter inch. I regained most of it after the first workout!

Betweeen the 16 rep workout and the 12 rep workout, I had zero growth.

After 12, I might have had a slight increase. Between 12 and 10, I'm up 1/4 inch -- that's a quarter inch larger than I ended my last cycle, before deconditioning.

So I've regained the 1/4 inch I lost during deconditioning (which I believe was sarcoplasmic, glycogen, etc. . .), and built a new 1/4 inch, and I have a lot of workouts yet to go and yet to grow.

My experience in my previous HST cycle was that most of my growth occurred below the 10 rep range, but I wasn't checking accurately, and I didn't start as high as 20's.

My remaining workouts will be with these reps:
9, 8, 7
7, 6, 6,
6, 5, 5,
5, negs negs negs. . . until I stop.

Weight goes up each and every time if I make my reps, no zig-zags, one set only.