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    Johnston Rep Method

    No, I dont know you, but it amuses me watching someone stick their nose up someones arse (anyone up anyones arse, not just yours up Brians arse). And not that it matters a bit, but Im 28 and have been training for 10 years. I believe the world is round (from what Ive seen anyway, although maybe...
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    Johnston Rep Method

    Judging by the way 'xtreme' seems hell bent on sticking his nose as far up Brians arse as he can Id put a fair amount of money on him a) getting a backhander from Brian, or b) being Brian himself under a different username. In which case, hats off to Brian for being flexible enough to stick his...
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    Strength Gains With HST

    2--> 190kg for 15 reps, and Ill bet every single one of them was to at least six inches above parallel. No really. Methinks someone has their pounds and kilos mixed up (or their multiplications and divisions).
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    What do you eat on a daily basis

    I have been training 6x/week for ages now, and I never used to track diet in anywhere near as much detail previously. Plus my LBM is higher now too, so my maintenance is bound to be higher beacuse of that. Couldnt really say how much 4x or 6x a week had to do with it sorry!
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    My Girlfriend Hates the Taste of Protein Shakes

    Try her with some of your own home grown protein!
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    What do you eat on a daily basis

    Breakfast - 100g oats + 200ml skim milk, 9 egg whites with 3 yolks (scrambled) and an apple or a pear Early lunch - 200g lean (5%) steak mince (ground beef to you yanks), 200g broccoli, 100g oats + 200ml skim milk, and another apple/pear ~1hr pre-WO - 100g oats + 200ml skim milk mixed with 30g...
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    Fat Instead of Muscle when Trying to Gain Mass

    Cant really say since the only time Ive used it I switched to a PSMF after 3-4 cycles. But I set a deadlift PR on the saturday power WO (405x2), so I suppose my limited experience would suggest otherwise.
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    Fat Instead of Muscle when Trying to Gain Mass

    Apart from my 6 workouts a week I sit on my @$$ all day. My bulk has stalled at 196, so Im now maintaining on 3400 cals a day. I know I should eat more to get things moving again, but Im starting a summer cut in a few weeks so Im quite happy just maintaining for now. Im 12% now, so I should...
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    For those who like to lift heavy

    Would be funny if you titled it 'In't Milk Brilliant!' (well, if youre in the UK - it was the catchphrase from a long running series of funny milk commercials)
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    Protein taxing on kidney/liver?

    As luck would have it, Lyle McDonald has just posted this up on his forum... IJSNEM, 10(1), March 2000, Copyright © 2000 Do Regular High Protein Diets Have Potential Health Risks on Kidney Function in Athletes? Jacques R. Poortmans; Olivier Dellalieux Full Article Table of Contents for Vol...
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    getting rid of the fat

    Skinnyman, if your post had read... then you'd have answered your own question.
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    Sounds like youve fallen into the same trap a mate of mine is in. He complains about being tired all day so drinks lots of coffee to stay awake, then cant sleep cos of all the coffee hes drunk through the day so hes tired the next day... Only way to get out of that one is to cut out the coffee...
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    Golden Oppertunity

    How exactly do you intend to measure hyperplasia? Ive yet to find a home biopsy kit...
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    Dangerous Exercises

    Just wondering, Dan, why the switch?
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    Inclined bench press vs regular b press

    IIRC the reason Bryan promotes the use of low incline press over flat is that the natural tendency when pressing is too arch the back (especially with heavy loads) to such an extent that it effectively becomes a low decline press, and is therefore pretty useless for the pec minor (which pushes...