“To be a Viking you have to eat like a Viking.”

Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by Sonny, Sep 28, 2004.

  1. Aaron, come on say it, Your body hates you [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Sonny

    Sonny New Member

    "Who can tell me what a good cholesterol is"
    There are "so called" good and bad cholesterols and do a simple net search and you will find out for yourself .
    "who can show me that cholesterol is the limiting factor in the production of testosterone."
    Sources of cholesterol for testosterone biosynthesis.
    "you guys just seem to be rehashing stupid old bodybulding garbage"
    That's funny ! [​IMG]
    You need to look a little farther and you will find out otherwise .
  3. Sonny

    Sonny New Member

    I don’t want to get this “BEEF” debate going again because I’ve had enough of it. <!--emo&amp;[​IMG]
    So let keep it to Zinc.ok ?
    As I’m sure you know that zinc is necessary for testosterone production.
    In my pervious post (before it got off somewhere else) I was trying to make a point that Beef was a great source for zinc, but I never got to it till now.
    That’s all I was trying to point out
    You stated that you didn’t eat beef so I was just wondering where you get yours.
    I like taking natural products if possible, but when unavailable pills will have to do.
    I addition,Calories have nothing to do with minerals .
    I’m no expert, just trying to learn as I go along.
    I thought this link was interesting on testosterone and among other things Zinc.
    On your comment on Socratics, if you have ever taken philosophy you will remember that any observation to his antics could be construed in much ways.
    Yours being the most common observation.
    I in turn see if differently. Anyone who would let his wife beat him with a pan is crazy and not to be trusted.
  4. Sonny, just for your own info, do a search in &quot;Supplements&quot; on Zinc. Also look at studies on Zinc intake and it's effects.

    You very well might be a little surprised :D
  5. Sonny

    Sonny New Member

    I started doing that yesterday.
    Moreover, I’m convinced that zinc is deficient in most diets.
    I hate taking pills. Always looking for a natural source instead.
    I think that most pill forms seem to be not as soluble (cleated) as the natural.
  6. Sonny

    Sonny New Member

  7. I have posted pics before, none in the last month or so.

    I am 40 yrs old
    I am an ex lard @$$, my businesses came before by body for years.
    At the high end of the scale I weighed 226 @ 5'10&quot;
    I got down to 149 Lbs., pics in the threads somewhere, it took me about 1.5 yrs to get there.
    I have been lifting since April/May 03, religously. I tried Volume and HIT b4 HST, since HST, about to finish 4th cycle, I gained 11 or so lbs of lean Mass. Could have gained more but I choose to eat just at or even below maintenance (Fat Paranoid) I have posted results in the results threads :D

    My goal is to get to 175 lean 8% BF. I am now at 160 @12% to 13%.

    I currently do not do illegal roids, but I am not saying I never will.
  8. MrNasty

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    I appreciate all the debate on my behalf, I'm finding it all very interesting. I never ment to cause such a rukus (sp). But if I could get some feed back on these two routines, I would be most thankful. 2nd HST cycle starts Monday.

    Sonny, My philosophy teacher must have not taken us to deep into the socrates story; I never knew his wife beat him with pans. That's a shame....

    Thanks everyone.
  9. Sonny

    Sonny New Member

    I think you maybe posting it in the wrong forum.
    This is the “Diet &amp; Nutrition “ Forum
    Either one looks good to me .
    But,Maybe a little to many exercises for one workout.
  10. the_dark_master

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    So, where do the Vikings figure in this equation?

    Plenty of Bullshit in this thread... But not many freaking Vikings

    (anyway they probably ate salted beef, perhaps it was the salt petre that spawned &quot;Viking Power&quot;)
  11. the_dark_master

    the_dark_master New Member

    Bollocks - I've been reading too much of this thread and it's frazzled me brain

    ...the freaking Vikings were probably eating more putred fish than cows
  12. Sonny

    Sonny New Member

  13. Aaron_F

    Aaron_F New Member

    Ok, you realise there is only 1 CHOLESTEROL
    everything else is LIPOPROTEINS
    two completely different things
    wow an invitro study of sources of cholestrol for testosterone synthesis in the mouse model.
    while its nice htat it shows that individual cells contain enough cholesterol as a base for testosterone synthesis ~12hrs it does NOT show that cholesterol is the limiting factor in testosterone sythesis. You understand the effect of a feed back system in the maintenance of testosterone levels dont you?
    well done, nice rehashing.
  14. Aaron_F

    Aaron_F New Member

    ITs correct to say that zinc is deficient in SOME diets, but in a balanced diet (not nessecarily beef based) its unlikely to be an issue. One must be rather deficient in zinc before testosterone starts to suffer.
  15. Cliner9er

    Cliner9er New Member

    Unless you are a vegetarian ultra marathoner or an underfed pr0n star there is little need for additional Zn above RDA.


    Please don't start to throw out some Conte references at this point.
  16. Sonny

    Sonny New Member

    You’re entitled to your opinion.
    Then again, So am I.
  17. Not trying to get back into this thread but here is some stuff I have on Zinc.

    Bioavailability of iron, zinc, and other trace minerals from vegetarian diets1,2,3,4

    Minerals: exercise performance and supplementation in athletes.

    Exercise immunology: nutritional countermeasures.

    Although I don't have any on Test and Zinc, from what I have read it has pretty much been stated by Aaron.
  18. Aaron_F

    Aaron_F New Member

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