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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by Jester, Jan 3, 2016.

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    Leg extensions; 3x20-100+micro band.
    Neck extensions - 3x20-20
    CB zercher hold for 30s- 160
    Standing jumps - 3x10-20kg.
    BB curls; 3x10-40.
    CB zercher hold 30s- 160.
    Dips; bw 3x10.
    Seated jumps; 3x10-20kg.
    CB zercher hold 30s - 160.
    Behind the back wrist curls; 3x20-70.

    Reverse curls feel more isometric than anything so swapped them out for BTB wrist curls. Plenty of isometric work on training days.
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    117.2 glory to yesterday’s carb up
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    115.7. Guess that water drop finally happened.

    Bench; 1-70,90,100,[email protected] 3x7-90.

    Chin-ups; 8x8. Elbow bursitis from work is proving troublesome.

    Inverted pullups; [email protected]

    Triceps extensions; 200 reps, green band.
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    116.1. Time to get slightly more aggressive in calorie reduction, I think.

    Lower body speed and squat focus;

    Box squat, wide stance; 4x5-120kg, 60-90s break.

    Close stance squat to box: [email protected] Too light. Q for these out of the bottom is ‘knees back’.

    Speed pulls, beltless; [email protected], 60-90s break.

    Power rows; [email protected] Could bump the weight a bit next time, but intentionally kept it lower to figure out the form I want for these.

    Sumo, beltless; 2x5-120. Strictly an extra hip variation. I have no ROM on this with a straight back and hips forced down, but it works the adductors and abductors both and feels good for them. These were negligible RPE and reps will go up per set over time.

    Farmer’s walk; 6x40m-100kg. Figured out a better way to use the CB for this and will be doing a lot more moving forward.
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    115.7. 10kgs of fat loss to go. Hopefully 5 remaining this year and then once paused/stabilised, I should regain 3-4kgs of glycogen and water in a fully rested state, i.e pre-meet. My options for next year are probably tested 105kg (IPF affiliate) or untested 110kg :/. Would prefer a tested 110 but can’t do much about Australia’s geography.

    Buffalo bench with double mini bands; 10-70 (no bands), 3-70,75,[email protected] [email protected]
    Pullups, gorilla grip; 4, 4x8. Supersetted.

    Buffalo CGBP; [email protected]
    BB rows; 3x10-110. Supersetted. Trying to do these with as high hips and horizontal torso as I can. Wide grip.

    Seal rows, narrow spacing, gorilla grip; 15-70, 3x10-80. Tried it with fat gripz for a few reps at 70, but I’m not quite there just yet. Not too far away though.

    Banded triceps extensions; 4x10, green bands, high starting tension.


    SG CB trap shrugs; 3xamrap no straps, 1x amrap straps - 100kg

    Pushups; 3xamrap.

    Just wanted to get something done.
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    GPP setup:

    Shrugs double overhand then hook; 3xamrap-160kg.
    Weighted jumps; 3x10-20kg.
    CB zercher hold; 30s-170kg.
    Green band hammer curls; 3xamrap.
    Neck extensions; [email protected]
    CB zercher hold; 30s-170kg.
    Seated jumps; 3x10-20kg.
    Dips; [email protected]
    CB zercher hold; 30s-170kg.

    Definitely overdid things yesterday and some token carbs bumped them scale a bit but not recovery. Will need to be more sensible moving forward.

    Only did two circuits, didn’t want to risk an unnecessary injury or tweak.


    4km walk

    One-sided CB carries, 50m; 6x40kg, 4-50kg each side.
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    116.1 but feeling fairly recovered beyond sleeping on the left shoulder again and pissing it off, right after I’d managed to settle it over the last few weeks.

    DL; 1-220, 230, 240, [email protected] Closer to a 9 speed than an 8. Massive fatigue hangover from the weekend. [email protected] My bracing sucks these days, induces a light-headed feeling too soon, potentially have the belt set too tight. Will loosen it up next time.

    RDL; [email protected] Trying these with different stances to see what feels best.

    SG RDL beltless; [email protected] Over compensated for removing the belt. 150 next time.

    Squat variant and one-sides carries during midday break.

    Front squat to box; 3x10-70. Haven’t done these in a long time and it’s showing.

    CB one sided carries; 10x25m (50m total) per side-50kg.
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    116.2 managing the guesstimated cals and carbs of homemade bread vs store stuff. We’ll see how it goes I suppose.

    Bench; 10-70, 3-90, 1-100, 110, 115, [email protected] [email protected]

    BB rows; [email protected] Time to take these more seriously and load up week to week. Am using them to work on my DL starting position and slack pull.

    Inverted rows; [email protected] I think improving volume on these is with very mild load progression given the practical difficulty might be the way to go. Might put a weight vest on the Christmas wish list for Santa.

    Dips; 3x10-be. These seem to put the shoulder back into the right place, for whatever reason. Nice and easy setup.


    OHP; 3x5-60kg.
    WG pullups; [email protected] Supersetted.

    CB farmers walk; 120kg; 5x50m.
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    115.7 on higher cals
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    CB for everything but deadlifts.

    Box squat, speed protocol; 5-70kg, 4x5-130kg. 90s between sets.

    Deadlifts, beltless, speed protocol; 5x5-170kg. 90s between sets.

    Narrow stance squat to box; [email protected]

    Good mornings; 5-120, [email protected] Meant to be 2-3 sets but little miss woke up a tad early so called it there.

    One sided carries later.

    CB one sided carries; 8x25m per side(50m total), 50kg. Time to bump to 60kg I think.
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    115.1. Things continuing in the right direction.


    Leg extensions strict with concentric 1-2s hold; 3x15-40.
    Shrugs, strict; 3x15-160.
    Step ups, strict, knees forward.; 3x10-bw.
    OHP; 3x10-50kg.
    CB one sided hold, as long as possible; 70kg.
    Standing jumps; 3x10-bw.
    Neck extensions; 3xamrap.
    Triceps extension; 3x15, green band high tension.
    CB one sided hold, as long as possible; 70kg.

    Reverse hyper, strict slow concentric with 1-2s hold; 3x10-40kg. Never had a back pump quite like this before. Felt fantastic.
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    115.6. I thought I’d done a better job of refeeding but I guess not.

    DL; 1-220, 230, 240, 250, [email protected] 2x3-225kg. Looking for modest linear progression at this point.

    FPDL; 3x5-200kg. Because I’m a masochist. Replacing RDLs, just using heavier work set rep ranges.

    Halting DL; [email protected] These felt good, going to spell them over SG RDLs for a while.


    LBBS; 3x5-120. Going to aim for some linear progression on these. Scrapped front squat due to wrist and shoulder. And my back squat is appallingly embarrassing right now.

    One-sided carries; 6x grip failure, each side, 60kg.

    Reverse hyper, strict slow concentric with 1-2s hold; 2x10-40kg.
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    114.7. Something of a ‘swoosh’ week for the scales. 110 by years end looking achievable.

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