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    Warm up:
    Lu raises; 1x15-2.5kg per hand.
    10s hinge-hold - 120kg.
    Bench press; 1x20-bar.
    30s supinated dead hang.
    Neck extensions; 1x20-10kg.

    BB rows, shoulder width grip; 5x10-130kg.
    4-2-0 tempo bench, feet-up, close-grip; 10-70kg. [email protected]
    Neck extensions, high volume; 20kg - 40, 40, 40, 40, 40.
    Giant set.

    Workout cut short here.

    WG pull-ups, EMOM-ish; 10x6.
    Seated OHP, EMOM-ish; 5x6-45kg. Standing might be better all things considered.

    BB curls; 4x6-35kg.

    Lu raises; 3x15-5kg.
    Reverse hyper; 5x25–100.
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    One sided carries for time: 15min, 40kg, alternate hands 20m intervals.

    Reverse hyper; 3x20-100kg. I’m thinking about tilting the machine so that I’m lying on a decline and getting a greater stretch at the bottom.
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    108.9. A very active weekend, pretty much on my feet for almost all of both days, feeling some general fatigue/tiredness as a result.

    Reverse hyper: 1x15-100kg
    Leg extensions with 2s concentric hold; 1x10-50.
    Hanging leg raises; 1x10.

    DL, V stance, slack pull; 10-120. 1-170, 190, 210, 220, 230, 240, 250. It moved well enough all things considered. I tried widening the stance whilst maintaining my angle of feet out for the last few. Undecided about whether I’ll pursue it based off of the low sample size. More glutes, less hamstring. Possible it favours the rising slack pull more. Something to consider moving forward. 260 not there with the fatigue so I didn’t bother.

    DL back-offs; 5x1–225. Pushed the wider-V and wider heels a bit and found a really good stance that has my starting positioning with flat/natural spine match up with the knee angle, to where I don’t need to squat down to grab the bar or to release it at the bottom. It’s just bend the bar up and hip drive the floor away. Excited to continue playing this out.

    Buffalo HBBS ATG paused; 1-70, 120, 130, 140. Full ROM but not the most pristine form. My back was probably a bit too vertical and my body adjusted itself to get the hips more involved. Still, I’m nowhere near properly positioned fitness-wise for a max, so I’ll take it. Front squats will get added in to get that strong isometric upper back.

    Back-offs; 6x2-120. Did a much better job of flatter back and looking down at a closer, fixed point. Still need to tighten up the cluster intervals a bit.

    SG DL, 30-60s clusters; 8x3-170. I feel these build hip and leg drive patterning and strength for the deadlift, for me, better than anything else I’ve utilised.

    Leg extensions with 2s concentric hold; 2x10-50.

    Hanging leg raises, single leg; 1x10 per side.

    Reverse hyper; 3x10-150.

    Fantastic workout this morning, 2hrs, high level of work and high execution.

    Efficiency lessons:

    -I’m going to squat facing the wall, so that can be setup from beforehand.

    -Fewer DL warm up sets and more reps pumped into 170, 190 and maybe 210 as well.

    -Keep 170 on the bar for SG DL post squatting.

    Going on a mini-trip in a few hours, back Thursday evening, next workout will be upper on Friday morning.
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    108.1. I guess I didn’t eat as much as I thought to balance out the hiking. Massive residual lower body fatigue from the hiking. Onwards.

    Leg extension with hold; 5x50.
    Reverse hyper slow tempo with hold; 5-50.

    DL, different V stances, slack pull, cluster sets; 10-120. 3-170. 8x3-200. Would have liked 6x4 but fatigue was too high for me to do it confidently without putting form at risk. Tried different stance widths and the medium-wider heels with 45 degree feet still felt the most natural once I got my weight behind me properly.

    Front squats, cluster sets; 5x3-70. So out of practice with the rack position. Felt like I was going to topple the whole time. Just a starting load today.

    RDLs; 3x5-170.

    BB rows; 3x5-130.

    Afternoon GPP:

    WG pull-ups EMOM; 10x7. Getting better at them.
    Dips EMOM; 3x10. Just enough to stave off ridiculous DOMS next Tuesday after first full session back on upper. Something either clicked into or out of place on that 3rd set, so I left it there.

    Daily walks

    Continuous walking lunges; 3x8min. I have high GPP and quad-hypertrophy expectations for these. The weighted vest will get brought into play too.
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    Christmas wish list is for a 45 degree hyper and then just punishing myself into submission on it.
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    Sunday 108.1

    Monday 107.8 and still have lunges DOMs

    Warm up;
    Leg extensions with concentric hold; 7-50.
    Reverse hyper slow tempo with hold; 10-50.

    DL, V stance+slack pull & wide V stance+rising slack pull; 10-120. 3-170, 200 hook. 1-220, 230, 240, [email protected] speed. Took a few attempts to get the 250, was in my head a bit much. Reminded myself that I used to do this as a warmup everyday for a year and that seemed to help.

    FP DL, clustered 30-60s; 8x3-190.
    I need to redevelop lower back-S.I. confidence & familiarity off the floor, these feel more useful than heavy singles for the moment. Probably off a deficit next week? Tried a bunch of different stance widths and feet angles too including parallel toes (||).

    Buffalo HBBS ATG paused; 1-70, 120, 130. Called it there due to the lingering fatigue from lunges, especially felt in the hole, given the mimic of limb angle from a lunge. 140 was there if I ground it out but the back-off work is a lot more valuable right now.
    Back off cluster doubles; 7x2-120. Getting into a nice groove, just a tad more discipline on interval times required.

    SG RDL, || stance; 2x6-140. I’ll add reps to these as I go, sweating so much today the versa’s nearly gave way.

    Reverse hyper slow tempo with hold; 2x10-50.

    Daily walks
    Walking lunges; 3x8-10min. These are really fucking hard.

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    Warm up:
    Lu raises; 1x15-2.5kg per hand.
    10s hinge-hold - 120kg.
    Bench press; 1x20-bar.
    30s supinated dead hang.
    Neck extensions; 1x20-10kg.

    BB rows, || stance; 5-120, 130. 6x5-140.

    Bench, index finger on rings; 10-70. 5-90, 100. 1-110, 115, 120. 125 was there for sure, as today I found the perfect position for a comp-pause plus stretch reflex, but no need to grind the shoulders. 2x10-85.

    Neck extensions; 2x10-30. 3x10-27.5. 1x8+2 assisted - 27.5. I decided to drop back to 27.5 as 30 was just too heavy for safe, full ROM, controlled reps. 2x15-25.
    Giant set.

    CG neutral chin-ups, fat gripz, clusters, EZ vest; 9x2-bw+10kg. Chalked you so sweat wasn’t the limiting factor. Python forearms coming hopefully :D

    Hanging leg raises; 2x10.


    Tried some upright rows but they felt pure garbage within the shoulder capsules. Hopefully didn’t stuff anything up beyond passing inflammation.

    Lu raises; 3x15-5s.
    BB curls; 3x10-35.
    Dips; 1x10-bw.
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    FP DL, || stance, slack pull; 10-120. 5-170. 1-200, 210 hook, 220, 230, 235. Probably had 240 but this is a good starting place, especially trying out my older stance. Taking advantage of the fact that I sort of have quads again for the first time in years :D

    Deadlift; 3x10 - 170. Glad I dropped it to 170 after contemplating 180 initially. Three sets will do for now, grateful not to be puking.

    LBBS, Buffalo; 5-70, 4x5-110. Wider grip makes these a bit easier.

    Front squats; 2x10 - 70. Position is ok with wrist wraps. Will increment these by 2:5kg until either legs or upper back hits a limit, then implement evolving rep range scheme.

    Beltless SG DL; 2x7 - 140. Looking to add one rep, per session (all sets), up to 12 and then add load and repeat, minimum 6 reps.

    Great session, I think I have scope to shave 10-15mins of rest times as well as setting up the straight bar for front squats in advance, from the overall time. Once the new puppy is settled in then I’ll be starting from a place of less fatigue too.

    Daily walks

    Walking lunges; 2x8-10min
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    Warm up:
    Lu raises; 1x15-2.5kg per hand.
    10s hinge-hold - 120kg.
    Bench press; 1x20-bar.
    30s supinated dead hang.
    Neck extensions; 1x20-10kg.

    BB rows; 6x10-120.
    Bench, feet-up, index finger on rings; 10-70. 1-110. 4x8-90.
    Neck extensions, high volume, full ROM; 6x40 - 20kg.
    Giant set.

    Neutral CG chins, fat gripz, clustered: 10x2-bw
    +10kg vest.

    Dips; 2x10, slow controlled tempo to protect shoulder.

    Hanging leg raises;

    Afternoon GPP

    WG pull-ups, EMOM; 10x5-bw. Lower reps per set but shorter rest times seems better on the joints for now.

    Chin-ups, EMOM; 10x5-bw.

    BB curls: 1x8-40.
    Lu raises
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    Weaknesses on the weekend

    BB curls; 5x10-40kg.
    Banded triceps; 5x20-green band.
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    Warm ups
    Leg extension with concentric hold; 10-50 per side.

    DL, || stance, slack pull; 10-120. 3-170, 200. 1-220, 230, 240, 250. 250 went better than the weeks prior but I was a fair but all over the place today. A little unrecovered/ongoing fatigue from cutting since late April/May but keeping as active as I can at all times as well. I’m trying to get back to maintaining shin contact on the pull.

    Back offs, clusters; 5x1 - 225. I’m using these reps to practice and work on the bar bend into hip shoot&drop, start. More dynamic and a good way to leverage BW in this stance.

    Buffalo HBBS, ATG, paused; 1-70, 120, 130, 140. Not quite as low I wanted, the left knee as stuffing around a bit.

    Back offs, clusters; 5x2-120. Better depth on these.

    FP DL with dynamic start, clusters; 6x3-195. These always make the knee feel better with the hamstring work being done. Two clusters less than last week due to the back off singles this week. Load increased.

    Beltless 4-1-0 tempo Buffalo GMs; 2x10. Putting the bar forward of mid-foot and really focusing on that lower back control and hamstring stretch.

    Daily walks;
    Walking lunges; 2x3 circuits
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    Warm up:
    Lu raises; 1x15-2.5kg per hand.
    10s hinge-hold - 120kg.
    Bench press; 1x20-bar.
    30s supinated dead hang.
    Neck extensions; 1x20-10kg.

    BB rows; 5-120. 5x5-145.
    Bench, index finger on ring; 15-70. 1-110, 115, 120, 122.5, 125. Found a good groove. 125 wasn’t comp-perfect but it’s much better than the previous month.
    Neck extensions; 25kg - 30, 30, 25, 25, 20, 20. I’ll be incrementing the load very slowly by 1.25kg’s, and only when I’ve hit at least 20 reps on all six sets.
    Giant set.

    Neutral chin-ups fat gripz clusters; 10x5-bw. Traded the extra weight for extra reps per cluster, felt good. Very modest weight incrementation to follow.
    OHP; 10x5-50. A light weight RPE 5 or something to reintroduce the movement pattern.
    Supersetted E1-2MOM. This took 20mins, so room to tighten up a bit.

    BB curls; 4x10-42.5
    Reverse hypers; 1x10-50, slow. 1x50-50, dynamic.
    Lu raises

    Daily walks

    One sided CB carries, gorilla grip; 1x10min, 70kg, alternating sides.
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    Daily walks
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    107.9 … possibly time to cut out that 4th slice of toast in the morning to drive me down the next 2-3kgs.

    KP DL, || stance, slack pull; 10-120, 3-170. 1-200, 210, 220 hook, 230, 240. The last rep was really encouraging. Hips were back, shins straighter and a good, explosive, leveraged slack pull. Still getting used to bracing&counterweighting at a decreasing body weight but it will come.

    DL, || stance, slack pull; 3x10-180. Bearable by the soul, harder by the body.

    Buffalo LBBS; 5-70. 3x5-120. 4th set back in next week. DL rep work fried my endurance up a bit.

    Front squat; 2x10, 1x7 - 75. Wrists didn’t want the last three reps on set three. Will grab them next week though.

    Beltless SG RDL; 2x8-140.

    Angled reverse hyper: 40, 2x30 - 50kg. I rigged mats underneath to angle the pad and handles down, probably in the 15 degree range. Felt incredible. Figured the unit can handle it given it’s 140kg of steel.

    Daily walks
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    Warm up:
    Lu raises; 1x15-2.5kg per hand.
    10s hinge-hold - 120kg.
    Bench press; 1x20-bar.
    30s supinated dead hang.
    Neck extensions; 1x20-10kg.

    SG BB rows; 6x10-125kg. Bump the weight up next week.
    Bench, index on rings; 15-70kg. [email protected] 3x10-90. 1x8-90. So close. Probably there from the muscles but something felt really out of place in left capsule.
    Neck extensions, high volume; 35, 35, 35, 35, 35, 30 - 21.25kg. A good start, goal is 6x40 reps before the next 1.25kg increment.
    Giant set.

    Chin-ups, E1-2MOM; 10 x5-bw. Adding weight next week but maintaining minimum reps of 5 per set.

    Neutral grip chins; 5x5-bw, chalk. Will add a rep next week.
    OHP; 5x8-50kg. Will try to get to 10 rep sets before adding 1.25kg per side.

    Afternoon upper GPP
    Inverted rows,E1-2MOM; 15 x10-bw. I remember my shoulders feeling really good doing these and they’re a natural fit for upper GPP with reasonably low fatigue. Kept it interesting by varying grip widths.

    If there’s an upper back muscle I didn’t hit today, then it doesn’t exist. Bring on Christmas recovery food.
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    Weekend weakness volume

    BB curls; 3x8-50kg.

    Down tilt reverse hyper; 3x30-50kg. Increased the angle. If the test doesn’t pan out, I’ll restore to being closer to parallel. Lower back pump is off the scale right now.

    Captains of Crush per hand; L1, 3x10, L2 2x5, L2.5 5x1.
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    107.0. Really surprising given the food over the last few days but I’ll happily take it. Feeling a lot of general fatigue upon wake-up, putting it down to a restless sleep last night in particular.

    DL, || stance, dynamic slack pull; 10-120. 3-170, 200. 1-220 hook. S.I./ligament/lower back - insertion cramped up on 230, which is probably the end to all dynamic start techniques for me. They just don’t agree with my leverages, technique or wear and tear or whatever it is.
    V stance, leveraged slack pull; 1-230.
    || stance, leveraged slack pull; 1-240. Left it here. No sense pushing for 250 with a pissed off S.I.

    Back off cluster singles, || stance; 5 x1-220.

    FPDL clusters; 5 x2-200. Done with rounded upper back, so clusters of 2 only. Every time I try to flat back DL I seem to injure myself/tweak something at heavier loads. Dan Green endorses the rounded back, cites the squat as a straight back lift…good enough for me.

    Buffalo HBBS ATG; 3-70. 1-120, 130, 135. Not sure why but my quads have nothing to give today, and the upper heads especially feel very weak.

    Back off clusters, paused; 5 x2-120. Tried to make the pauses as legit as possible. Intended to go to 3-rep clusters but I realised I’m not there yet on the first double.

    Hanging leg raises; 2 x10-bw.

    Reverse hypers, downward tilt; 1 x30-50. 2 x10-100. Not sure if the tilt matters or if it’s just actually the higher reps. Will probably go back to levelling it out in the end.

    Late afternoon

    Vadim-DL’s ; 3 x10-120. These feel like pure therapy.

    Step-ups; 10 x10 per side, alternating, no breaks. Adding weight and replacing walks on lower days.
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    107.8 final food fun day for Christmas was yesterday, so this weight seems a bit more accurate

    BB rows, DL position; 5-120. 5 x5-150.
    Bench, index finger on rings; 15-70. 2-110. 1-115, 120, 125. 1/2 - 127.5. I stopped the final rep halfway as I knew there was no way it was coming back up from the chest. 125 moved well.
    Neck extensions; 26.25kg - 30, 30, 23, 23, 15, 13.
    Giant set.

    Neutral grip chin-ups, fat gripz; 5 x5-bw + 5kg weight belt.
    OHP; 5 x5-60kg.

    BB curls; 3 x8-50kg.
    Lu raises
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