A New Idea About Hst?

Discussion in 'Hypertrophy-Specific Training (HST)' started by Mikael Eriksson, Jun 15, 2016.

  1. I want to see that it continues to work, not just the first 3 week period.
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  2. adpowah

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    @Jester Not that I have ever tried conjugate or concurrent much but I think a common criticism is that it lacks specificity. I think there is plenty of value in using those methodologies but as a lifter early in their career I think they have limited application.

    @Mikael Eriksson would you explain your eating, sleeping habits, height and weight? In all honesty if your bench is 60kg you should be able to grow on next to any program unless you have an extremely small frame or are extremely low in body weight. I workout with a good friend who is 5'4" and 66-70kgs and he can bench 60kg typically around 8-10 reps (even for multiple sets) and he doesn't even particularly focus on bench. I guess my point is your lack of growth likely has very little to do with your program and much more to do with eating and sleeping.
  3. Jester

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    That is definitely a common critique of Westside, but a true conjugate system will be setup less ... erratically.
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    @adpowah I guess they do not have conjugal visits where you reside. Must be tough! :p
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    Any good but common variations you can suggest? I'm sure I will be strength shopping in the next couple of months again.
  6. I'm 169 cm tall, my weight is 83-84 kg. Pretty fat, normal muscle.

    Thank you.
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    Why are you so reluctant to give information when requested, we are only trying to help, it is not like you have been asked to post pictures which I would understand why you would not post those but asking for your routine, eating, sleeping habits, height and weight should not really be an issue, well not in my opinion anyway. At the end of the day you have joined a forum called 'Think Muscle' that has science backed data and all we are trying to do is guide you in the right direction.
  8. I'm 169 cm tall, my weight is 83-84 kg. Pretty fat, normal muscle.

    As far as my sleeping and eating, they are very unusual, so at this point I prefer not to talk about them. And I thought this thread was at the end anyway. I'll probably get back when I have something interesting to tell about my findings. I'm an inventor anyway, so I want to have something interesting to tell before I get back.

    Thank you.
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    Wish you the best.
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  11. adpowah

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    Thanks! When I am ready for the mental commitment to a new program I will take a look. I definitely saw some value in training weakpoints rather than just the lift to go into the 400+ DL range. I think I am getting to the point where just doing more of the primary lift isn't the complete solution to progressing.
  12. Jester

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    Massthetics conjugate does what many don't seem to do, which is sufficient volume of the main lifts at relevant loads.

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