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    bryan, thx that you joined this discussion!

    I know now for sure, that you can enhance hypertrophy strongly by micronutriets.
    I think that this might be a reason why "hard gainer" exist.

    anyway, would be nice if you could tell us which nutriuts you consider most important!

    according Vitamin C:

    I think that Vitamin C enhances hypertrophy BY more damage.
    It is just a question of interpretation.
    We know that Vitamin C is a collgen-accelerator and so I think that scietists found out that vitamin C does more damage before or after training.

    But I think that this is strongly anabolic..................

    There is evidence that Vitamin C not only supports hydroxylation in collagen synthesis but also works almost as a growth factor in the synthesis of connective tissue!

    therefore i think that it is really good to take vitamin c right before and after training.

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