how big is everyone?

Discussion in 'Hypertrophy-Specific Training (HST)' started by TonyE, Apr 9, 2002.

  1. mushys

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  2. colby2152

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    This is a picture from four months ago with a shirt on:


    This is me two months later w/o a shirt on:


    I am going to the beach next week, so there should be a good picture of how some cutting worked out for me...
  3. style

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    Lol, ah the typical 'beer chug' pose!

    Nice V-taper.
  4. Omega_man

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    I posted in this last Feb, but it seems to be gone.
    Currently still 45 yrs old, still 5'9" [​IMG] . Weight is up to about 214 (just got back from a Carribean cruise), bf about 16%. Arms 18.75. Also, bench is doing well again, got 360x1 two months ago & 325x7 this week. I don't do 1RM often so my 1RM could be more also I am starting the 5's this coming Monday.


    PS, we need to see more pics from those that post in this thread over in the Pictures Everyone thread.
  5. poggamoggan

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    A begginers Measurements [​IMG]

    Age 21
    Height 5'11"
    started on(3,1/2 months ago)
    June 08 2006
    neck 14.5"
    right bicep 12"(flexed)
    right forearm 9.75"
    chest 35" (Relaxed)
    abs 34" (at bb)
    hips 36.5
    left thigh 21 (widest)
    left thigh  16.5(above knee)
    left calf 14.75"
    bf%..? (probably 15-16%)

    Current stats---
    sept 23,2006
    neck 15"
    right bicep 13.50"(flexed)
    right forarm 10.75"
    chest 38"(relaxed)
    [email protected] 35.75"
    abs widest 36.5"
    hips 37.5"
    shoulder across 43.75
    thigh 23"(widest)
    thigh 18.5"(above knee)
    left calf 15"

    I started not knowing a damn thing,and now i think i have caught the bb'ing 'bug'.. [​IMG]
  6. colby2152

    colby2152 New Member

    Up to 235, about 14% bodyfat

    The beer bong pose is great! I should do another one this April!
  7. RUSS

    RUSS Member

    5ft11" , 225lbs, @15% b.f. [​IMG]
  8. Bison

    Bison New Member

    Started my cut 3 weeks ago and came off the Creatine Monohydrate.

    Stats were:
    6ft , 230lbs, @ around 17% bf

    I'm guessing at the bodyfat haven't had any tests done. Top 4 abs are still visible, most of fat covers lower abs and back.

    currently 222lbs @ a bit less bf [​IMG] ... still 6ft aswell!
  9. zilla

    zilla New Member

    6'1 / 240lbs.
  10. RUSS

    RUSS Member

    Must amend my stats as they have (slightly) changed since I posted them Feb. 1rst. still 5'11'' but have put on 5 more pounds in the last 40 days so I'm 230lbs. now [​IMG]
  11. quadancer

    quadancer New Member

    5'11" - 212 lbs. - about 18% - 53 yrs old
    bench 315
    lever squat 560x5
    freeweight squat 315x3 (just started)
    deadlift 405x5
    T-bar row 280x5
    Cable row 240x5
    Incline DB press 118x6
    Wide dips BW+105x6
    Narrow dips BW+90x5
    Skullcrushers 160x5
    BB curls 140x5
    Overhead BB press 180x1 170x5
    I'm almost at the end of a long 5x5, henceforth the higher numbers. (for me) [​IMG]
  12. lcars

    lcars New Member

    just finished a 8 week hst hybrid:

    [email protected]<12% weight up and down at the moment.havent took any measurements except my right arm lol 17"1/4 and waist around 32"

    lifts have suffered a little due to some weight loss(through diet)but body composition is changing,ie dropping fat and slowly increasing muscle.

    bench 3x330bar or 5x130dbs

    squat 5x380

    hammer curls 70lb dbs

    close grip bench 5x220lbs

    deads 1x485 no straps/belt

    shrugs 5x300lb

    military press(seated) 4x220lb 5x100lb dbs

    leg press 5x700ish

    strength is ok but not my top priority,i can see im in good company with some of the above posts [​IMG]

    looking to gain lean mass only from now on,dificult but not impossible.
  13. quadancer

    quadancer New Member

    Wow, Icars, you just set some good goals for me, excepting for the shrugs. We're the same weight (I'm fatter tho) and I think, height, 5/11.
  14. RUSS

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    (RUSS @ Mar. 14 2007,01:57)</div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">Must amend my stats as they have (slightly) changed since I posted them Feb. 1rst. still 5'11'' but have put on 5 more pounds in the last 40 days so I'm 230lbs. now [​IMG]</div>
    Once again an update:

    It's now april 10 and I'm 240 put the last 10 on in the last 27 days so I'm not sure of the muscle fat/ ratio of the gain , but I look pretty &quot;swole&quot; if I do say so myself and strength is accelerating more rapidly. [​IMG]

    So to recap: I've gained 15lbs total since feb. 1rst.(69 days).

    AKUFADUM New Member

    I started in September 2006

    Height: 6'3&quot;
    Weight 210
    BF 24% (according to a scale not sure how accurate it is)
    Didn't have measurements back then too bad would have liked to have seen the difference.

    Height: 6'3&quot;
    Weight 204
    BF 19% (according to the same scale not sure how accurate it is)
    But My shirts did get a little tighter and my pants got a lot looser!!

    Here are my measurements:
    Chest: 46.5&quot;
    Neck 16&quot;
    Waist: 35&quot;
    Hips: 38&quot;
    Thighs: 25&quot;
    Calves: 14&quot;
    My arms however are a piddly 15&quot; (Flexed).
    This is also assuming that I measured everything properly...

    Ultimate Goal: 10% BF by my birthday (Aug 24).
    But I will be happy if I get to 10-14ish.
  16. I`m small and weak...but I like ponies, so that makes me ok, no?
  17. Dvst8or

    Dvst8or New Member

    5'9&quot; at about 165 lbs with ~13% bf. Hoping to get to 175 lbs with a lower bf%
  18. Ministro

    Ministro New Member

    6´4&quot; 192 lbs 11% body fat 32 years old

    Neck 16.8&quot;
    Chest 45&quot;
    waist (navel) 33.5&quot;
    Bicep flexed 14.6&quot;
    forearm flexed 12.2&quot;
    thigh 23&quot;
    hips 39&quot;
    calf 14.2&quot;

    I got a lot of trouble gaining muscle, i had earn some the last year, but thru a lot of effort. I think my arms are too thin comparing to my back width and shulder wideness.
    My legs has allways been my worst point with the arms (they never want to grow)
  19. spciniraq

    spciniraq New Member

    Hey all, I'm 25 yrs. old and I'm a Spc. In the National Guard, currently deployed to Iraq.  I am 5&quot;10&quot; and I started HST about 6 weeks ago (2 more to go in my first cycle).  Sooo when I started I was 206 lbs the only measurements I got were waist and neck (army body fat measurements) Waist was 41 1/2 Neck was 16 1/4&quot;.  Now I'm up to 211 neck is up to 16 1/2&quot; Waist is 41 1/2&quot; still.  So Thank you HST.  My goal is to get up to 220 lbs using HST before I cut.  [​IMG]

    Okay, I got my hands on measuring tape, and get sizes for my Chest/Biceps So heres, everything I'm monitoring (I'm working my legs, but don't really care about how much bigger there getting, there pretty decent size)

    L/R Bicep: 14 1/4&quot;
    Chest: 46&quot;
    Waist: 41 1/2&quot;
    Neck: 16 1/2&quot;
  20. smallman88

    smallman88 New Member

    5'11 - 6'0 (Dno, somewhere around there)
    225.5 - 17% bodyfat.

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