How quickly should I put on weight?

Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by nLinked, Oct 13, 2012.

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    For a weight gaining (bulking) diet (goal of building muscle), how often should I check the scales and how much should I expect to increase in bodyweight each time I check? Just want to get an idea as this is something I miss out on when reading so many articles.
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    Thanks. I've been looking at macro ratios, and in the HST FAQ PDF, they say:

    "if you were to move someone from 75%/whatever to 50% carbs, 25% protein (or 1g/lb) and 25% fat, I suspect that that would make a HUGE difference."

    So that suggests I keep my carbs at 50%.
    The FAQ PDF also recommends 1g/lbs bodyweight of protein. I'm 121 lbs, so 121g protein.

    121g protein x 4 = 484 calories
    My BMR maintenance (1584 calories) + 500 = 2084 calories
    So for protein, it comes to 484/2084x100 = 23%

    So if the FAQ recommends 50% of my daily calories should be carbs, and the above calculation of my protein is 23%, then my fats will 27%.

    Is this too high fat? Or am I doing this all wrong?
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    27% fat sounds fine for starters. I usually shoot for somewhere around 25%-35% depending on how much I’m eating to bulk. Fat has the advantage of being higher in calories so you can get more calories by eating less. Also keep in mind all those percentages are rough estimates. I would use 1g/lb. body weight of protein as a minimum but if you try higher depending on what you are doing like working out really hard or doing a protein sparing modified fast the go for it. as for carb and fat ratios again it depends a lot on what you are doing. Fat might go as high as 60% on a no carb diet, however for bulking I try to stay around 25% to 35% because any lower that that and I start feeling crappy and it’s hard to get enough calories or even the some of the protein sources I like. For some people it might also be a matter of how your body responds to various levels of macro nutrients. Some people need more carbs to feel good while other don’t.

    I would say that the ratios you are looking at are a good starting place and that right now as long as you are getting enough protein and total calories I wouldn’t worry to much about exactly what percentage of each you’re eating. In other words don’t drive yourself crazy with the fine details at least not until you have all the big pieces working. Then if you want to fine tune things, start doing it.
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    The suggestion is more protein. I would recommend ~ 35-40% protein, if you afford it.

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