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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by Mojo77, Oct 5, 2015.

  1. Mojo77

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    Over maintenance
  2. mickc1965

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    To me that's where the issue is, for example if your maintenance level is correct then consuming 150 over that would require just over 7 weeks for 1 kg, if you underestimate your maintenance level by only 50 calories then this would increase this period to 11 weeks. 150 - 200 calories over a day is too close to maintenance calories which at the end of the day is pure guesswork. I understand you do not want to gain 1 lb per week but I feel you need to increase to 500 extra per day and reduce slightly if you feel weight gain is too much.
  3. Mojo77

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    During SD my caloric intake is dramatically reduced with up to 600kcal a day while still maintaining at 160lbs compared to 5 day a week training.

    A 900 kcal increase would thus be needed to gain during a cycle, which can become problematic at higher bodyweight.

    It seems a lot as well
  4. Mojo77

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    I will probably have to.
    What about 3day vs 5day a week training, see my previous posts as well.

    Currently still in SD. SD from 16/10 to 1/11.
  5. mickc1965

    mickc1965 Well-Known Member

    My preference is to train more often as you maybe aware from my own log I currently train every day, this upcoming cycle I am using the weekend as Active Recovery days on upper body exercises
  6. Mojo77

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    Yes I see, for me this daily training didn't keep its promises it apparently does in others.
    I did not lose any fat, compared to getting jacked in the C. Thibeaudau article,
    I did not gain any mass
    I did not gain any Bodyweight
    I might have lost a little bit in arm size
    I might have gained a little bit of fat anyway

    I did gain in strength.

    While training 30 mins 5 days a week was nice from a social/organisational point of view, it seems it does not provide the stimulus I need. And when it does, it will probably impair with training again the next day. It might be good during a cut cycle though.

    I cannot afford to waist another bulk. I had good success bulking before so I will return to my more classic HST DUP variation training 3 days a week for around 60 minutes doing 2 exercises per bodypart instead of only 1..
    I will stick to 8 week training cycle, followed by 2 week SD, or would 1 week SD be better?

    During this cycle, 2kg should be gained when in bulk mode or 4kg lost when in cut mode. So far, the idea is to stay in bulk mode for at least another year. During SD, maintenance will be kept. This way I can gain 8 or 9kg per year. This is the idea.
  7. mickc1965

    mickc1965 Well-Known Member

    What was you expecting? Whatever it was it will not happen overnight unless there is some form of chemical assistance!

    This is all assuming that the calipers are accurate, the fact you gained in strength would suggest a gain in muscle mass even if it was small

    Instead of doing 2 sets per exercise have you tried myo reps?

    It will not be wasted as experience should tell you to eat more!! You have said previously that you eat slightly above maintenance but approximately what is your average daily caloric intake and macros? You currently weigh 160 lbs, how tall are you?

    I assume that these are your monthly goals
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  8. Mojo77

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    My point really is the following. Training 5 times a week requires a significantly greater caloric intake compared to training 3 times a week even if the load is the same, just spread out over more days.
    Herefor, a 5 days a week training regimen is in my opinion best suited when you're in a cut, while a three day a week regimen is better suited during a bulk.

    Those goals are cycle goals. I use myo reps all the time and I talked about 2 exercices per bodypart, not 2 sets.

    Training 5 days a week spreading the load from 3 days means doing 1 exercise per bodypart. Since it is daily and the intensity needs to be adjusted it takes more the form of cardio then it does of heavy lifting. Hence why I believe a daily training regimen is best suited for a cut.
  9. mickc1965

    mickc1965 Well-Known Member

    I am confused, see your posts below from the beginning of the thread in relation I assume to training 5 days per week

  10. Mojo77

    Mojo77 Member

    The 5's will be merged to 1 training in the new cycle, as it was before. So doing 2 exercises per bodypart.
  11. Mojo77

    Mojo77 Member

    End of SD: stats right now:

    weight: 71,6kg
    waist: 80cm
    BF%: 14,5% (3 point calliper)

    So I start a little lower compared to the beginning of SD (0,6kg) which I think is good. Other stats stayed the same so I didn't lose any size during SD which is all very good.
  12. Mojo77

    Mojo77 Member

    Time for a small update. Things aren't going very well right now. I got sick mid cycle and lost 3kg in 3days time which I was unable to regain for the most part so far. That was a few weeks go.
    Have been missing more workouts than I'd like since then. it really messed up my cycle.
    The holiday season isn't helping either. Whenever I'm in holiday as right now, I tend to lose focus. Sleeping out later, messes with my food intake, other activities messes with my training schedule and staying up later messes with my recovery. Meaning I'm back usually being a classic undereater without a lot of motivation for training. I'm basically in a rut.

    How to get back into things? Maybe I should start back with some small random fun exercises, just a few in a 15 minute workout to get the hang of it again. Something in the 10-rep range, not too exhaustive and not too explosive :).
    That seems like an idea but it still sucks as I had really put my mind on weighing 75kg by the end of this year. Being closer to 70kg right now really sucks.
  13. mickc1965

    mickc1965 Well-Known Member

    @Mojo77, Sorry to hear your current lack of motivation due to your recent sickness, personally in your situation and taking into account it is Christmas Day in only 4 days (where did the year go?) I would start afresh and set up a new cycle go to straight back into it full training after the New Year
  14. Mojo77

    Mojo77 Member

    I have done a 15's training yesterday evening with the weights of the beginning of the cycle and started eating more decently again.
    At 70,5kg yesterday morning, I felt that I've had hit rock bottom, and it made me pissed.
    At 1kg a month, it's gonna be a long road to 80kg, wich was my summer goal. Now I wonder if I could sneak on the first 2kg in only one month to reach my previous biggest self? Or would this result in too much fat anyway...
  15. Mojo77

    Mojo77 Member

    I resumed my training finally this week. Starting stat was 70kg at still around 15% BF or a bit less.
    4 days in I am at 71kg. Now the start was a bit depleted so I think the rapid gain still is normal from my previous loss.
    End goal this cycle is 72,5kg.
  16. Mojo77

    Mojo77 Member

    Diet thought... There is a limit to the amount of solid food I can bring to work and remain practical. Most probably, based on past experience, I expect to stall out between 75 and 78kg.

    I will have to add liquid calories in the form of... Milk. First half full, then full or whole. From this perspective, doing gomad partially is a good idea to add calories as needed when weight gain stalls
  17. Mojo77

    Mojo77 Member

    Got sick again two weeks ago with the flue, fever for a week and had to cope with residual fatigue the week after. So once agin no training in two weeks and another cycle phucked away.
    This is getting months now that I'm stagnating and not getting anywhere.

    I've resumed training yesterday and decided to give the daily training regimen a go again. Now that I have cracked the food conundrum hopefully (if stomach copes) I will rely on a partial GOMAD strategy as it fits my needs (when weight gain stalls).

    One can always squeeze in 20 minutes of training doing a pull, a push and a leg exercise
  18. mickc1965

    mickc1965 Well-Known Member

    Could just be the time of year or are you possibly over reaching and therefore your immune system is down, I currently train based on Heart Rate Variables (whether it works is to be seen) and when my HRV figures are low I tend to reduce intensity on squats or deadlifts to reverse the drop, seems to be working at the moment, I would say that the figures do drop as the intensity of each rep block increases and they also dropped significantly the day before I was ill at the beginning of January.

    What is your intended daily set up?
  19. Mojo77

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    Intended setup is,
    Do 5-3-3-2-2 myo style rest between 5 and 10 breaths


    Same style

    Rack pull
    Lat pull down
    Landmine press

    Do single set AMRAP with min 15 reps

    Exercises of monday and tuesday + curls and pushdowns

    Thursday off

    Do 10-4-4-3-3 myo style

    Exercises of monday

    Same style as friday

    Exercises of tuesday

    Sunday off

    Weight progression is hst style' 8 week cycle start rms minus 20%, add 5% each week
  20. mickc1965

    mickc1965 Well-Known Member

    The only issue I have with the set up of '8 week cycle start rms minus 20%, add 5% each week' is for four weeks you are doing sub maximal loads and then the following four weeks you are working at maximum loads which for me is too much (downside of being 50)
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