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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by Mojo77, Oct 5, 2015.

  1. Mojo77

    Mojo77 Member

    Cycle 2 PR's

    Squat: 80kg
    Rack pull: 95kg
    Bench press: 46 kg
  2. Mojo77

    Mojo77 Member

    Right now SD is done and I started cycle 3 of dup hst just yesterday. Despite all loads being -20% this was not easy.

    During the second week of SD I suffered some gut flu, making me lose 1,5kg in 2 days. Maybe this is the reason for my current weakness.

    Now mind you, in my case, this weight loss is not about water or glycogen or whatever, it is weight being permalost. I need to fight for it to get it back, 1lbs at a time.
  3. adpowah

    adpowah Active Member

    The flu sucks. Heal up and get back to it.
  4. Mojo77

    Mojo77 Member

    Thx! I am healed, but I am weak as fuk! Came to think, my weights are down 25% from my previous maxes, still everything feels dead heavy where it should be rather light.

    I had to skip legs yesterday because they are completely destroyed from monday. All I did was 5 3 3 2 2 at 75% and one metabolic set of 10 at 50% of 5 Rm.

    Tuesday was Calf and rack pull but those are not quad intensive. Still today, my quads remain fukked beyond belief.
  5. mickc1965

    mickc1965 Well-Known Member

    You will be back to normal in a few days I am sure
  6. Mojo77

    Mojo77 Member

    Good to see this place is back online!
  7. Mojo77

    Mojo77 Member

    Some update here.

    The summer didn't bring much good. Little training, too many holidays. weight was stable at 169 lbs yet I still lost size and gained some fat due to inactivity I guess.
    The plan is to do a cut for one cycle, so I can next bulk through the winter and right into the summer.

    I started a week ago, am down over a pound yet my scale says my BF% is up over 0,5%. Skinfol callipers I only took abs and those are pretty much the same.
    Seeing that scale however threw me off.
    After busting my ass on a 5 day a week program including 20 minute LISS this is what I get? Fuk that. Going on like that I'll be down 9lbs by the end losing nothing but muscle and zero fat.

    What is happening?
  8. Mojo77

    Mojo77 Member

    Hey all, some update here.
    I will be including a 30 day waterburry plp program as a morning routine as of tomorrow. I start with 1 rep for the exercises and add 1 rep every day. Mind you this program is done 7/7. Anyone tried this before?

    On top of that i ll keep training 5 days a week dup myo hst style as adviced. This is about 35 minutes of weights + 20 minutes LISS cardio.

    Man, I m doing a fukton of training these days!
  9. Mojo77

    Mojo77 Member

    Some thought on cutting,

    I am doing a modified version of psmf. Basically I still have a normal lunch with whey shakes in low fat milk around that. This works pretty good.

    As mickc suggested I underestimated calorie input and started counting lightly.

    I have about 3gr per kg bodyweight in protein per day.
    No muscle seems to be lost.

    My future bulk will need to be slow. Less then 1 lbs per week.

    I aim to concentrate carbs around workout then too.
  10. Mojo77

    Mojo77 Member

    Some on training,

    Totentanz told me to go with 12 week cycles instead of 8 week ones. I think this is a very good idea as you can focus on strength building more this way.

    I would still keep the dup style doing 5 5 15 off 10 10 off.

    Deep in the cycle evolving to 3 8 12 will probably be needed.
  11. Mojo77

    Mojo77 Member

    Some updates.

    I am in week 8 of my cycle which is still a cut cycle and I have now reached back the cycle 2 PR's . As of next week I will be setting new PR's even when cutting.

    My bodyweight is at around 72,5 kg or 161 lbs and I am now reaching around 12% BF . The idea is to get down in the 9 to 11% BF zone in the next two weeks and maintain from there to the end of this cycle which I will try to expand to 12 weeks already.
  12. mickc1965

    mickc1965 Well-Known Member

    I think you may find you are entering the hardest part of losing body fat and to lose 2 or 3% points in 2 weeks I think is unlikely but fingers crossed
  13. Mojo77

    Mojo77 Member

    You are right indeed, there are no more off days for me as of this week as I will need to incorporate cardio in my off days to keep a sufficient deficit. Also, I need to be much more strict on the psmf as well.

    The idea is to lose another 2kg or 4.4 lbs in the next two weeks which is theoretically possible with psmf. We will see how this works out
  14. Mojo77

    Mojo77 Member

    Some more on bulking,

    It seems to me most people, even advanced trainees and lyle mcdonald are completely delusional about the rate of muscle gain.

    Face it lyle, 20 to 25 lbs of muscle gain in a year for a newb is not gonna happen, unless maybe you are a big boned teenage guy. The adult small framed beginner should be happy with less then half and anything more will be fat!

    I personally found to have muscle grow at a pace of about 1lbs per month!
    Herefor the general advice to gain weight at 1 lbs per week is insane and will just get you fat and lose time achieving your goals.
    Cutting is a waist of time

    To sum it up, for me one should not gain more then about 1,5 lbs a month, especially when being slender boned. And thus enjoy a 3 year long bulk gaining hardly any fat.

    Christian thibaudeau has a great article on this I will post later.
  15. adpowah

    adpowah Active Member

    @Mojo77 Christian's article on this is nice and a great way to stay lean while adding muscle as long as you are willing to exercise the discipline necessary.

    Regarding the 20-25lbs in first year, keep in mind that is in optimal conditions. Most of us have life style habits and requirements that reduce our rate of growth. Sometimes they are obvious, some aren't but most of the time we are simply unwilling to change them.
  16. Mojo77

    Mojo77 Member

    This is the article I was talking about

    25 lbs would not only be optimal conditions, it is also only for genetically gifted, meaning they are big boned (so predisposed to carrying more musclemass), between 16 and 19 and beginners. Either this or you are heavily roiding.
    There is one more category that might be able to pull this of. I call them the re-beginners. Those that have trained heavily in their late teens and early twens, but then gave up due to work and families and stuff. Pushing 40, they find themselves completely out of shape and they return to the bar. Thanks to muscle memory, they also could achieve these type of muscle gains, because the foundation was put down in their yought.
    No other is going to see these results natty and anyone who thinks otherwise is totally delusional. Those claiming to have done it probably gained a ton of fat they didn't notice as Christian explains in his article.

    Christian's proposed road is the way to follow in my opinion, I have re-experienced how little progress I have made on more drastic bulk/cutting cycle gaining 1lbs a week. When I end the cut I will shoot for 1lbs weight gain a month instead which should garantee minimal fat gain and a fukton of progress over year.

    The second mistake I made was not milking my cycles dry in the gym. I basically shot for an 8 week cycle, adding 10% to my lifts and stopping there. This was stupid. My cycles should be 12, maybe even 16 or 20 weeks and completely hybridized constantly adjusting frequency and volume to intensity. The first change will be going from 5 5 15 - 10 10 - to 5 - 15 - 10 with cardio on off days later further progressing to 3 - 12 - 8 if needed and lowering increments until I cannot add a single pound of weight to the bar.

    In my opinion this is the road for all to follow.
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  17. mickc1965

    mickc1965 Well-Known Member

    I decided earlier this year to pretty much adopt this method as this year has been either cutting / maintenance which has been far too long (total loss this year has been 30 lbs) so will not bulk to ~190 (189.8) again, currently at ~162 (cut to 159.6) and the intention now is to add between 0.5 - 1 lb per month until April, May or June (stop at ~170, maybe 175) then spend a month or so cutting back to somewhere between 160-165 and then eat at a very slight surplus for remainder of next summer up until September, rinse and repeat.
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  18. Mojo77

    Mojo77 Member

    Small update :

    I was sick last week with a throat infection that is still hanging around a bit. This was great for cutting but less for retaining muscle mass. I was barely able to train at all. I stayed with psmf and now I am a little over 71 kg at around 11% BF. I will continue until I am 70 kg then stop psmf and gradually move to maintenance calories.

    Tonight I return to the barbell. The shedule is set for now pr's. Wonder if i will make that in my slightly detrained state.
  19. Mojo77

    Mojo77 Member

    The art of lean

    When you come at a certain point, losing more weight doesn't necessarily make you leaner. Leaner being, having a smaller waist or a smaller abdominal calliper reading. I came to experience just this over the past week. Dropping another 2lbs in weight, but my waist or abdominal callipers didn't move at all. I should have known better, there are tons of skinny fat guys out there, who are skinny, yet have a set of love handles hanging around.
    I will have to go about it in a smarter way. From my random binge afternoon and nights I had discovered that the next day, while I never lost weight, it always shrunk my waist and abdominal calliper reading. I think I need to implement a system like this on a permanent basis. Something like John Kiefer's carb backloading is what comes to mind. Looking into this I noticed Kiefer is getting a fair amount of bad rep here and there for selling a simple system some call BS upon. On the other hand, I see Borge Fagerli essentially promoting the exact same thing under a different name, the Biorhytm diet. Fat and protein in the morning, carbs and protein in the evening.

    This is the plan I will adhere to as of now;

    Fat and protein in the morning, but zero carbs or trace carbs
    Fat, protein and moderate carbs at noon since this is the point I shift over and personal experience indicates noon bingeing is just as helpful
    Carbs and protein in the evening when I also train, with the bulk of the carbs after training and zero fat or trace amounts of fat only.

    This approach can be used both in a bulking or a cutting strategy in my opinion.
    For now, I'll definately leave psmf but stay at about a 10% deficit using the above implementation as outlined in the biorhythm diet
  20. mickc1965

    mickc1965 Well-Known Member

    Currently following this protocol with carbs only around evening training session, AM session is fasted with no carbs after either.

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