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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by Mojo77, Oct 5, 2015.

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    Great, how long are you doing this and what are your results so far?
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    Used it towards the end of my cut earlier this year (ending up doing keto) manipulating carbs works well for me, I gradually decrease carbs as I lose weight as I tend to overeat when consume too many carbs and keeping protein high ~2g per lb of body weight keeps hunger at bay.
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    That dere gut flu got back at me. No training since tuesday.
    My weight is down to 70,1 kg and my waist is approaching a whopping 76 cm.
    I should be pretty close to 10% BF now.

    Winter cutting could be making me more prone to illness.
    I will bring up cals to maintenance during next week. I am low enough where I am at right now.
  4. Mojo77

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    It's that time again brahs for a small update.

    I basically SD'ed during the holidays and cut my cycle after some 16 weeks or so.
    Gained about 1lbs last month so that is pretty good.

    Found out training 3on 1off 2on 1off does not work well when the weights go up and you're pushing PR's so I decided to switch things up.

    I will be followin mass made simple lite by Dan John .

    The template can be found here:

    I will make a few changes as Dan did not make the template himself.

    For warm ups: I will do a landmine complex () and plate swings since i do not have kettlebells and skip the turkisch get ups and goblet squats

    For the workout: I will be doing clean and press with a barbell instead of dumbells. apart from that I will do a cable row instead of bent rows as Dan also recommends cable rows. Lastly I will add-in tricep pushdowns to go with the curls. As for bench, I'll be sticking to dumbell incline. So still a few adaptations but the overall is kept.

    It's initially a six week program but the fixed rep scheme here allows perfectly do extend it further and increase the weight gradually on a weekly basis for example.

    Let me know what you think brahs
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    If anything I can tell you the above workout is seriously brutal! Started the program yesterday and today I am sore all over like I have never been before.

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