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    Friday 4th November 2017

    3rd workout of the 5s phase...

    Workout A ...

    Weighted chins - 10kg plate - 5 sets of 5

    Squats - 90kg - 5 sets of 6
    70kg - 1 set of 15

    Incline bench press - 92.5kg - 3 sets of 5
    75 kg - 1 set of 12

    Standing military press - 56.5kg - 3 sets of 6
    45 kg - 1 set of 10

    T bar row - 48.5kg - 4 sets of 5
    40 kg - 1 set of 12

    Barbell curl - 43.5kg - 3 sets of 5

    Flat Db press - 40kg Dbs - 4 sets of 5

    Okay so today I was feeling a little bit drained and lethargic from Wednesday's workout .... (Kind of expected that really)

    But I still nailed all of my lifts for multiple sets with no problems ...

    I alternated my weighted Chin ups with my squats because it usually takes me while to fully recharge on chin ups - so I find it much easier for me to alternate them with another exercise ....

    And that's officially the first week of 5s done and dusted :)

    Things are going to start getting tough next week so volume will have to come down a bit more .... But after a weekend of rest i should be raring to go ...
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  2. benben2356

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    Monday 7th November 2016

    4th workout of the 5s phase....

    Workout B ....

    Deadlift - 175kg - 1 set of 10
    1 set of 8
    1 set of 5

    Squat - 95kg - 4 sets of 5

    Bench press - 92.5kg - 5 sets of 5

    T bar row - 51kg - 4 sets of 5

    DB shoulder press - 27.5kg Dbs - 5 sets of 5

    BB curl - 46kg - 2 sets of 5

    Today's workout was absolute dog shit if you'll pardon the language....

    I'm now stuck on early shifts at work so I have to train in the morning which is like kryptonite for me :(

    Had a large bowl of oatmeal and some eggs for breakfast with a strong coffee but it didn't seem to work as my energy was absolutely non existent ...

    It took me ages between sets and the whole workout took nearly 2 hours due to my lethargy ...

    God I absolutely hate morning workouts :(

    I got all my sets of 5 in with good form but it felt way harder than it should have done considering these aren't even my 5rm.

    It's like someone turned up the gravity on me all of a sudden ...

    All in all I got the sets and reps done but I wasn't happy with the amount of effort it took me and the length of time it took...

    Form was good on everything but it just felt harder than it should have ...

    I had to skip the metabolic burn sets because there's just no way with today's limited energy that I could have fit them in as well ...

    I don't know what to do about this issue with morning workouts ...

    I feel like I've tried everything in the past but I'm always functioning on half power ...

    And being a shift worker I don't really have a choice ...

    But hey ho ... Got it done and that's all that matters.
  3. mickc1965

    mickc1965 Well-Known Member

    Reduce the sets of 5 to two or threes sets and add the metabolic set in
  4. benben2356

    benben2356 Member

    Thanks @mickc1965 ... I will definately be doing that.

    I guess I thought the heavy sets were the most important so put all my effort into them ...

    But with the upcoming heavy workouts I will definately need to back off a bit and just hit 2 sets of 5 ...
  5. mickc1965

    mickc1965 Well-Known Member

    Just remember the muscle does not know what weight is on the bar
  6. benben2356

    benben2356 Member

    So it's fairly safe to say that anything beyond 2-3 sets in the later stages of the 5s is wasted effort ... And strain on the CNS
  7. mickc1965

    mickc1965 Well-Known Member

    Not really wasted effort if you can keep good form then there is no reason why you cannot do more than 2 sets but if you are at the end of the 5s cycle I would say if you can do 2 sets of 5 reps with a given weight then it is not your true 5 rep max (in fact if I were lifting my true 5 rep max I would only expect 3 maybe 4 reps in the 2nd set unless I was taking a very long break between sets). The more sets you do at these loads the larger impact they will have on your CNS and you will be at a higher risk of getting an injury), I personally would leave it at 2 sets at 5 rep maxes and then throw in one maybe two sets at max effort but at a lighter load, what load you choose would be what you feel comfortable with but I would be aiming for anywhere between 8 and 12 reps in those sets.
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  8. benben2356

    benben2356 Member

    @mickc1965 I definately kept good form for all the sets on each lift ... but the rep speed slowed down a lot after the first 3 sets...

    Also I was alternating two lifts at a time with about 3-5 minutes between sets .... So I did take a lot of rest between sets to get it done.

    If it were an afternoon or evening workout I'm sure I would have breezed through it in half the time ....

    I'll drop it down to just two sets from this point on and then I'll be sure to fill in the volume with more metabolic rep sets ...
  9. benben2356

    benben2356 Member

    Wednesday 9th November 2016

    5th workout of 5s phase

    Workout A ....

    Weighted chin ups - 15kg plate - 2 sets of 5
    - bodyweight - 1 set of 8

    Squat - 98.5kg - 3 sets of 5

    Incline bench press - 100kg - 2 sets of 5
    - 90kg - 1 set of 7
    - 80kg - 1 set of 10

    T bar row - 55kg - 2 sets of 5
    50 kg - 1 set of 7
    40 kg - 1 set of 10

    Standing military press - 60kg - 1 set of 6
    50kg - 1 set of 8
    45 kg - 1 set of 10

    Incline DB press - 42.5kg Dbs - 1 set of 5

    BB curls - skipped - too tired to bother with them

    Okay so once again it was another morning workout and my energy levels were in the toilet again ....

    I added in some metabolic sets where I could but my main focus was just getting a couple of good solid sets of 5 on each lift...

    Weighted chins I hit a couple of sets of 5 with chest touching the bar on each rep but was slightly unhappy seeing as I did that weight for 10 reps a few months ago - I then did a bodyweight set of only 8 which again was disappointing as I could do 12 - 15 reps a few months ago

    Squats I hit 3 good sets of 5 and then I attempted A light burn set with 70kg but gave up after 6 reps because I just felt too tired to crank out any more ...

    Military press I hit a very good strong set of 6 then I attempted a 2nd set but could barely get 2 .. So I just did 2 back off sets

    Incline bench went fine although not as strong as usual because the bar usually moves much faster at that weight for me...

    T bar row was fine ....

    And by the time I got to barbell curls I could barely pick up the bar so just skipped them.

    Not overly happy considering these still aren't really my true 5rm ...

    I purposely set my maxes for each mini cycle Slightly lighter than my true tested rep maxes and in a bizarre turn of events I'm actually finding it much harder than it should be on the 5s ....

    The 15s and 10s were super easy ...

    I'm sure it's just the shift to morning workouts that's causing this dip in performance ....

    But at least I'm still meeting the required reps for a good couple of sets ...

    Hopefully in the post 5s when I'm back to evening training I can amp up the volume a bit more and show these pathetic baby weights who's boss ...

    Only one workout left of the 5s phase now and it's also going to be a morning session so I'm not expecting any PRs lol

    But as long as I hit 1 good set of 5 on everything with some back off sets I'll be content ....
  10. mickc1965

    mickc1965 Well-Known Member

    You could always repeat this Fridays workout next week assuming you will be evening training next week to see where you are at for 5 reps
  11. benben2356

    benben2356 Member

    You read my mind @mickc1965 ....

    I still have early shifts next week but I do have Tuesday and Thursday off.

    So my plan is .... I'll get up and hit the gym this Friday as planned and give it my best shot (it's worth trying because sometimes I can have good workouts in the mornings)

    But next week I'm going to repeat both workouts A and B on Tuesday and Thursday to really give them a hammering ...
  12. benben2356

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    Friday 11th November 2016

    Last workout of 5s phase

    Workout B ...

    Deadlift - 190kg - 1 set of 6

    Squat - 102.5kg - failed to lift it

    Bench press - 100kg - 2 sets of 6
    95 kg - 1 set of 6
    90kg - 1 set of 8

    Lat Pulldown - 2 sets of 5
    1 set of 12

    Standing military press 60kg - 2 sets of 6

    T bar row - 57.5kg - 2 sets of 5
    40kg - 1 set of 10

    DB shoulder press - 30kg Dbs- 3 sets of 6
    - 22.5kg dbs 1 set of 10

    Barbell curls - failed to hit 5

    Incline Db press - 42.5kg Dbs - 2 sets of 5

    So once again it was another morning workout ..

    I had a massive bowl of oats with raisins and a banana ...

    I also necked a strong pre workout drink about 30mins before training....

    As soon as I started warming up on deadlifts they immediately felt heavy and slow ... So I knew I was in trouble.

    I got six very slow reps and then my grip gave out so I left it at that ... I've hit 10 solid reps on 190kg before so not happy with that at all

    Then squats .... Again I started warming up and even that felt too heavy. I then loaded up my 5rm and couldn't even hit 1 rep at full depth....

    Bench press has strangely gotten stronger and was a breeze ...

    Likewise with military press and dumbells ... They seemed to fly up with ease ....

    My first set of t bar rows was ok but the second was really sloppy

    For curls I hit 2 reps and couldn't even manage a 3rd

    Left the gym feeling defeated and weak.

    The whole way through the workout I felt sluggish and lethargic and really didn't want to be there ....

    I also look like crap .... And can barely even tell that I lift anymore.

    All of this damage in 1 week of morning training lol

    My plan now is to repeat my 5 rep maxes for workout A and workout B next week when I can train in the evening...

    Hopefully all justice will be restored then ....

    If my performance is still suffering then I don't know what the next plan of action will be...

    I certainly shouldn't be struggling with these 5rms as I was handling them comfortably when testing them....

  13. benben2356

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    Tuesday 15th November 2016

    Post 5s phase ... 1st session (repeating 5rms)

    Workout A ...

    Deadlift - 190kg - 1 set of 8 reps

    Squats - 102.5 kg - 4 sets of 5
    90kg - 1 set of 8
    80kg - 1 set of 10
    70kg - 1 set of 15

    Incline bench press - 100kg - 2 sets of 5
    100kg - 4 + 2 cluster
    100kg - 4 + 2 cluster
    90kg - 8 reps
    80kg - 11 reps

    Weighted chins - 15kg plate - 3 sets of 5
    - bodyweight - 10 reps
    Lat pull down - 15 reps

    Standing military press - 60kg - 2 sets of 6
    - 50kg - 1 set of 10
    - 50kg - 1 set of 8

    T bar row - 57.5 kg - 2 sets of 5
    - 50 kg - 1 set of 7
    - 40 kg - 1 set of 12

    Flat DB press - 42.5kg dbs- 2 sets of 5

    Barbell curl - 40kg - 1 set of 10

    Dips - 1 set of 20
    - 1 set of 15

    Okay So yes all of that took nearly 2 hours and I needed a lot of rest between sets but form felt perfect on everything and I was very pleased with myself ....

    I didn't hit failure on anything and made sure I stopped before form broke down...

    I was determined to make up for my awful workouts last week and I can safely say I've redeemed myself today

    My weighted chin ups were beautiful and chest was touching the bar on every rep with no swinging or kipping ....

    The only lift that felt a bit sloppy was my second set of t bar rows as I was pretty fatigued by that point ...

    Overall I can safely say justice has been restored ...

    Sat back now cooking liver and bacon with cheesy mash as my treat meal for the week ...

    Roll on workout B on Thursday ...
  14. benben2356

    benben2356 Member

    Thursday 17th November 2016

    Post 5s phase - 2nd workout (repeating 5rms)

    Workout B ...

    Deadlift - 190kg - 1 set of 8
    190kg - 1 set of 5

    Squat - 102.5kg - 1 set of 6
    102.5kg - 1 set of 5
    90kg - 1 set of 8
    90kg - 1 set of 8
    80kg - 1 set of 10
    70kg - 1 set of 15

    Bench press - 100kg - 1 set of 5
    - 100kg - 1 set of 5
    - 100kg - 1 set of 3+2 cluster
    - 90kg - 1 set of 8
    - 80kg - 1 set of 10
    - 70kg - 1 set of 13

    Weighted chins - 15kg plate - 1 set of 5
    - 15kg plate - 1 set of 5
    - Bodyweight - 1 set of 8

    Standing military press - 60kg - 1 set of 6
    - 60kg - 1 set of 6
    - 60kg - 1 set of 5
    - 50kg - 1 set of 8

    Had to cut it a little short today as I ran out of time so had to miss my t bar rows, lat pulls , bb curls and DB presses ...

    But I'm gonna head to the gym again tomorrow to do those as they are all fairly non taxing lifts so not a big deal. Probably be good to hit them when fresh anyway.

    Everything today felt super strong and hit all
    My reps with solid form and good bar speed.
  15. benben2356

    benben2356 Member

    Just a quick comparison piccy ... Hopefully it's uploaded ok.

    Pic on the left is 2 weeks before I started HST

    Pic on the right was last night ...

    My weight is up to just under 86kg from 84kg ....

    I've definitely gained some fat around the waist as my trousers are all feeling a lot tighter and I'm not quite as defined ...

    Strangely I was actually stronger when the first pic was taken but I guess the higher volume from HST and the fat gain makes me look fuller in the new pic ...

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    Monday 21st November 2016

    Week 2 of Post 5s phase ... (Continuing 5rms)

    Workout A

    Weighted Chins - 15kg plate - 1 set of 6
    15kg plate - 1 set of 5
    15kg plate - 1 set of 5
    Bodyweight - 1 set of 10

    Squats - 102.5kg - 1 set of 7
    102.5kg - 1 set of 6
    90kg - 1 set of 8
    80kg - 1 set of 10
    70kg - 1 set of 16

    Incline bench press - 100kg - 1 set of 6
    100kg - 3 sets of 5
    90kg - 1 set of 8
    80kg - 1 set of 11

    Military press - 60kg - 1 set of 6

    T bar row - 57.5kg - 1 set of 6
    57.5kg - 2 sets of 5
    50kg - 1 set of 8
    40kg - 1 set of 14

    Flat DB press - 42.5kg DBs - 2 sets of 5

    Lat pull down - 2 sets of 12

    Good workout today .... My Reps increased by 1 or 2 on most of my lifts today which must be good sign ....

    I'm planning to keep attacking my 5rm for the rest of this week (week 8)

    Then next week I'm going to start doing 3s and gradually increment my way up to my 3rm ..
  17. benben2356

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    Tuesday 22nd November 2016

    Today was supposed to be a rest day but I was bored, so I wondered down to the gym just to do a couple of extra sets on the standing military press ..... (Didn't get much volume on them yesterday)

    To my surprise I scored some massive PRs

    First set with my 5Rm - 60kg I hit an easy 8 reps ....

    Then I did a second set after 4 minutes rest and hit 8 reps again ...

    So I increased it to 65kg and hit 3 reps

    I then dropped it to 50kg and did 10 very easy reps without even breaking a sweat ...

    Walked out of the gym after a 15 minute session of military pressing feeling like the king of the world ...

    Thrilled with that :)
  18. benben2356

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    Wednesday 23rd November 2016

    Post 5s phase - week 8

    Workout - B

    Deadlift - 195kg - 1 set of 6

    Squat - 105kg - 2 sets of 5 (PB)

    Bench press - 100kg - 1 set of 6 (PB)

    Lat pull downs - 2 sets of 8

    Dips - 1 set of 20

    T bar row - 57.5 kg - 2 sets of 5
    50kg - 1 set of 8

    Okay so today I was able to hit 2 PBs on the squat and bench ...

    Decided to up the weight to 105 kg for squats and nailed 2 beautiful sets of 5 super deep atg.

    And for bench I got a smooth set of 6 with perfect form - only an extra rep but sill a PB nonetheless :)

    That makes 3 PBs so far this week on squat , military press and bench press ....

    On the downside though I crashed pretty hard after that and didn't have a lot of energy to do much else in the session so I banked it and called it a day.

    Looking forward to going into the triples next week ....

    Starting to feel pretty beat up now so my SD will be well earned when it comes around ...
  19. Browner

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    Good work on the PB's.

    I would be tempted to delay the SD or Deload if PRs are happening, just my 2 pence for what its worth.
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  20. Jester

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    What he said.
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