MYOBLAST? Whats the dealee O?

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    Hello all, this is my big 2nd post ever! Wahoo. Anyways, I saw a post by BIZ and he mentioned something about MYOBLAST. This was the first time I've heard of this product and was just curious about it. Is anyone using it? What exactly is it and what does it do? Are there any health hazards I should be worried about? If you are using it, does it work?

    Just puttin' the question out there. I would appreciate any info you guys/girls may have on the subject. Thanks again!

    -CHKNLEGS over and out.
  2. Bryan Haycock

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    Myoblast is a product by Cytodyne. It contains a sulfated sugar extracted from seaweed. This heparin-like extract will bind to the myostatin protein in-vitro (colum). Similar products are being sold by Biotest and Champion Nutrition.

    Because this extract was shown to bind to the myostatin protein in-vitro (not published, nor peer reviewed research), it is being sold as a myostatin blocker called CSP3 or Myozap.

    What does it do? Nobody knows yet.

    Are there any side effects? Nobody really knows yet. It will probably thin the blood if taken in high enough doses.
  3. BIZ

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    I take the recommended dosage of MyoBlast (1200mg/day) and I have felt like I was a bit hypoglycemic a few times. Maybe it is due to taking on an empty stomach? Not sure. Maybe I was actually hypoglycemic at the time? [​IMG]

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