Nativetroutbum's Training Log... comments/critique welcome!!!

Pretty good day of training today, but had to make a couple changes.

Warmup: 2.5 minutes, lvl 10
Hammer Grip Chin Ups: BWx5, BWx5, BW+50x3+1+1, BW+50x5 singles, BWx5
Flat BB Press: 135x5, 135x3, 3 @ 205x5
Leg Press: 200x5, 290x3, 380x1, 3 @ 470x5
Dips: BWx5, BWx5, 3 @ BW+65x5, BWx5
DB Row: 85x5+5+5+5
DB rear delt raise: 3 @ 15x10
Lateral delt raise: 3 @ 15x10
Decline Crunches: 15, 15, 15
Calf raises: 3 @ BWx15
Lying External rotations: 3 @ 5x10

So I had some pretty consistent elbow pain all day yesterday... typically my elbow pain had been sporatic and situational, but yesterday it ached quite a bit. Due to the way it was hurting and how I was able to replicate the pain, I realized that it was likely the combination of chins and KROCS that was putting unnecessary strain on my elbow. The supinated chins on a straight chin-up bar just put a bit too much twist on my not-very-flexible arms. The KROCS were putting a little strain on my elbows probably because I was doing them too quickly, so at the bottom of the motion I was introducing some fail... So, I'm cutting those out. I'm going back to strict DB Rows and I'm substituting supinated grip chins for hammer grip. The hammer grip felt very good today, the first rep felt so good that I went right ahead and did 2 more straight away.

Bench: Simply amazing how well old-school bench works the chest... May go for 3 @ 210x5 on Friday.
Dips: These felt great, I was easily able to fully control the load with relatively slow concentric and eccentric motions.

BW was an even 181.
So I postponed yesterday's training until today. Had a GREAT day in the "other" gym this morning.

Warmup: 3 minutes on eliptical, lvl 10
Hammer Chins: BWx3, BWx3, BW+50x3, BW+50x3+1+1, BW+50x3, BW+50x1+1+1+BWx5
BB Flat Press: 135x5, 135x3, 3 @ 210x5
Deads: 135x5, 225x3, 315x1, 2 @ 365x5
Leg Press: 270x5, 360x3, 450x2, 3 @ 540x5
Dips: BWx5, BWx5, 3 @ BW+70x5, BWx15
DB Row: 85x5+5+5
Rear Delt raise: 3 @ 10x10
Seated DB upright row: 3 @ 20x10
Decline Crunches: 20, 20
Calf raise: BW+2 bricks x 10, 4 @ BW+4 bricks x 5

Hammer Chins: Felt pretty good today, no bad pain in the elbow or shoulder.
Bench: Felt great today. My first set of 210 could have probably gone 7 or 8 reps. Finished all 15 reps without any problems. 210 will probably be my working weight for another week.
Deads: 365 (slightly more than 2x BW) came right up; second set felt a little better than the first.
Leg Press: I simply LOVE the leg-press machine at this gym. I was WAY off in estimating the starting weight, I thought it was 45 pounds, it's 90. My usual "gym" has this meh-leg-press machine which leaves A LOT to be desired.
Seated DB Upright row: These felt very good, no bad pain anywhere; but lots of good pain right in the lateral delt! I might have finally found a good lateral delt exercise that doesn't hurt anywhere.

BW was 178.4 after training and before breakfast... Bottom line, I can't possibly gain weight consistently unless I'm consistently tracking my calorie intake, and I haven't been doing that; therefore it's really no surprise that I'm down a little.
Today's training:

Warmup: Eliptical 3 minutes lvl 10
Hammer Chins: BWx3, BWx3
Flat Bench: 45x10, 95x5, 135x5, 135x3, 3 @ 210x5
Hammer Chins: BWx3, 2 @ BW+65x5 singles, BW+65x3 singles
Leg Press: 200x5, 290x5, 380x3, 2 @ 500x5
Dips: BWx5, BWx5, 2 @ BW+70, BW+70x5 singles
DB Row: 85x5+5+5
DB Seated Upright row: 3 @ 20x10
DB Bent rear delt raise: 3 @ 10x10
Decline Crunches: 20, 20
Lying external rotations: 3 @ 5x10
Calf Raise: 2 @ BWx15

Chins: Everything felt funny after my wamup sets on chins, so I went right to bench... came back to chins after. Only managed 3 singles in my last set. Arms and back were SMOKED!
Bench: 210 was a little harder this AM than Saturday. May try 215 on Friday.
Leg Press: Because this machine starts the motion at the bottom, I have to scoot the seat pretty much all the way forward and then cram myself into the machine so I can get a full range of motion without hitting the "sled" on the bumpers at the bottom... tedious, but my quads were pretty swollen after. Only did 2 sets due to time constraints. Also, 500 felt much heavier than 540 on the better machine at the other gym...
Dips: All felt pretty good. Went with the 5 singles for my last set just to ensure perfect form as I was pretty worn out by then...
Rows: So I have been doing 15 reps on each side, alternating 5 on left the right, then right back to right again with no rest. Not as intense as the 25 rep sets of KROCS, but somewhat more intense than standard sets of 5.
DB seated upright row: Yep, these were still awesome today.

BW was 180.4... after training and before breakfast... I ate like a horse today. Probably had over 1000 calories @ dinner alone.
Thanks, Sci, I appreciate the encouragement!!

Warmup: 3 minutes on eliptical
Hammer Chins: BWx3, BWx3, BWx1, 2 @ BW+65x5 singles
Flat Bench: 135x5, 135x3, 3 @ 210x5
Deads: Skipped!!
Leg Press: 200x5, 290x5, 380x3, 2 @ 500x5
Dips: BWx5, BWx5, 3 @ BW+75x5
DB Row: 90x5+5+5
DB Seated Upright Row: 3 @ 25x10
Decline Crunches: 20, 20
Calf Raise: BWx15, 15
Lying External Rotations: 3 @ 5x10

So my right upper trap has a big knot in it which had me skipping deadlifts today. Didn't seem to negatively impact anything else though it hurt a little on pretty much everything. Just a knot... so hopefully I'll be close to 100% on Friday. Wife took a look at it this evening and isn't concerned, just going to be a pain tolerance issue on Friday.

BW was 180.6 after training and before breakfast.
Warmup: 1 minute of air squats and jumping jacks.
Deads: 45x5, 135x5, 225x5, 315x1, 365x5
Flat Bench: 45x10, 135x5, 135x3, 2 @ 215x5, 215x3+2, 215x1+1+1
Leg Press: 200x5, 290x5, 6 @ 380x10
Hammer Chins: BWx3+3+3+3+3+3+3+3
Dips: BWx5+5+5+5+5+5+5
DB Row: 90x5+5+5+5
Seated DP Upright row: 30x5+5+5+5+5

Deads: For whatever reason, after 1 set of deads both elbows felt a little funny. Something in my form must have been off. When I don't do deads 3x week I feel like my body almost forgets how to do them properly. Anyway, since I'm focusing on other things, I decided 1 set was enough today.
Bench: Very happy that I got 2 sets of 215x5. First set was a smooth 5 with maybe 1 more in the tank. Second set that 5th rep was very slow. Only got 3 on the last set; racked it, waited about 10 seconds and then cranked out 2 more. I decided to add the 3 singles just because. The last single went up very slowly... probably closer to failure than I should have gone.
Leg Press: Decided I would see what 60 freaking reps felt like... 380x60 was pretty silly. I suppose I'll train leg press like this from here on out. Either that or I'll do sets of 5 with heavier weight and less rest between sets. Quads were totally smoked and were cramping badly after...
Hammer chins: Had no energy for weighted chins today so I did a bit of a "deload day" with just BW and only a few breaths between sets.
Dips: Same here...
Seated DB upright rows: Still awesome.

BW was 179.6 after training and before breakfast.
Doing Monday training today... will to T/T/S this week with W/F cardio.Deads: 45x5, 135x5, 225x5, 315x1, 2 @ 365x5Flat Bench: 135x5, 135x3, 2 @ 215x5, 215x3+1+1, 215x1+1+1Leg Press: 290x5, 4 @ 380x10Hammer Chins: BWx3, BWx3, BW+25x3, BW+25x5, BW+25x10 singlesDips: BWx5, BWx3, BW+80x5, BW+80x3+1+1, BW+80x3+1+1DB Row: 90x5+5+5Called it a day after this. Probably going to do shoulder and calf work before or after cardio tomorrow. Might go to a 4 or 5 days/week set-up in order to get everything done in a timely manner. Basically do all of my "big" stuff M/W/F and small stuff on T/T along with cardio. We'll see how it goes.Deads felt very good today, probably move the load up a bit on Thursday. Chins felt heavy with only +25... not sure what that was all about. Hopefully just a bad day; will try to remedy that on Thursday.
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Did cardio and "light" work yesterday. Step machine for 25 minutes crushed my legs. Machine said I went up 100 stories worth of steps and burned a bit over 300 calories. Definitely more anarobic than walking up hill.Today's training:Flat Bench: 45x10, 135x5, 135x3, 215x5, 220x3+2, 220x2+1+1+1Deads: 135x5, 225x5, 315x1, 375x5Leg Press: 200x5, 380x5, 470x7, 470x8, 470x10Hammer Chins: BWx3, BW+45x3+5 singles, BW+45x3+7 singles, BW+45x3Dips: BWx5, BWx3, BW+80x5+1+1, BW+80x5+1+1, BW+80x3DB Row: 95x5+5+5Decline Crunches: 20, 20Bench: Not sure, but I'm guessing I could get 220x5 if I were fresh, but unlikely I could get 225x5. I'm going to keep doing what I've been doing, working very close or at my 5RM until I can up the load a little more.Deads: Definitely still very sore from Tuesday but I want to start doing deads every day the way I used to... I managed to get 1 set of 375x5 but the 5th rep was a bit difficult. I got it, but it was a lot harder than I feel like it should have been. Anyway, I decided 1 set was enough for this morning.Leg Press: I didn't even come close to 60 reps for legs, but I upped the load substantially. Need to find my sweet spot on these.
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I apologize... but the site is simply not permitting my updates to show the key... it is slogging everthing together as one long paragraph.... I also keep getting a virus warning. Maybe something with my virus software. I'll try to update from a different PC...
Ok, I even tried to edit a post from a different PC... I'm getting the same virus warning message and my posts do not show any spacing.Regardless of how many spaces...Very strange. I'm probably going to stop logging here for a few weeks until this new site issue gets cleaned up.
Saturday I spent 3 hours at a gymnastics gym for one of my kid's friend's birthday parties. Best kids party ever. I climbed a 30 foot rope a few times, then climbed two ropes, one hand on each rope... also messed around on the high bar, rings, and trampoline for hours... Upper back and core were absolutely WRECKED. ****Yesterday's training: ***Flat Bench == 45x10, 95x10, 135x5, 215x5, 220x3+1+1, 220x3+1+1, 135x10 ***Hammer Chins == BWx5, BW+45x5, BW+45x10 singles ***Leg Press == 290x5, 380x5, 2@470x10 ***Dips == BWx5, BWx5, BW+90x5, BW+90x5 singles, BW+90x5 singles ***Leg Ext == 110x10, 110x15, 110x15 ***Was spent after this... had no energy. Thinking of going back to a pre-workout in order to get amped up in the morning...
This morning's training. *** Flat Bench == 45x20, 95x10, 135x5, 135x3, 220x5, 220x4+1, 220x3+1+1, 135x10*** Deads == 135x5, 135x5, 225x5, 2 @ 375x5*** Leg Press == 290x5, 290x5, 3 @ 470x5*** Hammer Chins == BWx5, BWx5, BW+55x15 singles max stim style.*** Dips == BWx5, BWx5, BW+90x5, BW+90x5 singles, BW+90x5 singles*** DB Row == 95x5+5+5*** Abs, hanging leg raises...***NOTES == felt pretty good about Bench today. 220x5 and the subsequent sets felt pretty strong. Also felt pretty good about dips @ BW+90x5. Triceps are definitely getting hammered. 2 sets of deads @ 375x5 is not too shabby, but I think they felt heavier than they should have. Hopefully I'll feel good enough to train deads again on Friday. BW was 180.2 after training.
Yesterday's training.*** Flat Bench == 45x20, 95x10, 135x5, 135x3, 225x5, 225x3, 225x3, 225x1+1+1+1, 135x10*** Deads == 135x5, 135x5, 225x5, 315x1, 2 @ 380x5*** Hammer Chins == BWx5+5+5*** Dips == BWx10+10+10*** Hanging leg raises 8+9+7*** Most simple Push/Pull workout... should have just left it after deads but I wanted to get a little more work in. Not exactly sure what did it, but I tweaked my right shoulder. Maybe the benching.... not sure. Nothing hurt during, it all set in about 1.5 hours after, I noticed the tweak. Now my right shoulder is 1/2 no good. Seems like just a strain but I'm probably going to have to lay off it for at bit. We'll see how quickly I heal. Very frustrating because I was quite excited I got 225x5 on bench... also felt really good about deads for 2 sets of 380x5, and they felt easier than 375 did on Wednesday.
Right shoulder feels a WORLD better today. Yesterday I was religious with ice, rest, and anti-inflamatories. Wife is going to do some passive stretches today. I'm likely to take the day off from training tomorrow as we're scheduled to get 7-10" of snow. I should be able to shovel snow; shoulder only hurts when I raise my arm over my head. Actually I did some push ups this AM without any pain, so it's definitely not as bad as I thought. Very thankful it's not anything serious...I think the injury is actually from my stupid hanging "leg ups"... Thinking back, I was just hanging there and throwing my legs up, not pulling my shoulder blades back in order to protect the rotator cuff structures... Dumb!!! Especially with my gimpy shoulder history... So, as should have been expected, the subacromial area, specifically the humeral attachment of the supraspinatus, got a little more friction than it wanted... is now inflamed; therefore it hurts... I am an idiot. I wasn't even thinking about my shoulder since I wasn't pulling or pushing... just thinking about my core... dumb... Going forward I'm going to do these differently if I do them at all.
Sounds like a good idea to ditch them completely. There are plenty of other exercises that dont put any strain on the shoulders at all.