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  1. While shopping around for protein powders and bars, I came across a product that claimed: No zero biologic-value proteins (gelatin a.k.a. "hydrolyzed protein"), No estrogenic soy proteins. Do we definitely want to avoid these things when buying a product? Why?
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    Well, it is true you don't want to buy protein of low biological value. But for the most part, nobody sells any so its a mute point. Casein, whey, and egg are all very high biological value proteins. This accounts for about 99% of all the protein powders you can buy, at least for bodybuilding.

    Besides, Gelatin isn't worthless. It just doesn't have a very good amino acid profile.

    It is important to realize that not all "hydrolyzed" protein is gelatin. You can buy whey hydrolysates and even casein hydrolysates. To hydrolyze a protein simply means to predigest it. BTW, it isn't necessary to predigest your protein at the factory. Your stomach does this just fine all by itself.

    Guys don't want too much soy protein either. It has demonstrated estrogenic effects. So, thats good. But once again, unless they are selling soy, its obvious there is no soy in their product.

    This kind of advertising/marketing is like having a restaurant put out an ad that says, "Our food is poison free!". In essence, so what? So is everybody elses.

    Here's a tip, and this is totally objective. buy Primer and Driver and rest easy at night knowing that you can't buy a higher quality protein. ;)
  3. Thanks, Bryan!

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