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Discussion in 'Hypertrophy-Specific Training (HST)' started by chiefhog, Jul 26, 2005.

  1. chiefhog

    chiefhog New Member

    I prefer Gargantuan proportions.
  2. Totentanz

    Totentanz Super Moderator Staff Member

    I used to want to look like Steve Reeves, but lately I've been wanting to get bigger than that even. I'll no doubt have to resort to steroid usage to get much bigger than that though. Assuming my wife will let me. She already thinks I'm getting too big... :confused:
  3. chiefhog

    chiefhog New Member

    Steve Reeves=the $h!t

    In case you didn't know, Steve Reeves was Schwartzenegger's idol as a kid.
  4. Totentanz

    Totentanz Super Moderator Staff Member

    That's understandable, the guy has just about the perfect physique for a natural.

    How big do you want to be eventually? Someday I'd like to get up to an even 230 at 10%, but I'm not expecting that for several years. Right now my short term goal is 215.
  5. chiefhog

    chiefhog New Member

    I'd be ecstatic to achieve 225 @ 10%. I think I can do it, but it'll take a couple years. My goal is to get to 200 by the New Year (that's 15lbs).
  6. Actually, Schwarzenegger's idol was a guy named Reg Park. Personally, though, I think more bodybuilders would prefer to look like Reeves. ;)

    Looking good, Chief! Enviably lean with an excellent foundation.
  7. chiefhog

    chiefhog New Member

    You are right, gripstrength. It hit me just yesterday that I was mistaken about Arnold's favorite. I meant to come and edit my post, but never did. I should know better, I've read his autobiography many times.

    Good pickup!
  8. Rakki

    Rakki New Member

    good going!!
    and the height is a plus believe me, I wish I was at least over 6 ft (5'9.5) [​IMG]

    We should have a thread (sticky) where ppl can post their pics or put b4 and after shots, even training shots and stuff, I'm sure it'd be great motivation [​IMG]
  9. addy

    addy New Member

    come on, man, don't burst my bubble. ;)
  10. Totentanz

    Totentanz Super Moderator Staff Member

    If you can attain those kind of proportions, then I envy you. Seriously. I just don't have the genetics for that kind of thing. Too much lower body mass and not enough upper body, I guess. But then I think I was probably born to squat and deadlift, not bench.
  11. addy

    addy New Member

    i already have too much lower body mass to attain grecian ideal proportions as it is. i had 27.6" thighs at 5'8" when i was some 20lbs bigger/fatter. now that i've slimmed down, my legs are still too big for the ancient greeks.

    i'm not really a booby builder either, as it might seem from my chest measurements. i haven't benched in years, i only do dips and military press for chest, tris and delts. blame it on genetics. i do blame it for my sucky calves anyway.
  12. Actarus

    Actarus New Member

    You are very lean but ABS aren't very impressive. I have the same problem probably du to low ABS potential but I must admit I don't train them directly. And you ?
  13. jvroig

    jvroig Super Moderator

    Hey chiefhog :)

    You looked great at your pics. Definition is great, especially considering you just got started. Built like that, unless you go crazy with too much calories, you don't look like you'll get so much fat troubles.

    Isn't your cycle nearing its end (or ended) right about now?
    How about posting new pics here so we can see the further improvement, from there we can better say where you are doing pretty well already so you can stop thinking about it, and wehre you ought to be focused more in order to build an even better physique.

    Regards, have a great HST cycle! :)
  14. chiefhog

    chiefhog New Member

    I've never trained abs very much until  recently. I am going to HST my abs with alot of weight to try and get them to "pop."

    I will post some more pics at the end of my cycle, which is in 3wks. I'll make sure and throw some leg shots in there as well. Thanks for your honesty and replies!
  15. chiefhog

    chiefhog New Member

    Just finished 3rd workout of the 5's. I'm pretty excited because I had a personal best squat: 305lbs x5. I'm pretty geeked about that. Thanks HST! (cheesy thumbs up with "ding" sound)
  16. chiefhog

    chiefhog New Member

    Here's a pic right after my first cycle. I gained 12 lbs (the rest of my stats are in the "Results" thread. Compare it to the first pic in this thread. Tell me what ya'll think!
  17. chiefhog

    chiefhog New Member

    Here's my wheels:
  18. Jester

    Jester Well-Known Member

    Traps look bigger, chest perhaps a lil bit?

    Try doing a front lat spread and rear dbl biceps shot...I find they're effective for noticing a change in mass or not (visually of course).
  19. chiefhog

    chiefhog New Member

    Here's my actual before and after stats.

    Age: 30
    Height: 6'5"
    Weight: 190 (+12lbs)

    Waist: 33 3/4 (+1 1/4)
    Chest: 44 3/4 (+2 1/2 in)
    Shoulders: 47 3/4 (+1 3/4in)
    R. Bi: 14 7/8 (+5/8in)
    L. Bi: 14 1/2 (+1/2in)
    L. Thigh: 22 3/4 (+1 1/4in)
    R. Thigh: 22 3/4 (+1 1/4in)
    R. Calf: 14 1/4 (+3/4in)
    L. Calf: 14 1/2 (+3/4 in)
  20. Totentanz

    Totentanz Super Moderator Staff Member

    Nice "wheels" as they say. Those are some solid gains. After a couple more cycles, you should have some impressive results to report, compared to before HST.

    Before you know it, six months will have gone by and you will be nothing like you used to be.

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