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Great thread FAZ. There are more "iron agers" on here than I thought. But peoples comments on HST are really really interesting. Espeically the "seasoned" guys who have been lifting for 20 years -- tried alot of programs -- made alot of mistakes and like HST. Man this is a real complement to HST and to BRYAN. Man there is alot of wisdom here. Thats why I like the forum.
I'm 19. 6'1, 180, fairly small, but gaining with HST! I just have to say that I love this site, the people that post on the threads, and every single thing about HST. This site and all of the HST'ers on here are of an elite group. I've lifted for a relatively short time, and I thank God that I found HST when I did, as opposed to wasting years of my life using magazines as my source of workouts. I tell people about HST when I'm asked what "program i'm using," and tell them that it's a great, humbling program. I tell them that it dosen't feed your ego, haha. Mostly everyone says, No thanks, in one way or another.
That's fine as long as i'm not the one with arms three times the size of legs doing 10 sets of curls every other day. I'm sure they'll be using HST sooner or later when the stop growing.
Bryan, you're are truly an amazing person for GIVING away HST for FREE! Thank you so very much,
Your wrestling fan
got to agree with mark most people would charge for a book or an ebook..bryan gives out the routine and advice free of charge ...im not knocking the guys who charge they have to earn a living .
also when you talk about hst even on this site some people seem to think that it doesnt build strenght
i must dissagree..i am now using two 40k..88lb dbells for incline bench i have not used that weight for many years..

cheers bob btw

and cheers bryan
22, been surfing the forum for a year. Never seriously trained, well, for 2 years I did sports gymnastics when I was 14... a month ago my GF and I split, got lotsa time on my hands. Decided to finally try HST for Hypertrophy and Strength. And also need to rip someonse's face off. We'll see how it goes.
38 here. Got back into training about 10 months ago after nearly 10 years off. Been reading this site for quite some time, and am starting my first HST cycle next Monday. I'm really looking forward to it!
40 and just getting back into training after 20 years off! Without the web I would never have found HST. Did HIT in the past and had good results for a while but my CNS always ended up getting fried so I got a bunch of colds. Now training is enjoyable and I am making gains!

Looking forward to Bryan's HST book coming out sometime so I have something to show the folks at the gym. Hope it's coming along nicely?
I'm a 24YO waifish, horny, SWF who is into guys who obsessively post to lifting web boards all day.....and I'm trapped in a 300lb man's body!

I'm joking...JOKING!

I'm 34, been lifting on and off since I was about 13. Been lifting consistently for the past 4.5 years. I have gotten much more serious in the past year I've been an HST'er for about 3 years. I left my basement gym a year ago and joined a local gym (Gold's) and I've been learning a lot from watching the big guys lift there and reading this board.
I'll be 20 this summer and buy then that will be my 5th year since I started wait lifting. No breaks except for when highly demanding sports took over my time and SD of coarse. I think I started following HST during the summer of 2002.
40 years young here, been training with weights off and on since about 15. Had a few dry spells along the way, had to quit when I was in the Army because I tend to gain weight well. They had weight restrictions based on your height, not your BF% so I had to keep myself around 190lbs. Like many on here I followed Mike Mentzer's Heavy Duty or HIT princibles for years with success early on, but it soon dwindled off. So for the last few years my routines have been a jumble of things...Now I have seen the LIGHT!! and it is good. Love HST! Love the way I feel when I'm done and the way I feel while I'm in the gym. :D
Hi.  Great thread.  I also want to publicly thank Bryan for making all this info. so readily available.  I've been reading the board for about a month, and I appreciate the general tone and the depth of knowledge of the posters.
I'm 43.  I've been training for 25 years and have used many routine designs: 15-20 sets per bodypart, ultra consolidation of trap bar deadlifts and chins once every 10-14 days, power cleans (explosive), superslow, and about everything I read about in between these extremes.  My first few years lifting I pretty much did only bench press and curls (How many guys did that? :confused: )  But after a few years, I realized I had other muscle groups.
I think HST makes a lot of sense, and it certainly seems to fit my training personality.  I began my first cycle (2 sessions of 15's so far) this week.  My main goal now is to lose 3 inches off my waist (probably about 15 pounds of fat overall).  I think losing the weight will help w/ some of the nagging injuries and pains I've developed. At this stage (unlike in my late teens and twenties) I don't really care to gain much muscle mass.  I just want to lose some fat and try to keep the muscle I have.  I'm far more concerned about overall health and being active with my athletic children.
Happy training, everyone.
dang it to see so many.. erhm.. what's the political correct term for people being older than you.. elderly? :) *ahem*
There.. in my first post ever here I could succeed in insullting more than 70% of the entire board :) Moving right along:
26 year old male from Denmark who has enjoyed HST over the last 5 years. Contrary to the experienced builders on here I moved right from doing what the big guys did in the gym without knowing anything to a WSB hybrid for mass. that really started me off enjoying squats and deads. From there my HST journey began. I have been lifting for like 7 or 8 years now.
What I enjoy about HST is that it's not an actual program but a bucket of nuts and bolts. so the theoretical boundaries is my imagination :)
Thanks for the sharing the enourmous amount of info and research.
[b said:
Quote[/b] (Hstudent @ Jan. 23 2006,3:46)]what's the political correct term for people being older than you.. elderly? :)
I believe the correct term is "Sir." ;)

Seriously, Henrik. It's good that you learned the value of squats and deads so early on; it took me several years.
Hi, my name is Chris and I have wasted precious training time!
I've clocked about 15 years of training from the age of 12 to my current 35.
Kept a log for most of it, and I'm lifting more now with HST than ever.
My job is fairly physical, with lots of climbing, carrying and lifting.
The upside to that is I don't have to watch what I eat as much as some. The downside is that it is tough to keep energy levels up for mass gains.
I'm just finishing up my first cycle, and I've got just about every rep in the next one planned! Training HST along with the knowledge base in this forum have taught me a lot about my body. Do you think that Joe Weider would give me my money back?
27 years old. Been training since 16. Started seriously bodybuilding when I was 18. Had phenomenal results at first with Creatine and standard high volume programs. Continued to train that way up into college years, eventually all the overtraining caught up with me and I got injured. Started HST about 1 1/2 years ago. And love it. With a newborn on the way and having a good family life and career now, HST is just right for me its simple, and realistic for average Joe!!!.

Current stats are 186 at 11.3% bodyfat. Hope to keep gaining!!
I'm 52. Did 3 sets of 8 routines for four years and lived on a plateau...pun intended...blew out all my joints and quit for almost four years. Then came back with the MuscleNow course...(super failure training, progressive, with short sets for a "deload") and blew my elbows back out doing 110lb preacher curls. Now I'm on my 3rd HST cycle and doing 130lb curls with NO PAIN and none elsewhere either. Seem to be growing even at my maintenance calories. *(for now. I'm sure I'll have to up them soon)
61. Started when I was 12. Genetically "peaked" 20 years ago. Found HST and added 15 pounds and cut bf% in half in 18 months.
Turned 30 in May. Been working out since I was about 20. Have had times over the years where I go off it for a while due to travel, etc. Sort of like a forced SD!

I'm 6'1, currently 192lbs (87 kgs.) - I've been up to 209 lbs (95 kgs) with reasonably low body fat (but not under 10%)

My goal is to be at 205 lbs (93 kgs) at no more than 10% bf.
I am turning 36 in a couple days. Been lifting since I was a teenager. Thought I had it figured out a few times over the years but I didn't.
I truly feel enlightened since finding this place a while back.