what age

good to see another 16 year old on here matt! im 16 and havent really tried any lifting or anything like this before, after spending about 6 months researching every possible routine and reading info about dieting ive decided its time to make the next step
starting with HST training, i read somewhere its not really for beginners but hey, it cant hurt to try, i have joined a gym and have a personal trainer once a week to make sure my technique is right.. so i have 1 day of supervised weights in the gym and 2 days of unsupervised weights in my own home. Not sure how im going to do the eccentric phases with once a week at the gym, but ill find a way
19, been lifting for a long time, 5 years or so. Not all heavy lifting, started getting into heavy lifting past 3 years, a little on and off. 3 cycles of HST gave me more results then the 4 or 5 previous years so i think i'll stick with this. Im testing out max-stim right now and how that works for me as well.
i'm 19 been training for a while but only started training heavier the last 4-5 months the training i did before that was sports specific
I'm 34 and been training since I was 14. Started out training at home, moved to uni and got into powerlifting. Best lifts 250, 130, 280 Kg in 90-100Kg class. Curiously I was at my biggest then too!

Done 3 cycles of HST. Very impressive, enjoyable and safe.

Cheers Bryan.
I'm 38 now. Been training since 1989 off and on. Began serious training when I became an instructor. Did the normal mumble and jumble until I ran into Fausto. He told me about HST.....what the hell was this?.. Gave it a go though...and haven't looked back. Currently on my second cycle of HST. Been doing HST for 6 months. Results are great and I feel on top of the world. I've even managed to change mentalities in my gym. Almost all of them have tried or are doing HSt at the moment
Age 45, been lifting off & on since about 16. First summer I started (1977) I weighed 112 lbs
, went to 136 in 3 months
(Wow!!). Joined a gym in early 80's & got serious for about 8-9 yrs. Did power lifting & at age 28 got up to 200 lbs (nat) with a 415 bench (raw)
. Later got married, had kids, did the career thing, raised a family & then no time to lift anymore. Took off about 10 yrs to get all that solid. Now back at it for about 17 months (at 180 lbs) now "finally" back up in weight (thx to HST) to 210lb
. Currently, I'm one of the few in my gym with a near 400lb bench, and proud to say the only my age pushing that kind of weight.

Life is good!!!!!......again

45 here. Done all the usual routines ad nauseum, first program in years that I am making progress on. Finished my first cycle last week, gained 4 lbs of muscle and my wife commented on the size increase of my upper body.
I am 17
Well I have been lifting for a couple years but I didn't start bodybuilding till the beginning of june this year.
I am 37.

I've been training by one means or another since I was 17. Even while I was at my fattest I would go out and halfheartedly do my punches and kicks on the bag.

For weight training, I've been serious since age 34. HST since July of '06.
That is great that you have changed your ways. I cannot see justification in being over 18%bf even on a bulk.
25 here.. have done about 3 cycles of hst so far.. about to start my 4th after a long hiatus, (so i guess it'll be more like my 1st again).. loved the results i had when i was doing it and looking forward to it..

seems like older people are doing this method because it seems to have been proven many times over.. i know i'm only 25 but i like to make informed choices, something that a lot of people my age and younger don't really take the time to do.. but i guess whatever work for ya.. they'll all be to this site sooner or later
Hey guys, my first post.  I just learned of HST today... it makes sense.  I have had a lot of experience with traditional ways of lifting, all with very little success.  I am eager to give HST a try here in january.

Not to steal this thread, but any good links to programs would be appreciated.  Thanks!

36 y/o - 6'0" 188 lbs / 13% bf - samotype:ecto
Hey all,
I'm 33, been lifting seriously for about 10 years, put on about 15+kg in that time, gains restricted by love of training combined with periodic love of beer, terrible diet & poor sleep routine.

More of a once per week body part split trainer, but here on a HST adventure about to start 1st cycle and ready to be converted if this is all it's cracked up to be.

Just come off a modified Rippetoe style program, diet is in decent shape, a little left bicep tendanitis but otherwise uninjured, and ready to go!
30 (until late next month anyway). Been lifting since I was 17, but I'd only say I got really serious about this, with any kind of consistency 5 years ago. HST is the second formal exercise methodology that I've tried, and I'm incredibly excited about my second cycle (commencing 8/6) given everything I've learned.
53, until Sept.

...but I'm about 90 in the morning, 30 midmorning, 45 early afternoon depreciating to 90 in the evening...
Unless we're playfighting in bed when I'm 25.
(quadancer @ Jul. 25 2007,22:29)</div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">53, until Sept.

...but I'm about 90 in the morning, 30 midmorning, 45 early afternoon depreciating to 90 in the evening...
Unless we're playfighting in bed when I'm 25.</div>
Ahhh, but a young man as yet -- hopeful, with your future ahead of you!

Whereas I'm 62: beat up, run over, and chewed on.

I feel like a kid again when I max stim through my deads -- what a sensation of youth to be able to lift my 5RM (and more) 25 times!

Granted that depreciation does indeed set in quickly as the day progresses (your sliding scale seems remarkably familiar), but the playfighting never seems to go away and makes so much worthwhile.