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it seems to me that a lot of people on this site are older than most sites i have been on..i know the reason i am doing hst is because at 47 i dont want to be doing things in the gym that i dont have to ..so if science can make things easier then why not..why swim the english chanell when you can get the ferry.. :D
I'm 31. Just started lifting about 4 months ago and i'm in the middle of my 1st HST cycle. So far so good. So far I have lost lost of fat. Now I can see some muscle.
I can see I started gaining mucsle with HST...may be is just me but I just feel good.
24, been lifting since i was 16 on and off. the past 5-6 years i got more serious, but spent too many years doing less effective routines.

i have been doing hst since june and absolutely love it. i am on my 3rd cycle and am at the same weight as last winter, but from ~19% bodyfat to ~11% bodyfat.

I am excited to try my first real bulk cycle and see if I can break 200lbs this winter!

be sure to read read and read more...hst will treat you well if you do it right.
I'm 20 years old.. been lifting for two years on and off until last fall.. started HST in June, did a real long cycle and had great results. I just started my 2nd cycle yesterday.. not much of a cutting/bulking person.. I like the slow method of doing both persay.

Similar #'s to Joe G... I was at 21bf% in January.. by June I was down to 14.5bf%, but lost some of that lean mass... in just one cycle, I dropped down to 13bf% and got all the lean mass back that I lost

Hopefully, I will have decent gains still with muscle memory not playing a role.

I am 27 years old.
I train since 17,HIT way.Have put 5 kg of LBM and get stronger for my size in some exercicies.
I am in my first week of HST, and I like this.Dont fell like a zombie like I was when trained HIT.

I'm 18, been lifting since 15. Started initially to keep me busy since I refused to play sports. I hate team efforts, I can't rely on anyone but myself, so lifting was a very independent thing that appealed to me. Aside from that, watching Blood Sport as a kid got me driven to fight one day. Lifting weights is certainly helping with that. Size, strength, and explosive power.
i'm 35 and been lifting for over 10 years. don't know why i really started, probably because i was bored to be honest with you. and after i really noticed some really great things i decided i'll never stop, such as i eat better, i look a lot better, more girls talk to me (way more girls and they're cute too), i practice kendo and i'm so much quicker then much younger people that don't lift, my selfesteem is better, and i've done well in business because it's helped me focus much better, so i'll probably end up being one of those really old guys you see in the gym. just no down side to this lifestyle i've chosen, and HST has made it that much better.

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26 and been lifting for 5 years although first 3 years were completely wasted as i had no idea what to do. In last two years gained about 20 lbs LBM. This after I realized nutrition contribute 75% to training

It´s funny to look at those pictures when i trained long distance running years ago. Height was 5`4 and weight 130 lbs. dang I was skinny. Nowdays still at that height but weight about 170
39 now, have been lifting since I was 15 round about, but never as seruious as I am now.

Been on HST since 2002, when I joinde tried other things in between, even challenged Bryan with certain things but hey...kept coming back, you can't beat this, this is it, less is more, but when done correctly.

Only really sterted growing well since giving up smoking a long fight it was till I eventually gave it up for real, six months or so now and feeling ever greater!

HST is da bomb!
On Nov. 26th i'm 20, but i'm 19 right now. Been lifting since i was 14 for football, got serious right before Senior year when i was 17, quit football and water polo went full out bodybuilding. And i've tracked my progess with pictures ever since, even when i first started truly 'bodybuilding'.
I just turned 25 a month ago. I have only been lifting weights with the intent of gaining size for about a year now. Before that I always trained (badly and ignorantly) for endurance and things like that... which is probably why I was so scrawny before starting HST. I train in Wing Chun Kung Fu and before my training revolved around that almost exclusively. However, now that I am training specifically for size and strength, I'm actually finding it a huge advantage compared to the dumb stuff I was doing before.
I'm 55- lifted in high school, but then stopped and got fat after I got out of the Navy. I started lifting again (mostly HIT-style) in 1999, and then found religion (HST, that is) about a year or two later. I never went back after HST- I've been doing it now for over four years and am extremnely happy witht he results.
I’m 52 and have been bodybuilding since I was somewhere around 16.(Off and On between injuries)
HST is the way to go as you get over forty. Before that anything routine I would do would produce decent results.
An HST routine helps to bring you up slowly over the cycles, which helps your joints and other associated body part adjust to the ever-increasing loads.
And the SD helps you to continue making gains, as you will find out as you progress thru the cycles over time.
If you were first starting out I would recommend you do it exactly as Brian has pointed out.
And do as many compound exercises as realistically possible.
I prefer to do a whole body workout than doing a split.
I did the so called HIT routine for very many years until I got to a point where I was virtually busting my a s s and not making any gains.
Then I discovered HST a little over a year ago, and it has made a world of difference in my continual development.
I personally am more interested in hypertrophy than actual strength gains, but they go hand and hand which make the HST plan the best I can find or have ever did.
The only other thing that should be add to your HST routine is some cardio of your choice.
Here is my routine, kind of the standard ………………
Leg extensions
Leg curls
Hack squat (because I like them)
Bent over rows
Lat Pull downs (I do two lat exercises because I like the V look)
Bench press with a very slight incline
Military press
Bicep Pull downs (these work real well for me)
Barbell Curl
Concentration curls (I like to blast the biceps)
Reverse curls (My forearms need some work)
Triceps Pull downs
Crunches (I hate these)
Have I missed anything?
I usually go thru the whole routine in 30 to 40 minutes.
On my next cycle I would like to add some trap exercise, but haven’t decided which one work best.
(Any ideas would be appreciate)
Good Luck

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48 Lifted weights on and off since I was 14. More off than on. I would go hard for a year and then burn out. Been HSTing for 3 years now. It has answered all my problems regarding training. It is flexable. It does not require me to go all all out (and overtrain). I have gained more on HST than anything in the past. I really enjoy the forum also......and have learned a lot. But HST is not only for middle aged guys..I think it is the way to go at any age.. it is simply a great program.

Peace -- Bob ;)
39 here. I got into weight training at 20 and, except for a two-year hiatus, have trained steadily ever since. Unfortunately I wasted a great deal of time following HIT principles...had literally years-long periods where my strength and muscular gains were at a standstill.

I started HST in February this year and started gaining again. Overtraining is now a thing of the past, and some nagging joint issues have disappeared, too.

For my fourth cycle, I'm doing an abbreviated mostly-compounds routine six days a week. I alternate between two workouts, three sets per exercise:

Workout A
Behind-the-Neck Presses
Front Squats

Workout B
Lateral Raises
Stiff-Legged Deads
Bent-Over Rows
Incline Bench Presses

I'm enjoying it tremendously and have added another half-inch to my chest and shoulders since the beginning of this cycle. I love HST: it's sane, intelligent, and it works.
36. I began my first weight training routine when I was 8 yrs old. I've been using HST since late 1999.

I have used every workout method I could find between 1978-1999.
I'm 47 and have been training since I was 13. Primarily HIT since meeting Mike Mentzer in 1978, but many other methods, too. HST for about 2 years. I'm carrying almost as much muscle as I did 10-15 years ago, but my body is much healthier.
58 this December - Started at 30. HST for the last year or so and now using Vicious tweaked program as extras - full body am/pm 3xweek. Principles of HST forever. :D
it does seem that a lot of guys are between 30 and 60..and a lot of us have done hit and found it to be wanting..hst is definetly the best method i have done since i started in the 70s which was also a 3day a week full body workout (why did i change)..to the young guys on here you must have more brains than us