what gym do you belong to?

Discussion in 'Hypertrophy-Specific Training (HST)' started by imported_ephman, Apr 2, 2003.

  1. belly

    belly New Member

    M075,I am indeed in the cops in Rochdale.Can't imagine coming from Oz to Manchester but good luck to you mate.Small world indeed,enjoy your training. :)
  2. sixdoubleo

    sixdoubleo New Member

    California Family Fitness in downtown Sacramento, CA. I can walk there from my office in about 5 minutes. I go at lunch time. It's catered mostly to people who want to "tone". Funny, I hear the PT's walking around telling necomers how they can "tone." Anyway...they have the basics. No power cage, but they do have a squat rack. Leg sled. Lots of cable machines, free weights and static DB's.

    There is one girl at the gym who does HST, because I put together a program for her. One day she asked me for help with the squat machine (yeah, the squat machine, but still...) and after that we got to talkin and now she's on her second cycle of HST and loving it. She's not quite comfortable enough yet to switch to real squats, so she's still on the machine....maybe next cycle. My girlfriend is also doing her second cycle of HST and has seen excellent results. Her friends are wanting to know how she's looking so good.

    Anyway, at my gym I have noticed the following:

    Only two people other than me keep a log or track their weights.

    Only one person other than me wears a watch and tracks rest times.

    Only one person other than me is squatting over 315.

    Oddly enough it's the same guy in all cases. He's never heard of HST.
  3. Old and Grey

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    I worked out for about 17 years with Mike Katz at his World Gym in Branford, CT. However, being semi retired and having moved to a horse farm in another part oif the state, I now workout at home. This fits in well with HST and doing short, multiple workouts daily which keeps the boredom and fatigue away. For those who do not know Mike, watch a copy of Pumping Iron. He is also one of the nicest people on the planet.
  4. aliquis

    aliquis New Member

    ÖKK, Örebro, Sweden
  5. phospodar

    phospodar New Member

    I workout at ProFitness in Cleveland, OH. They don't have a website or anything, but they are a good gym with a variety of equipment and weights available.

    Not very "trendy" looking, but also not a stinky dungeon...a nice "MIDDLE OF THE ROAD" type gym where things aren't glossy but they're also not covered in mildew ;)
  6. Techo

    Techo New Member

    I use Bally's. It used to be a Planet Fitness until Bally's took over. While no gym is perfect, I've been happy under both companies...
  7. krenshaw

    krenshaw New Member

    just a small independed gym in bucks county.. sometimes the little ones are the best ones because they treat you more like family than just a number
  8. aGGe

    aGGe New Member

    Fullersta Gym of Stocktown Sweden

    a small gym. but close to my home..
    1-2 mins of walk.

  9. Jeff Miller

    Jeff Miller New Member

    I go to an Army gym.

    Hey, it's free! :)
  10. warpigs2380

    warpigs2380 New Member

    I used to go to the YMCA by my house, but since my son was born, I bought a home gym. A year and a half later, I still use it (amazingly enough)
  11. HPgeno

    HPgeno New Member

    Gold's Gym...

    Bentonville, Arkansas
  12. Tcup

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    Weights obey me at FinnBody, Helsinki, Finland

    Plenty of good looking girls but still able to do some serious training [​IMG]
  13. rmscott_75077

    rmscott_75077 New Member

    24 hour fitness, I have a ton of freeweights at homes for days I'm won't to work out at home. I have a workout partner and go at lunch. That's why a gym works good for me.
  14. Abadonna

    Abadonna New Member

    hey guys

    I worked out in some gyms in russia in germany and in the the states the best one i ever worked out was city gym in luebeck (germany) they used to be really good beofre they burned down *hehe* .... and after rebuilding the gym they were just awesome grate machines and a huge free weight section ... the only thing the miss is a donky-calf-raises maschine (which they used to have before ... may it rest in peace - i loved it :confused: ) here are some pics


    right now i work out in a gym in stuttgart which is also pretty decent (but they don't have a donky-calf-raises maschine eiter [​IMG] )


  15. skinnyman

    skinnyman New Member

    i workout in our university's gym! :D
  16. capitolcitykid

    capitolcitykid New Member

    I was actually lucky enough to work out at a gym for free untill 2 or 3 months ago...my dad started one in sacramento called capitol city health clubs (there was actually 2 locations :) man was i spoiled) just closed down tho :confused:
  17. The Fitness House, Deinze, Belgium

  18. colby2152

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  19. Joe G

    Joe G New Member

    I train in my garage during the summer. Ive got some first generation Nautilus Equipment, Bench Press, Dip rack, pullup bar, and preacher bench. I'ts great training at home because you can jump in the pool right afterwards. During the year I train at Rowan University in Glassboro New Jersey. They've got a nice gym there.

  20. Joe G

    Joe G New Member

    Actually if anyone in New Jersey wants to get rid of a calf machine let me know. Definitely lacking in that department in the gym.


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