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  1. So, what is it that makes a machine good to use? Does anyone like machines that use elastics (maybe not right word)better than fixed paths? Why are HS so popular? What would you direct the newbie to in your gym (other than the frees)?
  2. Bryan Haycock

    Bryan Haycock Administrator Staff Member

    The machine must be free of friction during the eccentric portion.

    It should allow the body to move naturally according to where the joints are.

    It should allow you to increase the weight as high as you could possibly need.

    It should be built like a tank.

    If by "elastics" you mean cables, yes, cables are very good for many movements.

    If you mean elastic resistance offered by rubber bands, NO.


    Well, I think there are quite a few machines that are usefull to virtually anyone.

    1) Pull down machine (cable)
    2) Low Row machine (cable)
    3) Leg press
    4) Rear delt machine using handles (reverse fly)
    5) Leg Extension
    6) Leg curl
    7) Pec Dec using handles.
    8) Shoulder press depending on the mechanics
    9) Smith machine can be useful

    Then, depending on the brand, I would also suggest some plate loaded machines for chest and back.
  3. By 'HS' im assuming that he is referring to Hammer Strength machines Bryan.
  4. Bryan Haycock

    Bryan Haycock Administrator Staff Member

    Ah yes, ok. :D I personally really like some Hammer Strength machines. Those are what I meant by "plate loaded".
  5. very informative post. could you maybe clarify why you like cables but don't like rubber bands? (which, by the way is what i meant or w/e they are that bowflex and similar machines use.) Also, yes I did mean Hammer Strength.
  6. Bryan Haycock

    Bryan Haycock Administrator Staff Member

    Have you ever used a spring loaded machine? Personally I don't like the feel of the resistance.

    From a physiology side, they tend to offer less resistance at the bottom, and more at the top. I prefer good old gravity.

    Finally, spring loaded machines are quite limited in the amount of resistance that you can effectively use.

    Ok, one more. The very design of those types of home equipment are 99% compromise as far as ergonomics go.
  7. Cliner9er

    Cliner9er New Member

    I run a rehab center and looked at many different options for resistance work. It just seems like every system has some setback to the design. There was a company that made a plate loaded machine similar to Hammer. I really liked there design and resistance curve. I can't think of it now for the life of me. [​IMG]
  8. Robert N Currie

    Robert N Currie New Member

    Two of the best machines that I have used are booth for the lower body. Tru-Squat, great range of motion, gentle on your structure. Pendulum Pro-Squat, the closest motion to a bb squat that I have used. These machines will get you squatting again if you have had lower back problems. Regards Rob.

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