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I am trying to reach 8% bf. I dont want to do the aitkins diet. I do plently of running swimming and HST. So far I have cut down from 168 to 162 but I havn't seen a drop in fat around the stomach area.

According to the Navy method I have stayed between 12-13.5%.

I am 6'1''
21 yrs old
waist is 31.5''
neck 14''
bf% 13.1

I am calculating the best I can that I have a calorie deficit of at least 500cal/day if not more. I have a hard time calculating calorie intake as a lot of the stuff my girlfriend makes me is from scratch. On an average day with pasta for supper I probably get 2600 calories.I calculate i need 2657 but I burn 500-800 extra calories exercising.

My weight drop has stopped going down now. What have others done to reach their goal?
One of the best weight loss tips is to not eat carbs at night. Think of it as a mini-akins diet. You body burns most of its fat at night while your asleep, so having carbs floating around in your bloody-stream isn't too helpful for that. As a general rule don't eat carbs for about 4-6 hours before you go to bed. So have meat (chicken, beef etc.) and vegetables (green ones, no carrots or potatoes) for dinner. Eat all your carbs for breakfast and lunch, and overall eat a calorie deficit.

In fact you'll find the best way to lose weight is to go to bed feeling hungry (don't eat for at least 2 hours before you do to bed), but this might result in too much muscle being lost as well, so eat a little bit of protein (not shake if it has sugar in it)

Obviously don't follow this advice if you're bulking.
If you are 6'1 and in the 160s, you'll probably want to bulk up to at least 190 before you cut down, otherwise when you cut down you will just look like a skinny guy and there won't be much muscle to reveal underneath the fat that you'll be cutting.
(Totentanz @ Oct. 30 2006,08:26)</div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">If you are 6'1 and in the 160s, you'll probably want to bulk up to at least 190 before you cut down, otherwise when you cut down you will just look like a skinny guy and there won't be much muscle to reveal underneath the fat that you'll be cutting.</div>
i second this.
even 190 is not that big (at 6'1&quot;) to START a cut at.

the bottom line is what is your overall goal physique-wise over the next 2-3 yrs? is it size, strength, a certain look? i just find it hard to believe (on a site like this) that its anywhere around 160 and lean at your height...

i could be wrong though.
I'm currently at 9% and don't really have a BF goal because I'm bulking all the way until spring. I started my bulk at 12% and have gained some fat. I've been blessed with more other gains than fat gains though. I'm not worrying about what my percentage is until time to cut. Then I'll try to drop 1% per week for 2 months, wherever I end up, I'll be happy.

I put &lt;10% as my goal since I had to pick something.
I realize I am a twig and I need to gain a lot more muscle. I am worried though that it will be hard to get rid of all the fat once I hit around 190-200 or so.

I do plan on bulking again very shortly. Last time I bulked I found I had to eat almost 5000calories to gain about 1lb a week. I got about 400 calories from canola oil on my rice at supper. Is this too much fat at once?

The cheapest foods I bulk on are:(i eat other foods too though) Sometime I will post my full list with all nutrition information. I have it all in excel including fat, carbs protein and cost at the store.(in Canadian dollars)

Canola Oil 2746 cal/dollar
homemade blueberry jam 11000cal/$
pancakes 1607cal/$
orange juice 681 cal/$
glass milk from powder 433 cal/$
rice 2500cal/$
peanut better 1200cal/$
pork chops 474 cal/$
egg 560 cal/$

This is off topic but if anyone has other high calorie dense and cheap foods, let me know what they are.

I am unsure right now if I want to hit a body builder (210+) look or a lean and cut look(190+). Either way I still need a lot more mass than I have.

HST is so simple and guarenteed to gain weight. I just want to know other peoples goal bf% and how they are reaching it so when I gain all the muscle and fat Ill know what to do to cut off the fat.
I got down to 7 or 8 % last summer....its sort of bitter sweet.

With my shirt off I was ripped...however with clothes on, non of them fit good and everyone gave me hell about losing weight.

Everyone asked do you still workout...and it pisses you off b/c you are working out hard than ever to get that low.

12% seem to be a happy medium.
Where's the beef?

No seriously - meat &amp; veg (no carbs)
(the_dark_master @ Nov. 16 2006,06:42)</div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">Where's the beef?

No seriously - meat &amp; veg (no carbs)</div>
Not sure where the BEEF is for me. I eat Birds and Fish.
You realize most cuts of beef are around 40-50% fat.
(Maximuscrates @ Oct. 29 2006,20:01)</div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">My weight drop has stopped going down now. What have others done to reach their goal?</div>
&quot;cardio, cardio, cardio&quot; + reduced calories.

I have been able to cut down to &lt;10% in the summers by following this simple plan.

Total calories = bw x 10 (so 1600 for 160 lbs)
Protien = 1 gram per pound bw
Fat = 20% - 30% of total calories (~45g for 160 lbs)
Fill the rest with good carbs (fruit, veggies, whole grains)

Lift 3x week. Cardio 5 - 6 days per week. 30 - 45 minutes HIIT.

Just be sure to carefully track your calories. Live, Breathe, and Eat fat loss.

Don't look for ways to cheat!

Guaranteed success.
After I blew my knee out in college, I decided to get really cut up (down to 5 % bodyfat) since I did not need to be 250+ anymore. If felt good with my shirt off, but when I was fully dressed- my ego took a big hit. I just don't understand why people bulk and cut. One makes you fat and the other makes you scrawny. After one cycle, I am sold on the HST principles. Eat a balanced diet, do adequate cardio and stick to the weights. At least this is what I believe in these days. I realize that it is completely different if you are a competitive bodybuilder - which I am not.
10*bw = calories seems too low for me for cutting.

I wouldn't want a calorie deficit of more than 600 as I wouldn't want to risk losing all the muscle I'm putting on now. But i would like to lose some of the fat. My weight has gone up about 13lbs since I started HST last april. There is no extra &quot;noticeable&quot; fat although I am sure it is probably there but I think Ive put of mostly muscle.

Still only got 13.25&quot; bicep/tricep but hopefully the next 10lbs I put on will change that.

I also considering doing arms and chest twice a day for increased frequency 3 days a week like all other hst cycles. But will it help or is a waste of time?
I am by no way a monster. I'd like to look very cut and athletic. I am trying to gain size whilst maintaining/obtaining a very low body fat. the very lowest i've been was 6.5% (according to a nutritionist's caliper readings). That was at 147lbs at 5'9&quot;. I was weighing everything i eat, writing it all down and planning meals ahead. Horrible state of affairs.
I reckon i'm still around 8% (can see my seratus and upper obliques when well hydrated) but am now 165-168lbs approx 6 months later of near continuous HST training. I like the size much better (better look in clothes-stronger-more cuts in shoulders etc) but am still paranoid about fat gains.
The way that worked best for me is to eat protein at every time i eat (three real-food meals and three protein shakes/protein-and-fruit smoothies snacks). Keeping protein between 30-40% total energy intake. Plus for my last meal i have a protein shake powder and yoghurt desert with almost no fat and very little carbs in it. Plus i get my carbs from vegetables/fruit or if really pushed wholegrain foods - usually no bread/rice/pasta as it makes me feel bloated straight away.
I'm also now doing near 1hr cardio every day (including hiit 3xweek and lower intensity exercise for the rest - bike riding/rower etc).
Pleas excuse my first post as it may seem a little disorganised but i'd like any reasonable oppinion on my 'plan of action'.
I'd aim for a certain 'dry weight' as a point of reference to aim for. I'm thinking 171lbs lean weight to be 5% fat at 180lbs total weight. This way i can focus on my martial arts training (skipping/running etc) and use/modify HST to maintain my lean muscle mass once that is achieved. And not worry too much about my calorific intake.
If i can gain muscle slowly then i'd rather not bulk and cut cause i don't ever want to gain any fat.
I'm not really sure what i'm asking but what do we reckon. Is there another way to progress that may get me to my weight faster?
I am no expert but I would say a slower bulk would yield more muscle than fat that a fast bulk(higher calorie surplus).

If you don't have any calorie surplus you wont grow at all.

When I hit my goal body weight and bf% I plan on sticking with the HST except getting rid of the 2 weeks off as I don't want to SD my muscles anymore.

Maybe cut back frequency(every 2 days) a little and work on strength. But I am far off this goal and It will probably change as I learn more.

Looks like most people want to be around 8-12% bf though.
<div></div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">I am no expert but I would say a slower bulk would yield more muscle than fat that a fast bulk(higher calorie surplus).

If you don't have any calorie surplus you wont grow at all.

I believe you are correct Maximus. In my own experience and with observation of others' results, the efficiency (muscle to fat ratio) of a slow bulk is much better than a regular bulk. The only downside is that it is a much slower progression.
lately, ive tried to ease into a bulk with modest cal surplus thru the 15s and 10s. by the time im into the 5s (usually lasts about 6-7 weeks) i make sure im at maint plus 500. hard to tell how well this works as i seem to gain fat quite easily (about 1 to 1 ratio usually, at best) in all the strategies ive tried to do so far but it just seems criminal not to be feeding body/muscles when working that hard (5s, 3s, negs).

well see, my diet and w/o's are an ever evolving process.