Anabolic Burst Cycling Diet

Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by jwbond, Oct 18, 2006.

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    I didn't read every word of all 4 articles, but at least skimmed them all, including Part 4 where he talks about protein cycling. I don't know how valid this is, nor much about the credibility of the source.

    If valid, though, it's certainly very interesting. I'm also interested in hearing opinions from some who are more qualified to comment.
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    Let's save a lot of reading - and anything anyone tries to sell you.

    This works and it's free - except the cost of food.

    >To gain muscle you need protein.
    >To move protein into muscle synthesis, you need carbohydrates.
    >For general good health and hormone production, you need fats - preferably healthy fats, and some saturated fat to make hormones.

    To get the most out of it simply do this:
    BWx16-20 = calories
    45% carbs
    35% protein
    20% fat

    6 meals per day - more if your caloric need is higher.

    Three of these should be a balance of protein and carbohydrate with some healthy, natural fat.

    Around your workout - you will eat protein and carbs with as little fat as possible. P+C preworkout, P+C postworkout, P+C about 1 hour postworkout. Another P+C rather low fat meal is eaten about 2 hours after the PPO meal at the end of the 3 hour postworkout window where your muscles are craving the most nutrition.

    Except the three closest to the workout - small to moderate amounts of fat should be included, green vegetables are a good idea too.

    On off days - eat the same amount because this is where your surplus for more growth comes from.

    There you go, anabolic nutrient timing summed up in a few short sentances.
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    Vagrant, that's very interesting and all, but what does it have to do with the article that jwbond linked to?

    The article is talking about 2 week cycling of calories surplus for gains and another 2 weeks of caloric deficits to cut fat without losing much lean mass. The final one has a somewhat similar idea (shorter time periods) for cycling protein intake.

    The results claimed are pretty dramatic, how true it is I don't know.
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    I like vagrant's post, keep it simple and stupid (KISS principle) works every time.
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    I have read those articles before.  I'm not to sure about that idea though because I have never actually tried it.

    Other than the fact that he pushes supplements nowadays, I believe that Dr. Mauro Di Pasquale is the most knowledgeable person out there regarding bodybuilding diets.  If you haven't checked out his site I recommend you do so.

    A few years ago I spent 6 months on the Anabolic Diet which is the predecessor to the Metabolic Diet.  I have never in my life shed fat and gained muscle like I did on that diet.  But the Anabolic Diet was a pretty strict cyclical ketogenic diet.  The Metabolic Diet is much more flexible than the Anabolic Diet because you are encouraged to adjust your carbs to what your body needs where the Anabolic Diet was a strict 30gm per day carb maximum on the low carb days.

    Anyhow I encourage everyone to check out the good Dr.'s web site to see what the Metabolic Diet is all about.
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    ...simple muscle-building "secret" has allowed healthy test subjects, who didn't even train with weights, to put on over 4.38 lbs of lean body mass and 2 lbs of fat in only 12 days!
    Well, actually, it makes a good bit of sense, especially from the enzyme viewpoint, but I can't say if his science is right or not. One thing comes to mind reading it though, and that is: wasn't this allready done with the 'microbulk' systems? I don't think this is new. [​IMG]
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    Do a search here on the ABCDE diet.
  9. Lifting N Tx

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    (Totentanz @ Oct. 18 2006,21:05)</div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">Do a search here on the ABCDE diet.</div>
    I see that it has been around a while.

    Summary of search results that I deem worth reporting: 1) A few people asking about it with no conclusive answers. 2) A couple of people saying it had worked for them, a couple more with not so good results. 3) Totentanz reported in at least one that people whom he knew who had tried it just got fat. 4) Several comments from Blade, of which this is representative:

    <div></div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">The ABCDE concept is pretty good, except that the caloric recommendations are too low and too high respectively. A more moderate approach of maybe 10-20% deficit and 20-30% hypercaloric is better.</div>
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    Anyone check out the price tag on those supplements

    ouch   [​IMG]

    Im thinking about trying the anabolic solution, diet......general consensus is...its crap or go for it?  Whos doing or done the ABCDE diet, is it equivalent, effective?

    I tried a search but the only result is this thread. [​IMG]

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    (need2eat @ Oct. 28 2006,09:18)</div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">Anyone check out the price tag on those supplements

    ouch   [​IMG]

    Im thinking about trying the anabolic solution, diet......general consensus is...its crap or go for it?  Whos doing or done the ABCDE diet, is it equivalent, effective?

    I tried a search but the only result is this thread.   [​IMG]

    Yeah, I have never bought their supplements because they are so expensive.

    I haven't read the Anabolic Solution yet but I did scan through the abriged edition.  If you can stick to the diet and supplementation recommended I think it will produce great results.  If you have never followed a cyclical ketogenic type of diet I will caution you that they can be difficlut for some people to stick with.

    That being said I think it is probably worth trying for everyone at some time to see how you respond and to see if it is something that is realistic or you to implement into your program.  Even if you only use it for a few months to cut body fat.  Just be sure when you go off the diet that you GRADUALLY increase your carb intake.
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    If you want a cyclical diet for gaining mass without fat, do UD2.0, the mass gaining version. At least that diet has given solid results to everyone who has tried it. It's hard to setup the first time, but once you get through one week, you'll have it down.
  13. need2eat

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    So where do I learn about UD2.0?

    Done a HST search and Google, I saw vague mention but no real data, kinda like bigfoot.

  14. Totentanz

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  15. need2eat

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    Ok..the guy spends 20 yrs trying to push genetic...the pic to the left doesn't build my confidence...but Ill check'er out.

  16. Totentanz

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    You saying he doesn't know how to stay lean? Heheh.
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    I believe he knows how to cut. Well, I guess I should never underestimate the power of the geeks. [​IMG]
  18. Totentanz

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    Besides which, this guy isn't a bodybuilder, so I wouldn't expect him to be huge. Whatever, the point is that his diet has worked extremely well for a lot of bros, myself included. Guys have used it to get into contest shape. Bros who are huge.
    Results mean more to me than what the guy looks like, especially considering that his goals are totally different than mine.
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    Go buy Mario's metabolic diet book, you will love the 30pages of adverts for his crappy supplements.
    Then buy lyles UD2 book and see no pimping of crap supplements, just mentioning various ones that may be of use, that he doesnt sell.
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    I see he's training as a speed skater - they should have taken a pic of his quads instead! You ever see the legs on them dudes? Amazing.
    With Tot and Aaron backing him up, I'm gonna give it a read...soon as my wife isn't looking! (too much time on the 'pooter!)

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