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Discussion in 'General Training' started by the RK, Dec 2, 2005.

  1. the RK

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    I posted a question about doing DB flyes instead of Dips a few weeks ago.  Basically what I got from everyone was that Dips is a lot better for the chest than flyes.  I am doing Incline Bench press all 3 days a week, but I wanted a second chest exercise.  I started my first week of 15s this week with Dips as my second exercise, and I'm still not sold on it.  I definitely feel it, but there are two main problems:  first, how am I supposed to increase resistance every workout if I was BARELY able to do one set of 15 with just my bodyweight?  Second, like I said, I do feel it, but not in my chest, just my arms and shoulders (and I am leaning forward).  

    I mean, is DB flyes really that bad?  What I learned this week is that I can BARELY dip my bodyweight after two sets of Incline Bench press.  Seems like flyes would be a good change of pace after Benching, since dips IS basically decline benching.  Anyways, just hoping someone could help me out here.  One more thing, the most common negative thing I hear about flyes is that you can't go heavy, but when I maxed out, my 5RM for flyes was 55 pounds in each hand (that's a lot to me).

  2. Totentanz

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    Go ahead and do flies if that is what you are comfortable with. Regarding dips, you don't really need to increment upward that often with dips. You are using a lot of weight (at least your bodyweight) so incrementing as frequently isn't so important. As for not feeling it in your chest, just make sure your grip is wide enough, depending on the dip station you are using, sometimes they are too narrow.

    But really, flies are fine if that's what you wish to do. They are good for stretch.
  3. When you say chest...

    Flys are great for pecs.

    Bench presses and Incline presses are excellent for chest development.  Remember, deep breathing is important and should be combined with the exercises.

    I also like Olympic barbell pullovers done from the floor, while lying on a flat bench.  They really stretch and expand the rib cage with deep breathing.


    I don't extend my arms straight above my head. I lift the weight a few inches just above and below my neck at the top. A wider grip will also work the rear delts very well.

  4. Nemesis7884

    Nemesis7884 New Member

    dumbell benchpress
    cable flys
    i much prefer cable flys over the dumbell ones becaue of the continous pull
    but i do em lying on a bench because it is more comfortable
    (just put a bench between two cables)
  5. Joe.Muscle

    Joe.Muscle Active Member

    go with whats comfortable.
  6. robefc

    robefc New Member

    The main thing is that your primary chest exercise is a compound exercise (incline press) so if you're adding a second exercise then flies is fine.

    However, incline press does de-emphasis the lower pecs (unless the incline is somwhere around 10 degrees or less) so you might want to alternate each session with dips or flat bench for potimal growth.

    In terms of progression then you can either just do bodyweight for the 15s and then increment using a dumbbell or a dip belt, or use a assistance machine throughout the 15s. If you're not feeling it in your pecs try doing it the gironda way...I find this is harder and I can feel it more in my pecs.
  7. the RK

    the RK New Member

    Is okay to use just by bodyweight throughout all of the 15s?
  8. robefc

    robefc New Member

    I'd say so yes, as long as you increment throughout the 10s and onwards
  9. Totentanz

    Totentanz Super Moderator Staff Member

    Yes, you can use just your bodyweight for quite a while. The weight will remain effective for at least a few weeks. You don't have to increment every workout with dips either. Every other workout is sufficient.
  10. liegelord

    liegelord New Member

    Alternate the bench with dips, don't do them in the same workout. You can use larger increments that way.
  11. Rain

    Rain New Member

    I do dips in the same workout as bench. Works for me. Just don't do one directly after another. I might become an issue when hitting the lower rep ranges, but personally I do both exercises each w/o the whole cycle through - and I do relatively heavy dips (~ 6 reps with about 90-110 lbs on the dip belt).

    / R

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