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  1. Fred

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    So for now will stop HST.
    Well as you can see i am on a cut and i am working over 90% and improving when i can. This is taking its toll on my recovery and joints. Leaves no room for form practice and mentally its a big challenge to start the workout.

    BEAR IN MIND THAT THIS WAS THE BEST CUT OF MY LIFE!!! No strenght loss. Beat my PR on BP from all time.

    From here i would deload (slowing my cutting) or change my workouts. I allready have to low volume to cut further, so a change of method is in order.

    I will start a 3 to 6 weeks DUP style cicle.
    Will start to work with 70%, and 80% of my 1 rep maxes adding weight as the cicle goes by.

    Do you guys think it will be enought to keep the lean mass?
  2. Fred

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    18.5.2015- Cutting
    P - 84.2 (3.6kg)

    Squat 5x3 92.5kg (80% 1rep max) RPE 10
    BP 4x4 72kg (80% 1rep max) RPE 8
    Overhead Press 3x5 45Kg RPE 9

    S.L. Benfica was crowned champion (Portuguese soccer), party hard yesterday, but this was still light enough with the exception of the squats.
  3. Fred

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    19.5.2015 - Cutting
    P- 84.3 (-3.5kg)

    Deadlift 5*3 112.5Kg (80%1rep max) RPE 8
    Squat 4*4 92.5kgs (80% 1 rep max) RPE 10
    BP 4*8 65kg (70% 1 max rep) RPE 10 first 2 sets really easy, the last 2 were a pain...
  4. Fred

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    P-85.3 (-2.5kg) Finally felt recovered from the boose.

    BP 5*3 80Kgs (90% of max 1 rep) RPE 9
    Deadlift 4*8 100kgs (70% 1 max rep) RPE 10, again first 2 sets easy, last one is a killer
    Chin ups 3*5 20kgs RPE 9/10
  5. Fred

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    Still alive, deadlifting didnt broke me in half yet. Not really many time to update here. Will try to post everything next weekend.
  6. Fred

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    Hi all.
    So what has been going on last weeks, here is a quick follow up:

    From 18.5.2015 to 5.7.2015 i did 2 blocks of DUP training.
    Down from 84 to 80 Kgs
    BP still 90Kgs
    Deadlift up 10kgs to 150 (and it felt not like a RPE 10 but i failed at 160kgs so lests say 150kgs)
    Squat up 5kgs to 115kgs

    So everything went ok. Was way faster to gain strenght in HST, but i also feel like DUP keeps me more recovered. I struggle a LOOOOOOOOT on hypertrophy days (8 reps x 4 sets with 70% and higher, are you f****** with me? it is killing me inside, especially because i am cutting, so hypertrophy what??)

    Anyway, just too a 1 week vacation doing only bw exercises.

    And... I am beggining a new cicle of DUP, i am tempted to switch it up imidietly to HST push/pull 6 days a week but i am willing to give another go at DUP. My endurance/conditioning went up as i endend up last cycle doing DL 140kgs 4x4 wich is 8 reps higher than my PB at 4 reps. Will see how it goes.

    Measures actual / (best) / total:
    Bis 32 (33) / -1
    Chest 95 (96 i think) -1
    Waist 83 (84 Finally!!! Leanest ever in 4 years!!) -1
    Thighs 57 (60) -3
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  7. Fred

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    13.7.15 - Cutting
    RepsxSets Kgs (percentages) RPE Notes

    Day 1
    BP 72.5kgs 4x4 (80% of max 1 rep) Strenght RPE 7 On the last set did an AMRAP to check if strenght was still there, 8 reps for 72.5 so it checks with a predictive max rep of 90kgs
    Squat 92.5 3x5 (80% of max 1 rep) Power RP 8.5
    OHP 3x5 45Kgs RPE 8

    Squat 92.5kg 4x4 (80% of max 1 rep) Strenght RPE 9.5
    BP 65kg 8x4 (70% of max 1 rep) RPE 7
    Deadlift 115kgs 5x3 (80% of max 1 rep) RPE 8

    BP 5x3 72.5Kgs (80% of max 1 rep) RPE 9
    Deadlift 8x4 100kgs (70% 1 max rep) RPE 10
    Chin ups 5x3 (5/3/3) 25kgs RPE10 - Failed here

    Accessory work, will nly put wht matters more
    DIPS 5x2 25kgs RPE10

    Squat 8x4 (8/6/5/5) 80 Kgs (70% of max 1 rep) Failed here. Either lost strenght or simply getting in shape again??
    Deadlift 115kgs 4x4 (80% of max 1 rep) RPE 9 I was willing to do an AMRAP but was tired
    Chin ups 8x3 BW+7.5Kgs RPE 8
    OHP 8x3 40kgs RPE 8

    Accessory work
    Dips 6x2 25kgs
  8. Fred

    Fred Member


    Day 1 (week2)
    BP 75kgs 4x4 (83.5% of max 1 rep) Strenght RPE 8
    Squat 92.5kg 4x4 (4/4/4/2/2) (80% of max 1 rep) Strenght RPE 10 avoided failur by resting between the last 2 reps on the last set
    OHP 3x5 45Kgs RPE 8


    Day2 (week2)
    BP 67.5kg 8x4 (75% of max 1 rep) RPE 7
    Deadlift 115kgs 5x3 (80% of max 1 rep) RPE 8
    Squat 92.5 3x5 (80% of max 1 rep) Power RP 9

    Day3 (Week 2)
    BP 5x3 72.5Kgs (80% of max 1 rep) RPE 9
    Deadlift 8x4 105kgs (71% 1 max rep) RPE 7 to 9.5
    Chin ups 5x3 (5/4/3) 25kgs RPE10 - Failed here

    BW so far: 78.5 (down 9.2 since the start of the cut)

    Overall, taking a beating from the hypertrophy range work and mostly any work on squats.
    Hypertrophy work is good to burn calories but i am doubtfull hytpertrophy will actually happen on a cut, especially after loosing 9kgs.....
  9. _tim

    _tim Well-Known Member

    When you're cutting, the main goal is muscle retention despite the caloric deficit. So - make sure you're getting enough protein and BCAA's either in your food or through supplements. Regardless - have fun!
  10. Fred

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    Hi all.
    Hard times at work are preventing me from keeping this up.
    Anyway, still training.
    Modified me own routine last week so i could distribute volume better, was having 30 min workouts with 1h30 min workouts.

    I am now starting the modified new routine, i made it myself, has HST prnciples and DUP styled for the 3 big lifts. (strenght for progression, power wich keeps allways at 80%, does not have hypertrohy days, i simple repeat strenght days 2x a week).

    I will still be cutting so, accessory work wont matter much to me except for Dips and Chins, those i will try to progress.

    Measures (in brackets my absolute best)
    Weight: 77kgs (88)
    Bis: 31 (33)
    Waist 81 (81)
    Thights 57 (61) Lost a lot here :S
    Chest : 96 (96.5)
    I really dont think i lost anything besides thights, wich is great considering i am 11kgs down from the start.

    Squat 115kg
    BP 90Kg /85x4
    DL 150Kg /140x4

    The routine:

    Day 1, week 1
    Weight - 76.7

    BP Strenght - 2x4 77,5Kgs (86% max rep) - Did only 2x3, failed here allways on the forth rep. Tested for 85 kgs and couldnt perform 1 rep. either i was still tired from DUP or lost strenght. Or maybe just a bad say
    Squat Strenght - 2x4 97.5 kgs. REP 10
    DL Power - 3x3 120kgs (80%) REP 8

    Spininng bike for 20 min low resistance.

    Went well. Around 1h workout.

    Please tell me what you think about the routine.

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  11. Fred

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    Day 2 week 2 - 11.8.15
    Weight 76.7

    Squat 80% 1RM - 92,5 3x3
    DL (strenght) 86% 1RM - 1300 2x4
    Dips Bw + 30kgs 1x5 (100% max 5 rm)

    Other effortless (RPE 7) accessorys
    Ab wheel
    Leg Raise
  12. Fred

    Fred Member

    Day 3 12.8.15
    Weight 76.8

    BP 80% - 72,5 3x3
    Chins Bw+30 4+1
    OHP: 45kg 1x5

  13. Fred

    Fred Member

    Day 4 13.8.15
    Weight: 76.7

    Squat 87% 1 RM 4+3 Failed last rep (I am going too deep and need to correct this)

    Calf Raise
  14. Fred

    Fred Member

    Day 5 14.8.2015
    Weight 76.7

    DL 90% 1 RM: 135kg 4+3 Did not risk bad form on last rep, probably could have done it
    BP 86% Max rep, 2nd attempt: 77.5kgs 2x4 Done!
    OHP: 47.5 1x5

    Tomorrow its mostly accessory day.
    Feeling good overall, not too much of a beating, but i am noticing that with the reduced volume, the weight is not coming down even with the added very light cardio 20 mins 2/3 times a week, may need to readjust intake next week.

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