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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by leonardopm, Sep 25, 2014.

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    Remember as you get lighter, you need to lower your intake proportionally.
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    Still fighting against a throat bacteria but at least I felt better enough to train.

    It's really hard to hit protein goal without exceeding calorie limit. The solution is to drink whey protein but unfortunately almost all of them taste like crap.

    I'm still managing the loads from last bulking workout but tolerance for volume is much lower. I'm currently doing 2 sets of 5 per group and training twice a week. Today I tried a third set on OHP and my triceps ended very sore.
  3. leonardopm

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    DL 94kg 5,5
    Pull-ups BW + 8kg 5,5,4,1
    Bench press 86kg 5,5,3,1
    Calf raise on leg press 70kg 6,6,6,6,6 / split 30kg 15
    Dumbbell row 30kg 5,5,5
    One Leg extension 40kg 5,5,5
    OHP 42kg 5,5
  4. leonardopm

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    Ok, I decided to end my cut yesterday and so I did.


    Start date: 09/15 - End date: 11/09 - around 8 weeks
    Starting weight: 221 lbs @ ~14% BF (LBM 190 lbs)
    Ending weight: 206 lbs @ ~12% BF (LBM 181 lbs)
    Average caloric intake during entire cut: 2.542 kcal (average of 2.663 kcal the first half and 2.454 kcal the second half).
    Average protein: 0,72g/lb of BW

    Calipers show a considerable loss of LBM but I believe it's mostly fluids once if I had lost this amount of muscle I probably won't be able to manage the same loads I ended my bulk. Except for my pullups (221 + 9 lbs x 206 + 17 lbs) all other lifts I had zero strength loss so considering I've been doing almost all of these lifts for several months I should say I'm somewhat confident that I didn't lost so much muscle.

    I also know I've gone too low protein for a cut but I had some difficult to manage this and I decided to take the risk.

    This week I'll take the regular SD and eat at maintenance. I'll also drop CM. Let's see what the numbers say next week after this "refeed". I hope to be right... :rolleyes:
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    How many lb of total BW gain do you aim for a month when you bulk?
  6. leonardopm

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    Around 4 lbs per month. Any thoughts?
  7. TangoDown

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    Wouldn't that make your bulks only like 3 months?

    No thoughts. Just curious.
  8. leonardopm

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    Not really. My previous bulk I gained around 28 lbs in nearly 7 months. I started 193 lbs @11%BF and ended at 221 @ 14%.

    This time I'm restarting a bit less lean than before but I intend to go until 15% so I believe I'll bulk the same 7 months or close to it.
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    Oops, I misread your lean mass as your total BW. Dat dare reading comprehension. Thought you were gonna bulk from 181lb to 190lb
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    Ok, these two days I ramped up calories to 2700, 2900 and today I should establish my maintenance (3000) for the rest of week. Feeling a bit fuller today. Gained 1.5 lbs since Monday.
  11. leonardopm

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    I ate some junk last Saturday and had digestive issues again. Today I weighed 207 lbs after a terrible Sunday with stomach aches.

    Trained at noon, first session after SD and return to bulking diet after two months cutting.

    Weights were heavy as hell. The first session after SD is always killing.

    1500 calorie meal after training. I'm stuffed!
  12. leonardopm

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    I lost part of ability in packing calories. Struggled to eat 2800 today. I feel I'm not completely recovered from my digestive problem. Appetite is not ok yet.
  13. Totentanz

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    I see your concerns about loss of LBM. I think the main reason you didn't gain much back right away after refeeds is due to your illness. If you maintained strength, then you should be fine. I would also advise you to include some metabolic work alongside the 5s when doing the refeeds to make sure your muscles are really filling back up. Clearly, you didn't lose 9 lbs of muscle in two months while maintaining your strength. All in all, you should be satisfied although I personally would have probably tried going another four weeks and tries to get another 4-5 lbs of fat loss before you maintain.
  14. leonardopm

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    Thank you TTanz. I'm recovering from my ilness and today I weighed 209 lbs.

    I was expecting a faster return to my previous LBM condition but I believe it'll happen anyway.

    Funny hear you say about the four extra weeks, I was just thinking about it yesterday. I may have finished too soon my cut.
  15. Totentanz

    Totentanz Super Moderator Staff Member

    Well if you were sick then you don't want to keep cutting. So if you want to, then once you are fully recovered, do another four weeks or so.
  16. leonardopm

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    Too late. I was catch again by the bulking virus.
  17. leonardopm

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    Well, I'm suspecting that I became lactose intolerant in some degree. I'm still having issues, specially by the morning.

    After training I usually take around 1500 kcals and the morning after I've been feeling bloated and having colic. Not sure yet if it's because of the lactose or excess calories in a single meal.

    I reduced post WO meal to 1200 kcal and cut off mostly of the lactose. Let's see what happens.

    Today's WO:

    DL 5,5,5 220lbs

    Bench press 5,5 198lbs , dips 5 at BW

    Chins 5,4,3,1 at BW + 9 lbs

    Squat 5,5,5 167lbs - not a true load progression. I've been testing again with lighter loads and better form to test my knees.

    Facepulls 8,8 105 lbs

    OHP 5,4,3,1 101 lbs
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  18. leonardopm

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    DL 10,7,3 184lbs
    Bench press 10,10 140lbs
    Pulldowns 10,10, 180 lbs
    Squat 10,10 158lbs
    Facepulls 12,12 88 lbs
    OHP 10,8,2 75lbs

    Ok, actually around [email protected] on the big three (BP, DL and Squat).

    I'm fixing TODAY my 2015 goal that is reach [email protected] until end of year.

    Alea Jacta Est.
  19. leonardopm

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    DL 5, 4, 3, 3 96kg
    Pull-ups 5,5,3,2 BW (99kg)
    OHP 5,5,5 42kg
    Squat 5,5,5 74kg
    Bench 5,4,3,3 82kg
    Facepulls 8,8,8 45kg
    Rack pulls 5,4,4 106kg

    Load is 90% of 5RM.

    I'm broken. Did rack pulls once in my life and decided to do a real try today. It's really overkill to to DL and rack pulls the same session. Back is stiff as a wood log. Feels good.

    I'm doing it in a Smith station since I don't have a decent rack at my gym. I found that lowering the bar all the way to the bumper puts it nicely half inch below knee caps, so tried. It rocked.

    My DL and squat really sucks when compared to my bench I used to be a bench guy for years when in college and obviously it gave me an advantage on this lift. If I consider 300-400-500 ratio for the big three I should be pulling around 130kg for deads.

    I thought to have heard Jester saying something?
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    What are your numbers?

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