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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by Mattonaise, Dec 21, 2014.

  1. Mattonaise

    Mattonaise Member

    Tuesday (2/17/2015)

    Weight: 143.0

    Deadlift: 1x5x235 (These are tough, but the back soreness seems to have lessened. I'm only doing one set however, I'm not sure how it would hold up with more deadlifting volume)
    Pullups: 5x5xBW+10
    Wide Grip Cable Rows: 5x5x115
    Finished with the usual work.
  2. Mattonaise

    Mattonaise Member

    I agree once I switch back to HST style training, which I'm pretty sure I'll do eventually, I'll add the heavier work at the end of the cycle similar to how you proposed. At this point in time for my strength levels I just think strength gains will come faster on a linear progression, not that I won't gain any on HST, so for now I'll stick with what I'm running. Will take your advice on the deads on Friday. And thanks!
  3. Mattonaise

    Mattonaise Member

    Wendesday (2/18/2015)

    Weight: 144.0

    Paused Squats: 5x5x155 (These are getting damn hard)
    Front Squats 5x5x115 (Getting more confident in these)
    Seated Leg Curl: 5x10x90
  4. Mattonaise

    Mattonaise Member

    Thursday (2/19/2015)

    Weight: 143.5

    Paused Bench: 5x5x122.5 (Last rep on the fourth set was a grinder, though oddly the fifth set was easier)
    OHP: 5x5x95 (Feeling pretty strong on this lift, weight felt heavy but it went up without too much difficulty. Perhaps my overhead pressing responds well to more volume)
    Dips: 5x5xBW+12.5
    Finished with external rotations, cable rear delt flies, and shoulder dislocations
  5. mickc1965

    mickc1965 Well-Known Member

    @Mattonaise, Is strength your primary goal? Is it your intention to compete at some point?

    edit: the reason I ask is that at 18 years of age you should be getting strength gains whatever system you use as long as you are training hard.
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  6. Mattonaise

    Mattonaise Member

    As of right now increasing my numbers is my primary goal, putting on mass is secondary. At this point I don't intend to compete, but I'm not gonna say I would never do it. I'm sure I would get strength gains on any program, it's just a factor of how quickly/efficiently for my level of experience.
  7. mickc1965

    mickc1965 Well-Known Member

    Just surprised strength is your main goal generally younger people just want to be as big as a brick shithouse
  8. Mattonaise

    Mattonaise Member

    I'll gain plenty of size by getting my numbers up, you can't bench two plates without having a decent chest. My numbers are low enough that focusing on strength won't detract from any mass improvements. I'm not gonna get big anytime soon by benching less than a plate, so focusing on strength to me seems like the most effective thing to do atm. Being big seems cool and all, but being stronger than a brick shithouse seems cooler.
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  9. Mattonaise

    Mattonaise Member

    Friday (2/20/2015)

    Weight: 142.5

    Deadlift: 1x5x240
    Wide Grip Cable Row: 5x5x120
    Pullups: 5x5xBW+12.5 (Getting difficult towards the last third of the rep, so I'm gonna slow the progression down and be sure I get my chin above the bar on every rep)
  10. Mattonaise

    Mattonaise Member

    Sunday (2/22/2015)

    Weight: 143.0

    Paused Squat: 5x160, 4x160, 3x5x155
    Front Squat: 5x5x120
    Seated Leg Curl: 5x0x95

    Not a strong day today on squats, I had to grind the last reps on the first two sets. Dropped the weight by five pounds but still had to dig deep to get all 5 reps in on the last three sets. I guess it just wasn't the best day, will try again on Wednesday. I know they say linear progression is best for a novice, but it sure ain't fun sometimes, grinding is not fun at all.

    On another note, my gym got a more aggressive foam roller with spikes all over it, it hurts so good.
  11. Mattonaise

    Mattonaise Member

    Monday (2/23/2015)

    Weight: 144.5

    Paused Bench: 5x5x125 (No sticking points in the lift, but all the reps were slow)
    OHP: 5x97.5, 4x97.5, 3x5x95
    Dips: 3x7xBW (Lowered the dips a bit I felt beat up)

    I'm starting to remember why I jumped programs around so much, I hate grinding. Recently I haven't been looking forward to my workouts, and I've been getting more discouraged from all the grinding.

    A quick rant: Over the past few months I've gained weight, I have gained size, noticeably in my lats, pecs, and quads, yet I feel as if the number on the barbell just hasn't risen accordingly. A few months ago, my 5rm on my bench was about 115, now its probably gonna be around 130. I would think I can expect more progress from my efforts than 5 pounds a month given my low numbers. Maybe it is the program hopping that's prevented the strength gains, though as mick said I should be getting plenty strong on any program. Maybe I'm just being pessimistic, but psychologically linear progression does suck. Maybe I shouldn't be expecting any faster progress for whatever reason, but if it's going to be that slow I would rather not have to grind day after day for it. Not feeling very encouraged at the moment, and not enjoying the gym.
  12. leonardopm

    leonardopm Member

    Jester posted a very good routine for strength on my log a few weeks ago, maybe you'd like to check it. It's centered on deadlift progression but I believe that the concept is very easy to translate for other lifts.

    It seems very solid but unfortunately I don't have a way to perform it now since my current gym barely has plates to do any barbell exercise over 250lbs and I can't change gym by now...sad.
  13. Mattonaise

    Mattonaise Member

    That gym situation is rough man. I'm having a hard time finding his program though. I'm getting the feeling that I need more rest on my current program, so maybe I'll put my faith in the dubs on /fit/ to pick for me. If you guys can come to a consensus on a program for me to run, I will follow it to the T. I'm leaning towards a DUP style program just out of interest and to keep things interesting, but if needed that can wait.
  14. TangoDown

    TangoDown Member

    I see that you've only gained 4lb in the last 3 months. That + program hopping is probably the culprit.

    You're also only 144lb. How tall are you?

    Your push/pull, volume-paloza custom thing is not the answer. You don't need to pause squat or pause bench either with your #s IMO. You need to buckle down, find a battle-tested LP program like Candito's LP program, and grind for as long as possible while EATING. 4lb in 3 months is not going to cut it.

    Also, I saw the video of your 225lb deadlifts and they looked like you could have put at least another 50lb on the bar. I think you're underestimating what being near failure feels like there. At least w/ deadlift, you might be stronger than you think.
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  15. Mattonaise

    Mattonaise Member

    I am 5'9-10". Yeah you're right, I'll run Candito's linear progression program. Does running strength/control for lower body days and the strength/hypertrophy for the upper body sound good?
  16. Browner

    Browner Well-Known Member

    Pretty much all strength based programs will work, especially if you are in the early stages of your lifting career. My advice (for what its worth) would be to choose a program, whether it be stronglifts/HST/Candito/Starting Strnegth, and stick with it for at least 6 months. Eat big, eat clean work hard in the gym, and don't forget, get at least 8 hours sleep a night.

    That said, at least you are making progress, even if you feel its slow, and like Tango said I think looking at your deadlift video you could manage more weight, and you would probably be surprised if you simply tested your 1RM's just how much weight you could handle

    Good luck!
  17. mickc1965

    mickc1965 Well-Known Member

  18. TangoDown

    TangoDown Member

    5'10" and under 150lb is extremely light. You can see my ribs clearly when I'm 150lb and I'm only 5'8".

    If that's an option for Candito's program and you follow it to a T, then sure. If it's not, don't mess with the program. Stick to what he prescribes. Aim for 1lb/week BW increase and keep progressing on LP until you can't.

    Make sure you take a week of deload before you start his program. 60-70% on everything, low volume.
  19. Mattonaise

    Mattonaise Member

    There is a strength/control, a strength/power, and a strength/hypertrophy version of his LP. They are all the same for the first two workouts but the last two days vary depending on the version. In strength/control, the second workouts are paused work. In strength/power, the second lower body work is explosive work and the second upper body is the same as in strength/control. In strength/hypertrophy, the second workouts are a little higher volume. Given that the strength/power version mixes between power work for the lower body and adopts the control work for upper body in the second workouts every week, I'd assume I could do the control work for the lower body and the hypertrophy work for the upper body in the second workouts each week.
  20. Mattonaise

    Mattonaise Member

    Gonna start this Monday instead, allergies have been acting up. Not pleasant.

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