More Targeted Glute Work... Squats?


I have but been doing squats very long, so I only at 175lbs... Lowering far enough to get my thighs parallel to the ground only.
Is there a technique that more targets the glutes? Or a different exercise? Thanks
If you can only squat 175lbs, you really just need to keep doing squats and deadlifts before worrying about more glute work.
Yeah, my cut weight is 154, I only bench 140, 220 deads wanna lace into me about that too!? Jeezus...
One technique would be to stop squatting to parallel and start going down to proper squat depth. That will target your glutes more.
My concerns are, I'm pretty new at squats, I'm old, I have middle back issues that may compromise my form, I work out alone and only with free weights.
You can do dumbbell squats, dumbbell deadlifts, romanian deadlifts (DB or BB), single arm romanian deadlifts (DB), good mornings, lunges ...

There's a million variations on the simple premise 'stand up with a weight', whether the weight is in your hands in front/in your hands on the side, on your back etc.
Thanks Jester...
Normal deadlifts I can manage better than squats.
I'll try dumbell squats and add some Romainians.
Squatting to parallel isn't better for your back than going full depth. There is nothing wrong with dropping the weight and working on form. However, if working out alone at home, I wouldn't go too crazy on the squats unless you have a good power rack to dump the weight when necessary. A good rack makes squatting and benching, etc safe to do alone without a spotter as long as you know how to abandon a load properly.
Dumbells helped with my squatting depth...after I tried a normal "ass-deep" barbell squat with lowered weight. Ugh!
Dumbbells kinda cumbersome and get in the way a bit, but I'll try to manage.
The issue with my back is, I have few fused vertebrae, and flexibility is a problem, ie trying to keep a neutral back while pivoting at the hips past thighs-parallel.
Having the weight below my centre of gravity makes it easier, but my form if probably still compromised.
Maybe front squats are the answer, eventually.
However, I really feel it in the glutes and hammies more from going deeper, that's for sure!
Thanks Totz!