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Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by VIPER, May 24, 2004.

  1. VIPER

    VIPER New Member

    If anyone is interested in my experience with this diet, it'll be here & I'll update it either every day, or week or so.

    Well, today was my first day of the diet and training program. For the past 2 weeks or so I ate around maintenance calories to prepare for the new diet. I decided that the smaller amount of calories I'll be eating will be spread throughout 5 meals. I would rather eat smaller portions and more meals than the opposite, it just kinda helps me think less of food during the diet days I guess.

    When I went to the gym this morning I weighed in at 178#'s at about 5'9''(not sure about bodyfat but my abs are just peaking through when flexed). I could post measurements if anyone wants but I'll keep it simple for now. The workout was definitely "a workout" for sure. When I finished the first time around I was feeling the burn, then I had to repeat it again. I have to say that I haven't felt my legs burn as much as they did in a long time. I did like the workout though and the burn. I finished lifting after about an hour and 15 minutes which isn't too bad. I think that working out in the morning is a definite plus for me since I have more energy to complete the workout even though I'm on low carbs. I'm curious to see how the same workout tomorrow goes, hopefully as good.

    When I got home I ate my second meal of the day which was 1/2 cup of cereal, 2 lean chicken breast, and 1 tblsp. of peanut butter and had a good amount of water. It wasn't too bad, a little bland but not discusting. Right now I'm not taking any fish oil like it's recommended in the book, but I'm hoping the peanut butter is a good source of fat to use, anyone having done the UD2 before can please chime in if I'm doing anything wrong.

    That's it for now, but I'll keep posting as the diet continues. I'm also hoping I have the diet down good but if I have questions on it I'll post them. Anyone having more experience with the UD2 like Blade, jkismul, KC Pike and all others I'd appreciate any advice, or input you could give, thanks.
  2. jwjpilot

    jwjpilot New Member

    Hey VIPER,

    I just want to let you know I'm interested, and looking forward to seeing how it works for you.

    Thanks for sharing
  3. Gettin'Low

    Gettin'Low New Member

    You need the fish oil for the omega-3's. Peanut butter has none. Lyle was asked about the fish oil in his forum at and he says that it has so many beneficial qualities that you wouldn't believe him if he listed it all. Protein and EFA's are the only two essentials.
  4. VIPER

    VIPER New Member

    Thanks JWJ!

    Gettin'Low: Yeah, I still need to buy the Omega's. Any GNC or nutrition store should have them, right? Are there any specific names or kinds I should look for?
  5. KC_Pike

    KC_Pike New Member

    Viper, stay away from will spend WAY too much money there.

    Any brand is fine, I get mine from Sam's club.

    Ill keep an eye on this thread and let you know if I have any feedback. IMHO the key to the UD2 is the carb load so be sure to really nail it.

    Good luck!

  6. Gettin'Low

    Gettin'Low New Member

    I get the fish oil gelcaps from Wal-Mart. Sam's Club may be cheaper.
    I can't wait to get back on UD2.0, myelf. I'm 18% BF and I'm finishing my first week of 10's. I gained 3% BF so far eating the most clean foods, but apparently too much. We are talking lean chicken, fish, with oats, sweet potatoes, olive oil. With 2 pounds of broccoli a day. No sugar except post WO. That is alot of food! I want to finish this cycle at 15% to start UD2. Eating at lbs. X 17, I gain a half pound a day. My metabolism is gettin' slow.
  7. VIPER

    VIPER New Member

    K, thanks guy's. I actually just bought some fish oil caplets right after work. The brand is California Natural and the store was having a buy one get one free deal, so I got 180 caplets for around $11 which seemed decent.

    It's kind of weird, but I'm not as hungry as I thought I would be on such a low calorie diet. Don't get me wrong, I am hungry though! The bad thing is that I see all the best food everywhere, or maybe I just notice it more just because I shouldn't eat it. My families' italian and love to cook so there's always a good smell in my house. It's still not that bad though, especially since I know I can eat some of that stuff on the carb up day's.

    Yesterday went really good except for a few things. First, I had a headache which may be from the low carbs but who knows. It was rather small so it didn't bother me too much. The second thing was that last night I was pretty tired and just decided to go lay down in my room for a few minutes. Hmm... bad choice, I was out cold. I woke up in the middle of the night because I was hungry and that I remembered that I missed my last meal. It kinda bothered me, so I went into the kitchen and ate. I felt a little better afterwards and then tried to get some more sleep since I knew I was working out in the morning.

    As far as the training goes, I'm still sore from yesterday's workout. So, I did pretty close to the same routine today which took about the same time as yesterday's, an hour and 15 minutes. Before the workout I headed to the scale, I weighed 177#'s, 1# less than the previous day. I'm curious to see the progress with a little more time. I took some terrible pictures of myself also, so I can see the improvements as the diet continues.

    There's no training tomorrow which will give me some chill time in the morning since I don't go to work until a little later. I'll probably reread some of the UD2 book to make sure everything is the way it's supposed to be. I'm definitely excited about the carb up days for sure. I'm hoping I can stuff that amount of food in me in a day's time. Since I think of food a lot now, it'll probably help me eat more when the time comes. Ummmmmm... pasta, bagels and cream cheese, fresh bread!!! This should be some exciting stuff.
  8. VIPER

    VIPER New Member

    Today the diet remained the same but no weight training, which was good because my legs are pretty sore. I'm also taking 1 fish oil tablet per meal, and each tablet has 1000mg.

    I'm also trying to calculate how many calories I will use through thursday night into friday's carb load. I figured my maintenance should be between 2500-2700 calories daily. So for thursday I will eat 75% of my mon-wed calories. This won't leave me with a ton of calories throughout the day but that's okay. Then before the night workout I'll have a scoop of whey protein with some carbs. Alright, then after the workout I'll try to eat 1-2 meals containing higher portions of carbs to get a jump start on for friday. I figured for the whole entire carb load on thurday night through friday will contain about 6154-6866 calories. I'm thinking since I went on the high side of my maintenance calories then I should eat probably on the lower side of the total calories, correct?
  9. VIPER

    VIPER New Member

    Alright, I just got back from the gym. I weighed 176#'s which I thought was a little high but then again I normally weigh myself in the morning. The workout was good and definitely shorter than the full on depletion workouts. I wasn't feeling as strong as I should be which is probably contributed to almost 4 days of low carbs. Before the workout I had a protein bar and 5g creatine. Now I'll I can think about is eating.. a lotttt and starting the carb up, so I'm off to eat.
  10. bugpowder

    bugpowder New Member

    i appreciate your progress log. i almost wish i didn't find it until you were done so that i could just read it en masse rather than wait.

    it looks like you are weighing yourself daily. IMHO, that's fine if you want to record and chart your progress over several weeks.

    i just don't recommend taking any stock in the changes from day to day, as it's virtually meaningless. bodyweight can vary greatly throughout the day for various reasons, especially hydration, without being the slightest reflection of actual body composition (as in total lean body mass or fat percentage).

    try this - weigh yourself before going to sleep. when you wake up, before you drink or eat or even 'relieve yourself', weigh yourself again. i'd be interested in what you come up with, and i bet it will clearly demonstrate the futility of weighing yourself so frequently.

    i typically weigh myself once a week - each sunday morning, as soon as i get it up. even then i observe some variation not indicative of actual changes in body comp.
  11. Arbitro

    Arbitro New Member

    Weighing yourself daily is fine, it helps you see trends - hopefully downward. A good weight to track for sure is one taken the morning of your tension workout. You're fully depleted (hopefully) and is probably the best single guage of fat loss. Skinfolds would also be taken at this time for BF% tracking.
  12. VIPER

    VIPER New Member

    Alright thanks Bug, I'll do that. After this first week though I'll probably post once or twice a week and that's it.

    I'll post right now because I'm incredibly bored. Last night I went out to dinner in Hollywood, and had some greasy food which doesn't help the diet much. The chicken was fried so I kinda pealed off the fried part and ate the white meat under it trying to make myself feal better aboub it. I ate 1 chicken breast and was discustingly full, did my stomach shrink or what? I still have like 80% of my carbs to eat, so it's a little harder than I expected but no biggie.
  13. bugpowder

    bugpowder New Member

    i agree with you that it could be useful for charting progress.

    i was just noting that it takes a reasonable duration for trends to be accurately portrayed. intraday or daily changes lack the relative amplitude to show through measurement noise and hence will not be statistically significant.

    for example...
    even with a net loss of 1000kcal/day (considered maximum for healthy weight loss), it would take three and a half days to lose a pound of body mass (assuming mostly adipose tissue), but you can gain half that back just by drinking one bottle of water.

    so, the point is, you really shouldn't feel encouraged nor disappointed when you step on the scale each day.

  14. bugpowder

    bugpowder New Member

    don't take my comments to mean you should post less frequently. sure, you could just post your results at the end of your program, but comments like:

    "I was pretty tired and just decided to go lay down in my room for a few minutes. Hmm... bad choice, I was out cold. I woke up in the middle of the night because I was hungry"
    "Now I'll I can think about is eating.. a lotttt "
    "I ate 1 chicken breast and was disgustingly full, did my stomach shrink or what?"

    help portray what it's like to actually to be on the diet and how easy it is to adhere to - or specifically how well you adhered to the plan. you could always log this on your own and post the aggregate to the forum less regularly, but if you don't actually record your thoughts daily, you're not going to remember how tired/hungry/pumped/etc you felt from three days prior.
  15. VIPER

    VIPER New Member

    Yeah no prob, I wasn't thinking that at all. I was just thinking of posting less often to make it a little easier on myself, considering that my work hours will be increasing soon and hopefully I'll be flying more also. I'll try to keep posting enough info. that will help others understand my thoughts while enduring this diet.
  16. KC_Pike

    KC_Pike New Member

    Endure? Come on, its fun [​IMG]

  17. VIPER

    VIPER New Member

    Just gonna give a quick update here. I have about 300g's of carbs left to go. I hoping the next carb load goes better than this. I didn't necessarily plan what kinds of foods I was going to use for the carb up or figure out how much of a particular food I needed to reach my carb goals for the day. A lesson learned for sure! Eating this many carbs is not extremely hard it just takes some dedication and better timing on my part. I'll make it, but not with much time left before bedtime. I'm also not getting full as quick as last night but not completely back to normal yet.

    At work today all my co-workers said, "and your on a diet to loose weight?", and I said yeah but it's a little different than most other diets. I was at work eating a whole box of macaroni and cheese just chomping away.

    On the weekend I'll try to make as much time as possible to strategize the carb load better instead of going on a whim. Another thing I am not happy about is that I am relying a little too much on foods containing fructose than starchy carbs. I'd say it was about a 50/50 toss up between both values. I'll try to change this next carb up.
  18. VIPER

    VIPER New Member

    Haha! Yeah, maybe not the best choice of words but I meant it more in the way of carrying on ;). The diet isn't that bad at all. It's a challenge and different and that's what makes it fun.
  19. VIPER

    VIPER New Member

    When I woke up this morning, I did feel a little leaner than when I started which is good even though I didn't complete my goal for the carb load which irritates me but it's done now. I hope I didn't mess up too much on the diet.

    Before the workout I weighed myself out of curiosity and was 179#'s. During the power workout I was feeling strong, not unsually strong but the same as I did before the depletion workouts. Today I'm keeping my calories slightly under maintenance because fat loss is the priority here, while trying to hold on to as much LBM as possible.

    I can tell that I may getting closer to overtraining though. I have been weight training for 6 weeks now (5 weeks HST & 1 week UD), and it might be time for a break. I might sqeeze one or two more weeks of the UD2 diet, then take an SD and continue. I dont mind the UD2 workouts but it seems to take a toll on your body. The increased frequency and volume seem like it would be easier to overtrain on the UD, what do u think?

    Another thing is that I might move the whole cycle forward like Lyle suggested so the carb load will be on the weekend. This will make it a little easier since I have weekends off of work.
  20. VIPER

    VIPER New Member

    Week 2: Second day of depletion workout (moved cycle up a day).

    Since I moved the diet forward a day, I had 3 days of eating slightly below maintenance. Yesterday was the first depletion workout of the week and being back on lower carbs. The workouts are always good especially after the weekend where eating more carbs is fine. I also weighed myself yesterday which was 178 pounds, yet I look a tad bit leaner. I also took some quick measurements, and no obvious loss of muscle anywhere. If this continues I'll be more than happy to keep using this diet until I get below 10%. Normally the only thing that bugs me about loosing weight is the muscle loss that is involved, if I can minimize it as much as I can I actually enjoy dieting. When you see your body changing whether it's loosing fat or gaining muscle, it's exciting.
    I'll do 1 to 2 more weeks of the diet, take a week or so off and continue so I can get into summer shape. I'll keep everyone posted. I'm off to the gym!

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