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Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by VIPER, May 24, 2004.

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    it looks like youve already taken totz advice on the "shake". if i remember correctly the carb range during depletion is btw 50-70. not really much room for a shake (or 2) let alone the timing being counterproductive.

    good luck with the diet. many struggle with it the 1st week or two, whether it be the low carbs, depletion w/os, carb load etc., and i was no different. i will say this works well......and as long as you stick to the plan you will see results. after the 1st week or two you really do become accustomed to all the aspects of the diet that gave you so much trouble in the beginning.

    good luck
  2. aGGe

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    Thank you!

    I´ve read that the first week is going to be horrible.
    But I´m going to fullfill this. And I have promised myself and my girlfriend not to whine or complain.

    the diet is my own choice and I wanna loose fat. So why complain about something that gives so much in the end.

    I just wanna make sure I do it right.

    My motto, suck it up and do it right.

    I think my problem with this diet is going to get the right amount of calories and get right carbs for my carbload.

    But after two weeks or so I hope I can feel If I have to increase/decrease carbs and or calories
  3. Totentanz

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    Yup, the carbload is tricky the first couple times. Just stay away from too many starches, fructose and too much dietary fat during the carb load and you should be fine. The main problem is fitting all those carbs down your gullet without getting sleepy or throwing up.
  4. aGGe

    aGGe New Member

    I thought starches was the one that you should eat during carbload.

    Do you recomend something that is easy to eat that contains a whole lot of fine carbs.

    preferable would be to drink most of the calories.
    But I can´t think of anything at this point
  5. Totentanz

    Totentanz Super Moderator Staff Member

    Starches are okay, but if you get too many, some people tend to bloat from them. I never really had a problem, personally... and actually, I got a fair amount of my carbs from these raisin bagels that I bought around that time. There were like 100 grams of carbs per bagel, if I recall correctly. Add on to that a bunch of spaghetti, and I was able to hit something like 1400 grams of carbs without dying.
  6. aGGe

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    All right! So bread overall is ok. I can eat a bunch of bread no doubt. [​IMG]

    In Sweden we don´t have "bagels" [​IMG]

    But some tasty bread, spaghetti with ketchup, shouldnt be so hard.
  7. quadancer

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    Lift lowrep and heavy to signal the bod to keep muscle is the newer science.
    Total the last 5-7 days of weight and divide by that number of days. That's your real weight, accounting for fluctuations. Much better than looking at the daily scale.
  8. aGGe

    aGGe New Member

    The   7daystotalwieght / 7    is acutally really smart. How can I not have thought of average over a 7 days period before.

    Lowrep/heavy even during depletion?

    Im also planning to start training Muay Thai. which maybee wont be a good choice when doing this diet.
  9. Totentanz

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    (aGGe @ Jan. 22 2008,01:27)</div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">Lowrep/heavy even during depletion?</div>
    No. The power and tension workouts are sufficient. You need to do the depletions as laid out in the book - the point of depletions is not to spare muscle mass, it is to deplete glycogen.
    The power and tension workouts fulfill the role of muscle sparing.
  10. colby2152

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    <div></div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">Im also planning to start training Muay Thai. which maybee wont be a good choice when doing this diet. </div>

    You will need more energy for something like Thai boxing, so you are right about this diet not being good for your sport. That's a hell of a workout anyways, so you could get a way with a standard cut if you are doing that plus lifting!
  11. aGGe

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    Yeah i thought lowrep was a strange advice because the meaning of highrep during depletion.
    But I got it right. Doing it as the book says.

    I re-read the schedule and I cant even find that he recomends taking proteinpowder after the highrep training.

    he recomends 2 grams of l-glutamine before the workout.
    I think I´ll go with 6 grams of EAA before the workout and 6 grams EAA after the workout

    (I´ll do the diet first, then start with muay thai. )
  12. bluejacket

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    yes, like totz recomm. stick with whats written in the book. usually the only way people screw up the diet is by &quot;modifying&quot; right off the bat. this isnt to say you cant tweak certain aspects (very small changes) as you go along to better suit your lifestyle but do the diet as close to written as you can for the first few weeks and then you'll have something to base your changes on.

    about the muay thai.....
    i think your on the right track with diet 1st and exercise after youve begun. i dont do martial arts so im not sure of the translation but in the begining (of the diet) i didnt do much cardio nor did i want too. adjusting to the cals/carbs/depletion etc was enough. after 2 weeks i was doing some cardio following the w/os and some on the weekend. by the end (8 weeks) i was walking/running after depletion w/os and power hiking in the mtns for over an hour on the weekends. the point is, like anything, you adapt and in time and what seemed impossible at first becomes  routine.

    now if youve never taken muay thai (or martial arts) before then perhaps you should wait until after the diet to begin but again i dont have exper. with it.

    i think many of your questions about &quot;what is possible?&quot; will be answered as you go along. you will either have the energy/interest.... or you wont. youll know when you get there.

    one final thing about the weighing in thing. expect to see some serious wgt drops in depletion (1lb a day plus for some). it will of course come back up during carb load and then stabilize/even out during the week-end. imo, the crucial weigh-in day is monday morn. when you wake up. its one of the best times to get an accurate gauge on how much wgt (hopefully mostly fat) youve dropped during the week without having to account for all the big dips and jumps in wgt that go with depl/carb load.

    good luck

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