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    Sorry I haven't updated in a few days, I have been working a lot. I'll try to catch up here.

    Mindwraith: Chisled, no! More Visible, yes! ;). I'm not nearly as lean as I would like to be. I am leaner than when I started but not ripped. I can see my abs better, I have lost little bits of fat on my arms and under my chest I have no more fat deposits or wrinkles like I used to have. I actually go swimming tomorrow for my work so I am not ebarrased anymore to go to the pool but I do wish I was ripped. I figured by the end of summer I should be just where I want to be, so I started a little late. As long as I am looking descently lean thats all that matter to me during summer but as far as what I want to accomplish regarless of the season I still have some work to get down low enough so I can start gaining some mass again. I figured if I get to a nice looking lower bodyfat, then when I end a bulking cycle or two I could still consider myself lean.

    Last Friday:

    This day out of all of the diet/training days is normally the one where you don't look and feel your best IMO. Lyle I beleive said something like that in his book and he was right. I noticed I wasn't nearly as full looking which was a bummer in the mirror. The only thing is that I didn't have that much energy for the nightime workout. My strength was down a bit and I have to give each set my all. I was craving the start of my carb load after this workout also. I think this had to do with all the really good looking/smelling food that was at the Zoo the previous day. I tried to get a jump start on the carb load that night but only managed to get about 200 grams of carbs in and I went to sleep.

    Last Saturday:

    Alright, the carb load this weekend was interesting. I had my cousins wedding to go to and it made it very difficult for me to eat as much as I needed. I think I managed to do very well for being put under these circustances though. I had half the day to get as much carbs in as I could before we had to leave so I went to the market arly in the morning and bought two packages of cinnamon raison bagels :D. I was able to finish both bags and other foods & some juices. Throughout most of the day I did really good but I knew I still had a lot to go. After my cousins wedding (which was cool by the way) we all went to the reception but I stopped off at the store first and bought some smarties candies. I bought a whole lot of them and was able to get another 100 grams or so of carbs from these on the way to the reception. I knew that we would get to eat but it wouldn't be for a while so the candies came in handy for quick carbs. I had an enormous dinner there also which was mostly breads, mashed potatoes and chicken. We left the recpetion later on into the night and got home and ate some more. I managed to get in about 1000 grams of carbs for my carb load which is still a tad bit low but I don't think it'll ruin it or anything.


    I was just enjoying eating more traditional foods and looking better in the mirror for sure. I love Saturday, Sunday, and Monday the most out of the week on my diet. I look better and feel a lot stonger. I had to work out early in the morning and on a time crunch because I had cousins and aunts/uncles coming over for breakfast. I felt a lot stonger in the gym and was looking better than what I looked like on Friday. My weights were about where I thought they were going to be and that was with a little less sleep also. I got 245#'s on bench press for 6 reps. I should be little stronger but I have no complaints at all. I am just happy to lift heavier weights compared to most of workouts like the depletion workouts when lighter weights and higher reps are necessary.


    Didn't do much actually except work. I probably should have done a little cardio but I was thinking I might go out and play some basketball or something. Thats about it for now and if I forget anything I'll post again.

    Brian Haycock: I don't know even your even reading this thread but do you mind that I am posting my info on the UD2?, if so then just tell me so! Thanks
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    Today I figured my cardio would be walking around all day considering I was at a theme park today. I haven't slept well at all the last past couple days and I don't feel like going to the gym and going on a bike or anything.

    Yesterday I had to work really early so I woke up at 5 o'clock Tuesday and Wed so I could get the workout done just because I didn't want to go at night. Wednesday I woke up early like I said but later and was only able to do half my workout so I had to go back at night but it worked out fine for me. One bad thing on Wed was that I split my calories this week into 6 meals. I went to go see Spiderman 2 and by the time I got home I was so tired that I fell straight to sleep. I missed my last 2 meals which can't possibly be good when your on a calorie restriction, so this bothered me. All the workouts this week went really well except for the split session I had on Wed. Before Wed.'s workout I weighed 172#'s. I measured a few muscle groups today and I am smaller. I don't know if this is from the depletion workouts and low carbs but I will tell you for sure once I get the carb load over done or on Sunday. Measuring on the delpetion days does no justice and I can tell in the mirror that I don't look full so it's not too much of a surprise, and I always measure myself after the carb loads so this may be normal. I just hope in a couple days the measurements are around where they are supposed to be.
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    Crap! I'm sick. I had a feeling I was starting to get sick yesterday, and when I woke up this morning I had a fever and a sore throat. This cold couldn't wait until after Sunday I guess. I'm not exactly sure what to do now being that I finished all the depletion workouts and fat loss part of the week. I guess all I can do is rest and eat maintenance unless I am able to train. I just don't want to aggitate the cold even more. Tonight was supposed to be the workout and beginning of my carb load. I wonder if it would be okay if I were to do a couple sets per bodypart at a lower intensity than not do any training at all?, and I am supposed to be filling glycogen back up and regain any muscle that was lost. This would be especially importance this week I think because I missed a few meals over a couple days.

    Also, anyone know some good things to take in order to beat the cold a little quicker?
  4. Viper, If you're sick you definitely want to make sure you get enough carbs. I've heard Lyle (on the body recomposition forum) talk about carbs being an important part of healing or getting better when you're sick. I'm not sure how much it would help but I doubt it will hurt. Maybe that carb load is just what you need.

    I guess you could also get some vitamin C by eating oranges or spinach or something but I don't know if that would have any immediate effect. Hope you get better.
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    Thanks for your advice diznik, I appreciate it. It's funny that you said that the carb load may help becuase the last time I got sick I was in the middle of an HST bulking cycle and my cold went away noticeably faster than usual when eating higher calories. I wonder how my body will respond to the carb load. I'll do the carb load tomorrow and hopefully I'll get to do the workout on Sunday but I'll play it by ear. I'll post any signs of getting better. All I can say is right now I feel terrible.

    Edit: I forgot to add that I did decide to go to the gym later today but took a little longer rests between sets and cut my # of sets in half on most ecercises. I may have made my cold worse but I wont know until more time passes. Another thing is that I have a fever still and decided to take some cold & sinus medicine about 2 hours after the workout and eating. I hope the aspirin wont effect things too much since I heard that aspirin may lower protein synthesis, but hey I don't want to end up in the hospital with a terrible fever.
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    Wow, that cold was no fun! I feel a little better now but not fully recovered. At first it was just the usual for me when I get sick, the sore throat and sneezing. As the cold progressed it just hit me full on firday night. I had a high fever and began getting the chills, then out of nowhere I would get extremely hot. This went on for a few days and when the fever and other sytems slowed down it became a stomach flu. I didn't eat very much the for the last half week because all foods would make me naucious and have an upset stomach. This cold didn't help any in regards to preventing muscle loss during my dieting cycle [​IMG].

    I figured what I would do is training some time soon (maybe) using HST this week and not UD2, and follow a diet at mainetence level or maybe a tad more to gain some muscle back that was lost. I think it would be better not to do UD2 this week because I think eating low carb meals and doing the long depletion workouts may cause the cold to relapse.
    I'm going to attempt to eat a larger meal this morning and hoepfully I'll have no more stomach discomfort.

    Thanks to the people that helped me out on trying to get rid of the cold faster! I think some of your suggestions may have helped me get rid of my cold a little quicker.
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    It felt awesome to get back into the gym today and not take it easy with the weights. I used pretty heavy weights but I noticed that I lost a lot of strength, mostly with chest exercises and the rest was not so noticeable. I was woking out with about 20-25 pounds less than I normally do on bench for the same number of reps. I really hope the strength comes back since I wasn't out for to long not training. I think it most likely has to do with eating less while being sick and the cold itself. The good thing is that I am starting to feel better and the only thing bothering me is my nose. I'm still all stuffed up and my sinuses are acting up but I'm good.

    Like I said before, I am using my normal HST style routine this week just to be on the safe side with the cold and I figured it would be useful with a little less training frequency and I won't exhaust the nervous system as easily not going to failure. The thing I love about HST is that it doesn't burn me out at all and the workouts are always great.

    I am also finally able to eat better and atleast at maintenance. Before, when I had my cold it was hard for me to eat a lot because I would get naucious. I love having an appitite.

    I guess for right now I'll post on Tuesday when I start the UD2 again, so I don't waste anymore time talking to much about non-UD2 things. I'll post then, later people.
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    Hey guys I'm back! I'm feeling a lot better than I was a week and a half ago. I am now back on the UD2 diet/training program. Yesterday was the first day back with the depletion workouts and it takes a toll on the body no doubt about it but I got back in the swings of things real quick, so no prob there. While training last week using HST, I was gaining more strength back with every workout, which makes me happy. I'll see my true strength during the power workout after my carb up, so I'll have to wait until Sunday to give any real input on that.

    Before today's workout and yesterday's workout I weighed myself to have some clue of where I'm at since I haven't weighed myself in a while. I weighed 166#'s both days which kind of amazed me. During my cold I did loose muscle and my measurments are down a little. I don't like this at all since I was doing so good and I even gained a little muscle throughout the first month. Hopefully as the diet continues I can gain back any loss of lbm.

    When I was at the gym I saw a couple people that I havent talked to for a couple weeks and they all said that I'm leaning up and that I was looking good now. That put an instant smile on my face the whole workout. I notice I have more abdominal and deltoid definition than I had before and my body symmetry is better proportioned. When I have some fat around my abs and love handles my arms and chest look smaller and now they fit better with the rest of my physique.
    I am having that itch though to gain mass again. I made a goal of 17'' arms by New Years. If I continue this diet for another month I'll have 5 months to reach my goal. If I decide to bulk in one month my bodyfat wont be as far down as I'd like it to be but it all depends if I loose muscle mass in the process and my goals once I finish the diet, we'll see.

    I'll post soon, later [​IMG]!
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    Looks like the fight to get chiseled abs is just too much for me to wanna deal with, I think I'll just settle for "pretty dang good" rather than wanting to be chiseled and fantastic.

    As for your getting a cold. Get a bottle of 1g vitamin C tabs and take them every day with an 8oz glass of orange juice (take your fish oil with that if you take those). Always do this every day for the rest of your life and when you are infected your body will have the upper hand with plenty of resources rather than being surprised and then depleted. You still might feel some symptoms but your body will be able to fight it off a lot faster and a lot sooner. With my 8 meal a day diet the orange juice and fish oil with vit c actually counts as most of meal #2 for me.
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    Sorry I haven't updated in a while. Hey Mindwraith, I know how you feel. It's almost 7 full weeks on the UD2 and Im still trying to figure out if it's worth the extra trouble than the traditional lower calories w/HST like my last cutting cycle. I think during the summer like it is, the diet becomes more easy to follow than if I were to be in school, working and being busy all time. For example, yesterday I was at a basketball game and I was being given free food and drinks but instead I turned it down because I had brought a little container of tuna to eat along with the carbs and fat I needed in that meal :D. It was funny though, no doubt about it. My co-workers know that I am pretty strict about my diet and training when I think its necessary but they still couldn't help but laugh, and the tuna smelled up the whole section also.

    What I did notice is that over the period of dieting I loss less muscle than my traditional ways of dieting. The fat loss I experienced has been similar to other times but I think the UD2 still wins in that respect. I wasnt expecting any fat loss miracles but I did loose a good amount of fat and can now see my abs a lot more than before but I am still not "ripped". I could follow this diet for another month and get to the bodyfat I would like before gaining mass again but I am worried I will loose a lot more mass than I would like. I also noticed that in the first month of dieting I lost a lot of fat and even gained a tiny bit of muscle which was amazing but then taking a week off, then getting sick after that didn't help in that regard. I just figured sometimes when deiting down I have to realize that muscle loss may be a part of dieting but this diet did do a better job of maintaining muscle as much as possible. Overall, I think the diet was worth it and don't really have any regrets following it. I just think if someone doesn't want to put the extra effort or does not have the time to follow a program like the UD2 for better than average results than maybe a more traditional routine that we are all used too may be better suited. During my last cutting cycle with HST I followed calories and protein closely but had a little leeway with the fat and carbs. I was also able to eat some better tasting foods and didn't mind eating the foods I was eating at the time. While dieting on the UD2 the foods I ate didn't give me much satisfaction and I had to switch foods often so I wouldn't get burned out on the same thing all the time. The carb loads are somewhat fun though, and eating a ot of the carb based foods that I like made the rest of the week easier because I knew what I had to look forward too. I carb load did take up a huge amount of my time on Saturday though. I would always be thinking and keeping track of what I need to eat in order to fulfill my daily goal. I was still able to enjoy the day but eating so often made it hard for me to go out places for a long time. If I were to go to the beach, that means half the day has gone by and I am not going to spend money on a whole lot of food at resteraunts or bring the foods I need in a cooler or anything you know. All this stuff isn't too big of a deal for me, but other people may not like it and it's kind of subjective as to who wouldn't mind following a diet lie this.

    There ya have it! That is my experience with the UD2. I'm not sure exactly how much longer I will continue the diet, maybe a few more weeks.

    Once I'm done I will let everyone know. I'll probably take one after the diet picture for fun. I don't know if I'll post it but I'll definetely think about it. [​IMG]
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    Alright, well I have decided that last Sunday(7/25) was the last day of the UD2. To reach the kind of bodyfat I would like which is obviously well in the single digits I would have to continue the diet for a month or two more. I just don't think it would be worth it for me to risk loosing a lot of mass the get shredded. In a way I feel like I would be regressing, in muscle mass that is. Once I get the kind of muscle mass I want, then I'll seriously consider dieitng for longer but there will be cutting cycles along the way.

    I basically gave you my opinion on the diet in the last post and as the thread was continuing. This diet did help me loose fat and pretty quickly actually. I didn't loose any mass for about a month but after that I noticed a decrease in all my measurements. I figure I would loose mass while dieting but the diet seemed to do a little better job of keeping more of it than I did on my last cutting cycle. Maybe next I'll do even better. There's always something to strive for. :D

    Right now I am actually on my SD and ready for HST again. [​IMG]

    I finished 7 weeks on the diet and started at 178-179#'s and ended at 166#'s and am 5 foot 9 inches tall. Overall I think the progress was good, and it did get me in pool/beach shape like I wanted. I got my abs back, they may not be big timed ripped but their good enough for me at the moment. I haven't recorded exact measurements yet but maybe I'll actually get to do that if I can find my myotape.

    Thanks to all you that helped me out and gave some great advice, and I hope some of you enjoyed the thread even though it wasn't the most exciting thing in the world. ;)
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    And thank you, VIPER, on behalf of all us lurkers =)
  13. Bryan Haycock

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    Great input VIPER. [​IMG]
  14. VIPER

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    Thanks a lot guys, I appreciate it!
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    since my cutting cycle was a little mess, Ill give ud2.0 a try (its not that different than what I did, cycling low and higher carb/calorie days) I will start with the diet in about a week

    here my question to viper:
    how did your diet look on the low days? could use some input..
    did you use l-tryrosine? never used it, is it worth a try?

    shall I make a new thread or post my experiences into this one?
  16. VIPER

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    Hey Nemesis;

    I'd be glad to give ya some insight. Since you your cutting cycle was a little messy, than maybe the UD2 will help you out since the whole thing is somewhat formatted for you already. The thing you do have to do is obviously figure out how much you will be eating throughout the different phases of the diet like your low carb/depletion days. In the book it describes the process the body goes through on the UD2, and what the workouts will be like, etc (which you may already have read in the book) which I think is good to know. It will take time to configure your workouts and diet to maximize results but you should get it quickly. Just read the book over again and make sure you understand what to do before starting.

    My diet on the low carb day's differed every once in a while, especially when I got sick of things like eating tuna repeatedly. When I first figured out my macronutrients for the diet I then started listing foods that would fit with my diet as close as possible. When I had all the foods that looked like they would work I started picking and choosing foods and creating meals. I bought a bag of frozen chicken, some vegatables, and olive oil that I split into the amount I needed. There are many other foods that I substituted like tuna, cereal, and peanut butter (not necessarily in the same meal) but you just have to figure out how much of that item you are able to eat.

    Another thing I did with my calculations of macronutrients was divide them into how many meals I might have during the day. For example, sometimes I would have a really busy day and I couldn't eat my normal four or five meals that day and I knew three meals would be easier for me, then I knew how many calories I could eat for each meal just by looking at my paper.

    As for supplements during the UD2; well all I used was creatine which is explained in the book only used on certain days during the diet, and a fish oil supplement. I have never used the L-Tyrosine supplement before so I wouldn't be able to give you any first hand input but using the diet alone will probably have you shedding fat at a good rate anyway so I guess it's up to you. What I may try the next time I do the UD2 or any cutting cycle is a topical gel by advant labs like ab-solved or one of the others but I'm still undecided. As you know, as long as you can follow a strict diet like the UD2 you will be getting results regradless of using any other supplements.

    If there is anything else you want to know feel free to ask, and good luck with the diet.

    Edit: Also, your definitely welcome to use this thread for your UD2 progress.
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    ok I have to figure out what to eat...this will be the biggest problem, food thats easy prepared and available everywhere

    it will probably stay the same the first three days because I am to lazy to make variable plans

    did you eat at maintenacne on the weekend? which ratios did you use? also low carb or in a "normal" range? did you eat "junk" on the weekend as well as on friday?

    did you loose a lot of lean mass?

    I am looking forward to friday...will have to eat around 5000 kcal :))))
  18. I will miss your relentless pursuit, thank you for the updates. If you decide to do it again, please do the same as a thread, I would love to see how it works a second time around. [​IMG]
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    My weekend calories were normally about 200-300 calories less than maintenance. I lowered calories between 10-20% on the weekend under maintenance to ensure fat loss, which is decribed on pg.70 if you have the book (not sure what page for the e-book).

    On the weekends I kept track of all macronutrients but was mostly conserned with protein (which was kept at 1g/lb bw) and calories. I always eat a lot less fat than carbs so having to much fat in the diet wasn't an issue, so it wasn't as strictly kept sometimes. To answer the carb question though, it was kept more within a "normal" range because I figured if I followed pretty low carb diet for half the week and owe it to myself to have better tasting foods. I didn't worry too much about ratios but I tried to stay close to the ones described in the book or similar atleast. The night before the carb depletion starts I sometimes tried eating lower GI carbs like the book describes but when I didn't do that it didn't seem to make an enormous difference.

    Haha! did I eat junk? Hmmm. I was able to enjoy myself a little with the foods I like but I made sure I didn't over do it because all the planning and effort you do to make this diet work effectively, you won't want to completely ruin it all the time by eating a complete cake or anything. I just made sure I ate some of the foods I liked because on the carb load there is no better day than that one to eat some goodies here and there. It's just about moderation like you now. If I felt like some frosted flakes or something then I ate em' without having to worry about about it and loved every second too.

    Yes, I did loose some lean body mass but I contributed some of it to getting sick half way through which did me in pretty good and keeping calories lower than maintenance. I didn't loose as much mass as I normally would but I was trying to go in with a mind frame of the possibility of the loss of LBM. It was worth it though, I looked a lot better and only took 7 weeks out of my time. If you can follow a diet/training plan like this then I think you've got the determination to accomplish a lot in the journey to a better physique.
    The best part about that diet is by far the carb load, you'll probably have a lot of fun, enjoy and good luck :D.
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    Thanks DKM! If I do it again, I'll definetely post another thread. I have to say though, I'm glad I'm back to gaining mass!

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