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Discussion in 'FYI' started by Totentanz, Apr 27, 2011.

  1. Millard Baker

    Millard Baker Administrator Staff Member

    Already adding original date of publication to some of articles :)

    My big concern about some of the older content is that it may be outdated. I've gone about excluding obviously out-dated information (such as info about supplements that are no longer over the counter) but most of the articles that were moved from old to new site should still provide useful info.

    This whole project will take time - thanks in advance for your patience.
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  2. Millard Baker

    Millard Baker Administrator Staff Member

    I greatly appreciate it if you want to help me with the site and give advice and suggestions. I've addressed some of the issues with reposting older content; it is something that I am aware of and willing to discuss the best ways to overcome these concerns.

    Making accusations of fraud is a little more inflammatory than constructive.
  3. TunnelRat

    TunnelRat Active Member

    Yeah, I was thinking something along those lines, as well. A little tact doesn't hurt much.

    In the (translated) words of an ancient Greek philosopher:

    "Be kind; everyone you meet is fighting a terrible battle".
  4. Bryan Haycock

    Bryan Haycock Administrator Staff Member

    I just want to say thank you to Millard for how much he has done for ThinkMuscle and me for that matter. I personally will try to get new content on ThinkMuscle as much as I can. Things have just been a little hectic with work, teaching, and now I will be back in graduate school this fall finishing my PhD (finally).

    Once again, thank you Millard! For all you've done and continue to do for ThinkMuscle.

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