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Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by Canuck, Aug 29, 2004.

  1. Falco

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    I use olive oil a lot when I cook. Buy an oil sprayer instead of Pam - you add your own olive oil, pump & spray. I use that for everything, cooking fish, eggs, etc.

    I also usually add it to pasta sauce, dip bread in it (with a little parmesan & pepper), & add it to my normal tuna, rice & veggie lunch.

    Sometimes I add it to my morning oatmeal.

    Always stick with extra virgin olive oil - it is high in monounsaturated fats - thats the good cholesterol lowering fat.
    Alternatives would be canola oil, peanut oil; cashews, almonds, peanuts, and most other nuts; & avocados.

    The other good fat is Polyunsaturated, found in corn, soybean, safflower, and cottonseed oils; &, of course, yummy, yummy fish.

    Avoid Saturated Fats (whole milk, butter, cheese, and ice cream; red meat; chocolate; coconuts, coconut milk, and coconut oil), and stay far, far away from Trans Fat (most margarines; vegetable shortening; partially hydrogenated vegetable oil; deep-fried chips; many fast foods; most commercial baked goods).
  2. psychonaut

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    olive oil makes a fantastic sandwich filling, the romans used it to dip bread.

    I recently bought a seed-grinder and several kilos sunflower and flax seeds to help make efa's a greater part of my daily fat quotient. I dont think olives contain any efa's at all.
  3. You are correct.

    And about Canola oil, it is a 18 carbon unsaturated fatty acid made mostly from oleic acid, linoleic acid and linolenic acid.
  4. [xeno]Julios

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    well i went and purchased some olive oil after reading ectoman's lovely recipe and i am totally in love with the snack.
    I bought extra virgin cold pressed stuff (spectrum naturals brand) and man is it good. Didn't realize how calorie dense tho! - 15 ml = 120 calories!! - and i eat about 6 tbsp's a day i think - that's like 700 calories from olive oil!

    About canola oil - personally i wouldn't go for it - not many people understand the history behind many oils.

    Here is a good read:


    read the first paragraph carefully - it is not making the claims it states - at the end it says:

  5. skinnyman

    skinnyman New Member

    ok i got my olive oil now. 14g fat per tablespoon. it tastes bad big time. i just want to supplement my daily fat intake because i have to eat 90+g of fat a day. [​IMG]
  6. skinnyman

    skinnyman New Member

    I have a question, when do you eat/drink/swallow/shove in your mouth the olive oil ? i've been thinking to take it afternoon and then about 10pm. wouldn't the oil drank at 10pm will just become bad fat? because an hour after that i'll be sleeping. :D
  7. Totentanz

    Totentanz Super Moderator Staff Member

    It doesn't really matter if you take it before sleep, it won't turn into a different kind of fat than it would otherwise.
  8. Tcup

    Tcup New Member

    That`s wrong. It`s essential that your diet consist plenty of unsaturated fats. When you are eating regular food you mainly get saturated so called "bad fats".

    There has been proof that your triglyseride values can be lowered easily when your diet consist 2/3 so called good fats.

    When thinking about cutting, fats are essential. Your fat metabolism hardly stops with low fat diet but it will slow down thus causing metobolism to discard fat as an energy source

    Fats should be taken from several different sources but mainly good fats should be taken from cold pressed rapeseed oil.

    That`s because cold pressed rapeseed oil consits 19 times more alfalinolenic (omega- 3) acid than olive oil

    One should get fats approx. 1g for every kg, so if you mainly eat low fat food you can easily add several spoons good fats to the diet without fearing of gaining weight. However if cals are going up too much they should be taken down from carbs.

    Few articles...

    Bray GA, Popkin BM. Dietary fat intake does affect obesity! Am J Clin Nutr. 1998;68:1157-73. [PMID: 9846842].[Abstract]

    Willett WC. Dietary fat and obesity: an unconvincing relation [Editorial]. Am J Clin Nutr. 1998;68:1149-50. [PMID: 9846838].[Free Full Text]

    Willett WC, Leibel RL. Dietary fat is not a major determinant of body fat. Am J Med. 2002;113(Suppl 9B):47S-59S. [PMID: 12566139].[Medline]
  9. [xeno]Julios

    [xeno]Julios New Member

    Natural rapeseed oil is mildly toxic. Canola oil is a bred variety that contains less erucic acid.

    Studies have shown that the amount of processing that the final product undergoes introduces trans fats, and breaks down the omegas. Not sure if all canolas are like this though.

    Additionally, from what I recall, canola oil has shown to introduce vitamin D deficiencies in rabbits (or rats, can't remember).

    Learn some history here:



    There are a lot of politico-economic reasons canola oil is highly touted
  10. Tcup

    Tcup New Member

    Yeah you`re right..i just realized that there was a language barrier.

    Your canola oil mean same as rapeseed oil in my language [​IMG]
  11. [xeno]Julios

    [xeno]Julios New Member

    I just question the value of something that has to be tampered with in order to consume. Humans didn't evolve to ingest canola oil.
  12. BoSox

    BoSox New Member

    I think the bigger problem for you is that you have 6 tbsp a day of olive oil
  13. [xeno]Julios

    [xeno]Julios New Member

    i've cut down to 3. Just bought some flax seed oil and have 2 tbsp's a day. And I have about 1-2 tbsps of coconut oil also.
  14. BoSox

    BoSox New Member

    that is still 80-90 grams of fat just from drinking oil. Why? Do you not have any fat in the food you eat?
  15. [xeno]Julios

    [xeno]Julios New Member

    well - i used to get 3000 calories a day from an MRP + milk. I've chosen to eliminate the MRP (the high content of maltodextrin didn't sit well with my "conscience"), and i'm down to half a litre of milk a day instead of 2 litres.

    That leaves a lot of calories to fill in, and i figure healthy fats are a good source.

    Here's my diet right now:

    Meal 1: 200 ml of raw egg whites. Glass of milk with heaped tbsp of honey

    Meal 2: Can of tuna with 1 tbsp olive oil. 2 slices of whole grain bread, with 2 tbsp olive oil, some garlic, half a tomato.

    Meal 3: Homemade shake: 1 cup rolled oats. 2 heaped tbsp honey, 2 heaped tbsp almond butter, 1 chopped banana, 1 tbsp flax oil, 1 scoop (35g) whey protein powder.

    Meal 4: 2 potatoe sized yams, 1 chicken breast, 250 grams mixed vegetables. Glass of milk.

    Meal 5: Homemade shake again.

    Any advice or suggestions?
  16. [xeno]Julios

    [xeno]Julios New Member

    Ok I used fitday to calculate my nutritional profile, and here's a summary. (wish there was a way to link to the exact page)

    (This is after lowering my coconut and flax to 1 tbsp each)

    Total Calories: 4082

    Fat:...........35% (sat = 6% poly = 7% mono = 14%)

    Keep in mind the saturated fats are primarily from coconut oil, and they're not as bad as "regular" saturated fats.
  17. skinnyman

    skinnyman New Member

    can't seem to find flax seed oil... i'm sticking to olive oil 2 tbsp a day :)
  18. Falco

    Falco New Member

    You won’t find flax seed oil in the same place you find the other oils. Flax seed oil must remain refrigerated. Your local food/health store probably has it; you’re just looking in the wrong aisle.
  19. Aaron_F

    Aaron_F New Member


    there is only two fats that are essential, and they are not in olive oil.
  20. Just a reminder to all that the original intention of this thread is blade's suggestion that if you are having trouble getting enough calories during a bulk that olive oil is a great, healthy way to add calories.

    Also, those of us on a low fat diet need to supplement with good fats. So, olive oil is once again a healthy, less expensive suggestion along with fish oil capsules to get fat intake macros and EFA's back in line.

    And finally just a reminder that the foundations of western civilisation was built on olive oil. In the classical world it was used for eating, cooking, heating, lubrication, currency, trade, medicine and financed the Greek and Roman empires.

    Monsanto and their little girly-man canola oil can kiss my %$#@...bow down and worship the olive oil you ungratefull punks! ;-)

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