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Discussion in 'FYI' started by Bryan Haycock, Sep 30, 2006.

  1. stevejones

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    I don't believe that the judges in bodybuilding (or anyone else, for that matter) are capable of picking the real winner in a bodybuilding competition.  These guys are just too close to each other to accurately assess who has the superior physique.  I wish the actual judging would be based on something like joint to muscle belly ratios/bodyfat percentages/size/then measure weight and correlate it to bf % and size to determine bone density....or...whatever measurements they need to take to determine who wins.  Everytime I have watched an olympia in the past with other people everyone picks someone different.  If anyone of you were to watch an olympia without knowing any of the contestants, most of you would pick a different winner.  I still enjoy the competitions just because I think their physiques are incredible, I just wish the judging method would change. To me, Ruhl has the best "WOW, WHO THE HELL IS THAT DUDE ?" physique, and Victor Martinez has the most aesthetic physique.
  2. xahrx

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    Well it is all subjective. I think any attempt to make the judging objective wouldn't work because it would be impossible to settle on a standard. For example why should lower body fat necessarily be a good thing? One guy might look better and more ripped than another and still be slightly higher in bf%. One thing that they could do would be to store and correlate the judge's ratings regarding specifics on each contestant. That data could be used to train judges and maybe get more consistent rating from them.
  3. dkm1987

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    I'm Glad Jay won this year and if you've followed him over the years seeing him standing next to Ronnie, this was the first year he actually overshadowed Ron. His back was insane this year and he was just overall more massive, a little smooth, but still a monster. FOr kicks and if you get a chance, find picks or clips of the 2001 Olympia and see the 2 next to each other, then compare it to the 06.
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    I listened to BB.com's interview series, and man you learn so much about how it all works(I don't really follow pro BBing seriously, except watching Pumping Iron occassionally [​IMG]). I listened to Jay's interview after he won, he's so humble and profressional, he says he respects Ronnie but he (Jay) deserved to win because he worked harder than anyone else etc.

    I listened to Ronnie's interview before the comp, man he's an arrogant ass. He says Jay is "on crack" for believing he can win, and keeps going on about how he (Ron) is going to win, its definite, he doesn't have any competition (least of all Jay) and just comes across and being totally out of touch with reality, not to mention disrespectful to his fellow competitors.

    But then maybe if Jay had won 8 in a row he would be the same...

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    Heh, and then Jay beat Ronnie again at another comp like a week later. That had to hurt.
  6. Bulldog

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    Dexter always lookes awesome! Tiny waist and huge lats, arms and delts and pretty good legs. He really has a good total package. It's really a shame that they keep picking the shear mass monsters as winners because there is supposed to be more to BB than just shear size.

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