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I have a good knowledge of search engine positioning and how to achieve good rankings. I just started my first HST cycle and will help to do my best to spread the word if I feel it works well. I have been lifting for 5 years, and with everything I have read in these forums I should be very pleased with what HST has to offer me.

I achieved #1 rankings for my company in a billion dollar a year insurance/financial type industry. If I feel that HST works I would be more than willing to offer all the knowledge I have to help spread the word. I also wouldn't mind helping get HST better rankings for the protein products sold since so much so much research has been done on hypertrophy for free for the forums members.

If anyone would like to help with the online efforts, please send me a pm and I'll let you know what you can do to help once I finish my first cycle.
Hello Jason,

I am also in the IT / IS field and currently employed as a 24/7 IT/IS Manager for a medical group in Texas. I would be more then happy to lend any resources I have to help out HST. I will be starting on the Primer/Driver protein supplements and based on my results I will also help spread the word. I currently have some nice Web servers at my disposal if any hosting needs are needed or mail boxes. Let me know.

Good to hear I have some fellow geeks available to help ;) The first thing that comes to mind for servers is switching this forum to php to have it run faster and get spidered better by the search engines. I'll contact you and Bryan when I'm done my cycle and we can chat about what can be done.
I was just typing that same idea when yours poped up. I noticed it takes a few seconds (10 - 15) each time I click to open a new link or to post. It might be bad routing but since I am in a 100Mbit cluster I can only imagine what it is like for people on dial up. PHP would be a gerat alternative to switching to a faster host. Once I get my supps in Ill stat a journal in the forums, as for now just lifting to get back into the shape I should be in. But for some reason when the wife got pregnant so did I lol. Good thing I am still somewhat young.

A great and FAST php/mysql based forum is SMF - which conveniently enough has a converter so no posts would be lost in the change.

I think the fact that this forum is cgi based is the only reason that it is slow at times. CGI can be a huge resource hog, slowing down even the fastest servers.
yes cgi is a horrible resource hog.  I use forums myself.  They are easy to maintain, can be customized easily, AND most importantly they can be used to help better spread the word of HST (could possibly even get this site to the top 10 listings for "whey protein" so we can repay Bryan for his hard research with money in his pocket!)  So if any experienced HST guys want to help me out on my first cycle I'd appreciate it, especially when it comes to nutrition!
Yes, the board desperately needs to be switched to mysql. Its way to big for dbm.

I just need to get with the ikonboard guys have have somebody help me switch it over.