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Discussion in 'General Training' started by wungun, Jul 13, 2013.

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    With my current home bench, I can't setup properly for barbell incline presses...just doesn't have the adjustability...I am looking for a better, Olympic style bench (with dip attachment).
    So currently, only dumbbell inclines...
    And being dumb bells, I can't easily get into position for the presses with a 5rm weight...just too wobbly and dangerous.
    So looking in the mirror, I'm clearly lacking in upper-pec development/mass.
    Lower pec mass and definition is great!

    Should I be focusing mostly on incline presses?
    Will this help more with the upper pec?

    My current 5rm routine is 2 sets of DB inclines (up to 11 reps because of my limitations) and 1 set of flat BB presses....which is typically 40Lbs heavier than with the DB's...

    I really need a better bench!!

    Also, can someone explain how good, deep dips help with chest? I have a hard time seeing how the pecs are engaged (more so triceps?)
  2. Sci

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    Yes, if you really want upper pecs, and you have limited equipment, focus on Incline work, barbell or dumbell presses, and flyes. If you have a hard time doing 5s with dumbell benching, then don't risk an injury, use lighter loads, and do slightly bent arm Incline DB Flyes. Flyes are awesome for pectorals and are underrated by most people.

    Yes, Dips are the best Pectoral exercise ever for me. To emphasize pecs over triceps, use a WIDE grip on the dip bars. If you are tall like me, you will have to make sure to buy a dip station that has adjustable or extra wide dip bars. That is the most important factor, as too narrow dip bars will automatically force your triceps to get fatigued before pecs. Also, tuck your chin in, try to keep your body in a position like you are decline benching, flare the elbows out to the sides a little, and really focus on using your pecs to move your body up and down through space. I find it easier to put stress on the pecs, if I don't go to low in the dip, and really focus on the mind-muscle connection with the pecs. Try to make it as much as possible like a wide-grip pushup.
  3. wungun

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    Thanks Sci!
    I can see now how dips can target the pecs now. The wide grip totally makes sense now.
    I've been doing weighted dips off my coffee table so far, and using narrow grip. My tri's are coming along nicely. Lol

    As for bench fly's, they were a part of my routine (incline fly's) before HST, however I developed a shoulder issue on my right shoulder which I believe was brought about by the fly's.
    shoulder is better now...haven't done fly's in over 6 months now. But I've been doing a more balanced shoulder workout now too, so maybe that and not the fly's were the issue?

    I think I'll leave in two sets of incline DB presses (or BB when I get the proper bench) and add a set of fly's, and a set of wide grip dips.
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    Nice! Thanks Sci!
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    Never underestimate the power of the push up.

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