Oral 1-AD and transdermal 4-AD two week cycle

Discussion in 'Anything and Everything about dietary supplements' started by restless, Sep 23, 2003.

  1. restless

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    I wasn't planning to, but I can. Not sure where though. 4-AD falls ouside most steroid forums and the steroid falls ouside most supps forums so I'm not sure what to do :confused: .

    I could do it at avant labs I guess.

    Are you planning on using the short cycle aproach?
  2. KingProtein

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    A log over at Avant would be great, but if it's gonna be a lot of trouble don't worry about it. I was mainly interested in how exactly you've managed to structure prohormone/steroid cycles into the HST framework, and how that worked out for you in terms of results.

    I'm playing around with a few ideas, right now I'm thinking of starting a 4 week cycle, the first two weeks being only 4-AD, the second two weeks being a mix of 4-AD and 1-test. I'm trying to avoid any significant HPTA suppression if possible, because I'd like to add a few extra weeks of 4's near the end for cutting, and the idea of dropping calories while hormone levels are already at suboptimal levels does not sound good. (I lose muscle mass much too easily as it is). I would, of course, have at least a two week buffer of 'off' time before this cutting phase.

    I'm still reading up on all the possibilities though, and don't plan to start this until January. Additionally, I had a few questions on why you chose the dosages you did, and about how you made your transdermals. (I noticed you didn't include DMSO in a formula you suggested for another forumer. Plus you said the formastene was a bit tricky to mix up, I was curious about these issues.)

    Any help would be appreciated. Good luck on your cycle.
  3. restless

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    Well, I have just went straight back to 10's with no decondicioning and I'm doing another 6 weeks before I go into negatives for the post cycle period, during which I'm planning to lower the volume.

    To tell you the truth I'm pretty much improvising as I go along..... :confused:

    So far I've gained 20 pounds, but in the latest days I haven't gained much weight. I had to bump the formestane to around 70 mg per day since I'm now using another aromatizable androgen so probably the weight I gained is lean mucle gains and some fat with little, if any, water weight. I actually look leaner, even though my waist had increased around 2 cm since the beggining.

    I really don't think it's realistic to expect to be on a dosage of androgens high enough to aid in your muscle building purposes and still expect not to have HPTA shutdown. It's just bound to happen and I don't think there's anyway around this.
    As you know I was thinking about a 4 week cycle at one point but then I decided that since I had crossed that two week line where HPTA shutdown seems to get more serious I might as well stretch it to a ten week cycle.

    And AAS are so much cheaper than PH's.....

    Didn't I?? DMSO makes a lot of difference, but it also irritates skin a lot more. I probably didn't recommend it because I didn't use it in the first two week cycle.

    Yes, very tricky. Some people at avantlabs also had problems with 6-oxo. It just tends to fall out of the solution and I had to make a 25 mg/ml as opposed to the 50 mg/ml of 4-ad, which dissolves very easy, by the way.

    Thanks, and anything you might need feel free to ask it here or PM me about it. If I can I'll surely help.

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