Penis enlargement pills.

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  1. s7e

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    First, yeah this is probally one of the craziest post on this board! [​IMG]


    I see and read nothing but a bunch of ads for penis enlargement pills. Do these really work? Or is it just a scam?

    Really though, what guy would not want to add a few inches?

    Any info on these would be great. There are so many of them, which work best if any?

  2. Gene

    Gene New Member

  3. Lars

    Lars New Member

    I'd guess they could. If you'd just get yourself a Prince Albert and then hang the jar from it, I guess it would at least look longer ;)
  4. mikeh

    mikeh New Member

    Thanx for making my morning Steve !!

    Ask yourself this, can you take a pill and add muscle ??
    Save your money (maybe you could tie a plate to it ) [​IMG]

    Here's the only way to add length

    Surgical Tech

    Don't feel bad, I bought tribulus terrestris pills :)

    And I was kiding about the plate :)
  5. Blade

    Blade Super Moderator Staff Member

  6. bluenoser

    bluenoser New Member

    It really is a shame that perfectly normal adult males would allow someone to mutilate them, just to add an 1" to a normal organ. As far as the enlargment pills go well you know the old saying that if something sounds too good to be true most likely it is.
  7. Steve McDermott

    Steve McDermott New Member

    What's really a shame is that Avant labs product called "Hung" will most likely never see the light of day. It was going to be a topical solution that would add size. Now that the FDA has once again "protected" us from ourselves it has been shelved.

  8. Claudio

    Claudio New Member

    Blade, You must be joking right? You actually think that stuff works? Are you speaking from experience?
  9. scratch

    scratch New Member

    they really work in getting RICH!

    these companies are playing on the insecurities of men.

    pathetic, but if they worked i might give it a try.

    one of them was shut down in Phoenix. they were making 25 million a month. product was bullshit according to the authorities.
  10. Blade

    Blade Super Moderator Staff Member

    It has helped a number of people, and the physiology is sound. Read up on it yourself. I'd do exercises anyday over putting some mumbo-jumbo concoction of mostly ineffective stuff into my body.
  11. Claudio

    Claudio New Member

    IIRC, the penis is not a muscle at all, and stretching exercises etc will only lead to a lenghtening, and corresponding weakness of the ligaments. At least this is what I remember when this question was posed to someone from t-mag if I recall.
  12. Blade

    Blade Super Moderator Staff Member

    From T-mag? [​IMG] Ok, I'll reserve my comments...

    It really does work, although the gains promised by commercial sites are fairly exaggerated. Gains in 1" length and 0.5" girth are fairly common, though. The main technique is called "jelquing", and is some sort of milking exercise that traps blood in the penis and then forcing it to expand the corpus cavernosa from the inside out. Stretching partially lengthens ligaments and partially the tunica.

    But to observe guys spending several hours every day talking about their penises on an internet message board....male bonding at its most disturbing.
  13. Claudio

    Claudio New Member

    It may have been Roberts or Kneller from T-mag. Not sure how reliable you'd consider them..

    Surely, if this actually worked,(and I take your word for it, although 1 inch sounds an awful lot -more than surgery if I recall) it would lead to a weakening of the same ligaments. Thus, leading to weaker erections which aren't as hard?

    God, this is embarassing stuff [​IMG]
  14. Blade

    Blade Super Moderator Staff Member

    Erections aren't really dependent on tendon strength. And how do you know that this really weakens tendons? That is a strong statement if you don't have any proof of it ;) The kegel exercises that are a part of these programs will generally increase erection strength dramatically, and this is also reported by the people starting such exercise schedules (jelq/stretch/kegel). You should read some of the threads on these forums I posted links to instead of trusting the words of the t-mag know-it-alls. [​IMG]
  15. are there any pills that make your penis smaller?

  16. jb1309

    jb1309 New Member

    yeah 1-ad!
  17. xtenbsd

    xtenbsd New Member

    Whoa can 1-AD really make you do that? Some guys from the gym swears by 1-AD and I've been thinking about giving it a try...but not risking side effect like that. :confused:
    I'm new to this board - hi everyone. I'm on my 2nd cycle (4th week) on HST now. Combined with continuous feed of protein it seems to be working great. Steady weight gain (about .5-1 lbs/wk) and best of all I can concentrate better with my lifting technique.

  18. There is a rigidity issue. I had some friends in college who did research and/or experimentation. (Research included watching pornos of individuals known to use certain enhancement techniques. . . I remember walking in on some unusual late-night study sessions in the honors center. . .)

    Anyway, rigidity is a function of physcial structure, blood pressure and flow rate restriction. The kegels help increase flow rate restriction, increasing pressure in the chambers of teh penis. This can increase total size or rigidity. Physical structure dictates SHAPE, however, and shape failure can result in a floppy phallus which can't maintain rigidity despite a very high pressure. The strain-induced enlargement methods can cause decreased rigidity, and usually do when the subject goes for too much of an increase in size.

    None of the people I knew were lifters or fooling with hormones, though. This was strictly physical manipulation.
  19. Blade

    Blade Super Moderator Staff Member

    Is this topic still going? [​IMG]

    "Shape failure" would depend on a lot of factors, and as I understand it, the jelq technique enlarges the corpus cavernosa of the penis - essentially allowing a greater blood flow in addition to the strength of the PC muscle.

    From observation of the forums I posted links to, the majority of "subjects" [​IMG] experience enhanced erections and control of ejaculation among other things. But like you said, overdoing it would definitely cause more harm than good - as would any other exercise you apply to other parts of your body...
  20. vicious

    vicious New Member

    If Bryan came up with PST he'd be a rich man. [​IMG]

    Kegeling will give you a steel rod. Many women do this to enhance their orgasms. Possibly having very strong PC muscles will counter the post-orgasm refractory period for men. You will be rewarded with some mind-bending orgasms.

    Jelqing and the like will work, but the activity will kill your libido. You will be rewarded with some mind-bending orgasms.

    Stretching and the like will work, but this activity can cause bruises and the like. You will not be rewarded some mind-based orgasms.

    big hands i know you are the one! [​IMG]

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