Penis enlargement pills.

Discussion in 'Anything and Everything about dietary supplements' started by s7e, Jan 8, 2003.

  1. Insane_Man

    Insane_Man New Member

    Whoa, just looking through this forum for an old post and I came across this. Suprised I didn't catch it back when it was active :)

    Anyways, I'm glad to see that Blade has pointed you guys in the right direction [​IMG]

    I'm a semi-regular poster at over at Thunder's (bet you can't guess my name [HINT: it's the exact same as here]) and I actually learned of HST from I guy over at PE forum.

  2. ChuckGrill

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    Forgive me but, IMO, this is a sad topic. Personally I think all this hype about larger "members" stems from constant pressure from men (maybe not all men) for women to have larger breasts.

    Payback guys, payback.
  3. Insane_Man

    Insane_Man New Member

    Breasts don't really serve any functional purpose during intercourse....
  4. I don't know whether most women see a whole lot of difference between our discussions here at HST and those over at the PE forum. [​IMG]

    Boys will be boys... ;)
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    the length of a penis neither....anyway...

    such a big bull**** mostly men dont want women to have huges breasts, the women think the man want them and so they make em its not the stupidity of the men, its the one of the women...if you want to be something else that people like you its youre failure and the failure of the society...its the same with the men...

    its unbelievable that men are under a real pressure since theyre childhood huh? as a man society tells you how you should be, you mustnt cry, you mustnt show emotions, you have to protect women, you have to be the guard, you have to have a large penis to be a real man...

    it may sound stupid but for all these problems in communication and all these roles society put you into youre the executing force yourself...

    so if you have a problem with it, its our ALL failure...

    so! now ill go to sleep
  6. addy

    addy New Member

    found this thread through the 'male enhancement' thread, and thought it deserved a bump. too funny.
  7. Rovi

    Rovi New Member

    heh no kidding

    the thread lives on!

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