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Discussion in 'General Training' started by Bob Evans, Jun 21, 2005.

  1. chiefhog

    chiefhog New Member

    People at work call me a "pussy." Is that good?
  2. ZeroAkarui

    ZeroAkarui New Member

    I'm 6'3 and 180 lbs. yes very skinny, but I'm mostly muscle so it's ok. Except the fact that my arms are only 12 in, but hopefully this cycle of HST and a good bulking diet will help. I'm hoping for 10 lbs of muscle. Scrawny to Brawny diet, gaining 2-3 lbs in about 2 days already, though obviously not all, if very little of it is muscle.
    So I haven't gotten to the point were people look at me for my muscles, though I want to really badly.
    BTW, since this in on the subject of muscles, and my arms are really the only thing that lag, any body have any idea how much 10 lbs of muscle would add to my arms? Just a guess.
    I will someday be big. Here is some good news for my fellow ectomorphs... Apparently Brad Pitt is also an ectomorph. Just think about that.
  3. liegelord

    liegelord New Member

    In my experience, I'm 5'11, 10 lbs is about 3/4 of an inch to my arms.
  4. lcars

    lcars New Member

    arms,arnie,jonny bravo,popeye and adonis these are all names i get called at work,ironically im not even that big 6"190lbs 12%.I look nothing in normal clothes only when i wear tight clothing do i stand out,like totentanz said i too feel scrawny and weak most of the time.but i get alot of positive comments also, so all-in-all i like it.
  5. shwaym

    shwaym New Member

    the summer between junior and senior year of high school i gained ~24lbs of lbm. needless to say all i did that summer was eat, sleep and lift and needless to say i got the "omg matt what did you do take steriods or something?" at least 3x a day, everyday, and repeatedly by the same people. even the naturally big football players would like come up to me by themselves and whisper "hey, cmon man you can tell me, did you take steroids? seriously, its ok you can tell me."
    last year i always wore like tight shirts and rolled my sleves up in the gym and hot days (....ok days when it was above 50 degrees)
    but now after i started lifting again(after a forced 3months off, -~30lbs) i feel really awkward when people stare at what i eat or how i lift or how big i am, before i just found it amusing.
    and yes people 'noticing' me for what i eat or how i look annoys me and if they try to put me down for eating the way i do then i choose not to associate myslef with those people any more.
    im still going to bodybuild but now more than ever it is for myself and myslef alone.
  6. liegelord

    liegelord New Member

    At my gym guys are taking more shots at me.  I was getting ready to do dips 75x10 the other day and this kid, in his most sarcastic voice says, "That's one of the best ways to hurt yourself."  I couldn't help answering, "Yeah, that's why I keep it light." :D

    There is too much resentment at most gyms, either you're bigger than the other guys or you lift heavier. I guess if a guy got next to me and loaded a bar with 200 more pounds than I was deadlifting and lifted it more times there might be some resentment. :confused:
  7. shwaym

    shwaym New Member

    im a little resentful of the uninformed mesomorphs where all they do is alternate cheat DB curls and they are bigger than me, but its not that big of a deal.
    in high school whenever i did deadlifts the wrestling team would stare at me. the freakin wrestling team! they had no idea what i was doing! it was pitiful
  8. liegelord

    liegelord New Member

    That's one I hate to see.  There is a guy at my gym who did a cycle or 2 of AS and his chest and arms are huge and yet he lifts like a girl.  DB bench presses with 65's for goodness sake.

    There is something wrong when I am busting my hump with 400 lbs deadlifts and someone lifting 65's has bigger arms. :mad:
  9. I`ve only added about 20 pounds in the last year (only [​IMG] ) but people have certainly noticed in the office. I do find more people putting a hand on my shoulder or grabbing me by the arm. It`s not like people are offering to spoon with me so I can`t say I mind. I personally believe that physical human contact is good for a person`s overall well being.
  10. Scooper182

    Scooper182 New Member

    Hmm it seems many are having bad experiences in the gym with thin guys doing situps and gawking at the deadlift.  Perhaps the aforementioned behavior is a result of bodybuilding magazines, but I can certainly say people my age (18-22) seem to have great knowledge on bodybuilding.  I go to a major university in the North and everyone deadlifts, squats, benches, curls, etc.  Moreover, they use good form and certainly do their share of grunting and growling.  Only the skinniest "newbies" bounce around while doing calve raises and cheat curl for 25 reps.  I have a feeling our growing up with the internet has diffused a great deal of bodybuilding knowledge so that we are not stuck with magazines and books selling "natural" bodybuilders.
  11. Jester

    Jester Well-Known Member

    @ my uni gym, EVERYONE benches . . . but no one rows. When I'm doing the heavy weights (for me) I get a small crowd, and on Friday some kid asked me why I do that...told him to flex his back in the mirror...

    Deads aren't very popular here, except for the dedicated few.

    The instructors won't allow some people to do squats because they simply refuse to learn and apply proper technique and form.

    Still think it's funny seeing the skinny college kids trying to buff up with 10kg dumbell curls and not doing deads, chins or rows...
  12. shwaym

    shwaym New Member

    Scooper: one of the main concentration of my college is sports/exercise and almost everyone that lifts has no idea what im doing or what theyre doing.
    i wish i went to your school.

    Jester: that has got to be the most n00bile gym ive ever heard of.
    mind if i share it with my friends to lawl at?!
  13. Jester

    Jester Well-Known Member

    It's just the uni gym......waaay too meany first years. You have to remember that local gyms and sports science is NOWHERE near as advanced and focused here in Australia, as it is in US....which is why the dedicated like myself are web searching and find HST [​IMG]
  14. I couldn't help answering, "Yeah, that's why I keep it light."
    Liege, HA! That was the perfect response.  [​IMG]

    I recently had a personal trainer ask me why I was doing front squats. When I told her I was after quad development, she recommended that I use a machine instead--not even a hack squat or leg press machine, but some Icarian cable-based deal that wouldn't come close to any form of squatting in terms of effectiveness. This further cemented my impression that the vast majority of personal trainers don't know what they're talking about.
  15. Hardrock

    Hardrock New Member

    I work out at the local YMCA because it's close to my house and I'm too lazy to drive 5 or 6 miles to the hardcore gym. I'm 6 ft 2, 295 lbs, built like a powerlifter, have a shaved head,a goatee, and wear black alot. I guess I'm imtimidating to the YMCA crowd because no one there will approach me in the weight room even when I'm doing stuff they haven't seen before and I know they're watching me.
  16. chiefhog

    chiefhog New Member

    I <3 this thread. My favorite at the gym are the guys with monstrous shoulders, chest, and arms but have no legs. How silly looking. You know the outfit they all wear: Baggy sweats or windsuit pants and a tight tank top. The never wear shorts. Ever.

    There is a group of guys at my gym who Have like 18 inch arms and giant chests. I have never once seen their legs. Every now and then I'll see them do a few sets of ham curls, leg ext, or leg press. Usually it involves talking about women, though.

    Even though their upper-bodies are much bigger than mine, there is no contest in the legs department. When I step up to the squat bar and pump out 335lbs for 5 reps, I always see them stop and watch me from the corner of their eyes.
  17. shwaym

    shwaym New Member

    I <3 this ^

    we watched Supersize Me in one of my classes and everyone was saying how they never eat fast food, omg its so disgusting, wow how do people eat that its so gross/bad for you etc.
    then we cook cinnamon buns and pizza and they chow that #### down with a coffee or soda on the side.
    there is no difference.
  18. Totentanz

    Totentanz Super Moderator Staff Member

    I know what you mean, chiefhog. There is this guy at work who's fairly built in his upperbody, not a whole lot larger than me, but he's got me beat on triceps and pecs. Anyway, a lot of women at work have remarked on the fact that he and I are both fairly well built for lean guys, except for the fact that he has a flat butt and mine... well, suffice to say it sticks out quite a bit. I've been asked why this is, and I just tell them to go ask him how much he squats if they want to know why.
  19. Hardrock

    Hardrock New Member

    Those guys have what's called the "California look"- a derogatory name used by other bodybuilders because back in the day a lot of the West Coast bodybuilders had big upper bodies and chicken legs. By the way chiefhog- if you're a Razorback you can't be a pussy- it's the law here in Arkansas.
  20. liegelord

    liegelord New Member

    The guy with the biggest upper body at the gym I go to looks ridiculous. His arms are at least 17.5, chest 52 and his calves look about 14 tops. It's not a matter of bad genetics either, his legs look untrained.

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