sexual abstinence and performance

Discussion in 'General Training' started by [xeno]Julios, Aug 27, 2003.

  1. [xeno]Julios

    [xeno]Julios New Member

    wow. after about 10 days of absolutley no sexual activity, i went to the gym for the second time during that period, and i couldn't believe my strength. For the first time ever I was able to lift almost as much on the second sets as i was on the first (and this is during 5 rep max phase). This is also with only 2 min rest between sets!

    Also, my girlfriend keeps mentioning how my body felt hot (temperature wise) and how she could sense my vitality throuhg my veins. And mental focus is incredible!

    I've also noticed body odour changes - but can't be sure - maybe it's the heat, but my armpits have intensified in odour - to me it smells like urine, but according to her, my body smells nice.

    I spoke to a friend who's a martial artist and he told me this is normal and that ur testosterone rises when u abstain, but u shouldn't abstain for too long coz ur libido will dull.

    well i did some googling and came up with this on pubmed:

    makes complete sense - coz it was only the second time i went to the gym (which was after 7 days) during which i noticed this.

    anyone else have experience or knowledge in this department?

    btw i've abstained a couple times before for fun - once for 1.5 months, but this was before i was into doing the gym thing - but i did notice vastly improved mental focus and power.
  2. HrshyKissd

    HrshyKissd New Member

    I don't know but I wouldn't willingly abstain from sex no matter how much strength it gave me in return. :D
  3. mikeynov

    mikeynov Super Moderator Staff Member

    you might regret this line of thought when you beat up a few gym rats and impregnate the maid. twice.
  4. robefc

    robefc New Member

    sorry, still trying to understand this concept [​IMG]
  5. Cliner9er

    Cliner9er New Member

    "Women make weak legs"

    Mickey for Rocky I

    :confused: :confused:
  6. [xeno]Julios

    [xeno]Julios New Member

    bahahahah :D
  7. [xeno]Julios

    [xeno]Julios New Member

    once u close the floodgates for a few days, the dam builds up a lot of strength and it takes less and less willpower to abstain.

    At least this is my experience.
  8. mikeh

    mikeh New Member

    She's a keeper :)

    You're going to make some woman a GREAT husband [​IMG] [​IMG]

    All I know is after a night of sex and a good night sleep, [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I feel pretty good the next morning !! After all this is ONE of the reason we lift, right ?
  9. [xeno]Julios

    [xeno]Julios New Member

    heh - so any brave male volunteers up for some confirmation?

  10. HrshyKissd

    HrshyKissd New Member

    LOL..hale yes [​IMG]
  11. ChuckGrill

    ChuckGrill New Member

    I know personally I get EXTREMELY irritable though!
    Amen to that Mikeh! :D
  12. [xeno]Julios

    [xeno]Julios New Member

    How long have you gone dry for?

    After the first 3-5 days it's pretty much smooth sailing. The first 48 hours or so can be gruelling to say the least, but hell it probably builds character or somethin.
  13. Keebler Elf

    Keebler Elf New Member

    I have often used a Chinese technique where one holds back ejaculation during sex. It rocks. I have gone weeks without letting go but you reach a point where you become very violent and aggressive. So once a week is about right.

    It is not as bad as you think. You still have sex, you get a great increase in performance (both inside and outside the bedroom) your sex drive goes thru the roof and your really enegised. Yes, you can get mini dry orgasms too. It was very popular for Chinese Emporers who had many Concubines to please!

    Basically, you learn deep breathing and strengthen the pc muscle so that you can build up and then hold back. You get the pleasure without the rude ending [​IMG]
  14. [xeno]Julios

    [xeno]Julios New Member

    bah i never understood the pc muscle - the descriptions of how to locate it are too ambiguous for me - there are two sets of muscles i can feel - one set is farther back from the other, (let's call the closer one A and farther one B)

    Now all the advice says it's the muscle that stops the flow of urine - but I can do this using both muscles. The difference is, if i do A, then both A and B contract, whereas if i do B only, (same one used to hold in a fart hehe) then it contracts independently. It's impossible to flex A independently of B, and when A flexes, it's the same muscle u use to actually move little johnny up :p

    Also, when I squeeze A, I find it's bad for sex coz it accelerates me towards climax waay to fast - so i try to go throughout the whole thing without flexing A at all (until very end where it's involuntary)

    Sorry for being so explicit, but damnit this has been buggin me for a while.
  15. Ruhl

    Ruhl New Member

    After 7 days without sex, do you have to have sex again, every 7 days, to get another test fluctuation, or does the test stay elevated as long as you don't have sex?
  16. [xeno]Julios

    [xeno]Julios New Member

    judging from the abstract, it seems that the rise in testosterone may be sustained until further ejaculation, but it's hard to decipher the wording - it's not very clearly written, or maybe it's just my inexperience at decoding scientific data.

    Either way, I didn't wait long enough to find out :p
  17. Wreck

    Wreck New Member

    Days... and days... and days....
  18. summa

    summa New Member

    You guys are still talking about this?
  19. Ruhl

    Ruhl New Member

    I need more opinions on this: after 7 days without sex, do you have to have sex again, every 7 days, to get another test fluctuation, or does the test stay elevated as long as you don't have sex?

    If abstaining makes me bigger and smarter, I'll do it.
  20. thedrivethruguy

    thedrivethruguy New Member

    If you read the study, (at least what i get out of it is)
    -Have sex/ejaculate on day 1.. your test levels are at or around baseline levels for days 3-6, then on day 8 there is a peak, with "no regular fluctuation was observed following continuous abstinence after the peak" What it doesnt say is how long this "peak" is abtained for? 1 day? 1 hour? 1 week?
    Another angle i didnt see before: when is says no regular fluctuation, does that mean no fluctuation from the peak? (145.7% in this particular study) because if they are saying after a week with no sex your t-levels are elevated, and will stay elevated for as long as you dont have sex, then we may have something here.... Anybody have a different study with a better time line after the 7 days of abstinence? Man that was a lot of thinking my head hurts [​IMG]

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