sexual abstinence and performance

Discussion in 'General Training' started by [xeno]Julios, Aug 27, 2003.

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    I always thought this was an urban legend.. I do know, that since I started lifting weights... and I had a.. 'drought' if you will, I became more uncontrollably aggressive and horny. lucky for me, i'm not working out to set records...just feel good and live life. Adding whatever weights in strength and having a regimented sex life just aint my thing.
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    might this be related to the fact that semen contains a lot of zinc, so if you're not producing much, it might reduce incidence of zinc defeciency?
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    PC and @$$ muscles very hard to seporately control.

    I know this because I once shat myself (had the shits anyway) standing up at a hotel on-suite urinal.

    I'm sure gay guys probably relise this too
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    What's optimal? Release every 10 days?

    On your "sex day" can you have Fck alot? Like 6-7 times? Does that have any effect on it?
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    no need for crude language budec [​IMG]

    yeah i'm sure u can indulge and drain urself on that one day. The important thing is probably the abstinance interval. Now according to the study pasted at the beginning of this thread, the interval is 7 days.

    According to a poster on this board, he claims he feels that 11 days is optimal.

    Personally, I start to notice effects of aggression after the 3rd day - so i'm not sure if this is a sudden spike like the study says. It might well be, and the aggression I was experiencing was due to sexual desire and the behavioural consequences arising from the desire and stress.

    If you want to take this seriously, then the best option would be to experiment carefully yourself.
  6. Good to know stuff:
    Obviously, as stated by those who have abstained, agression does come into play, but luckily no negative effect from abstaining.
    Hormone-dependent aggression in male rats is proportional to serum testosterone concentration but sexual behavior is not.
    Albert DJ, Jonik RH, Watson NV, Gorzalka BB, Walsh ML.
    Psychology Department, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.
    Male hooded rats were castrated and implanted with Silastic capsules (1.57 mm i.d.; 3.18 mm o.d.) having a testosterone-filled space 0, 7, 22, 60, or 90 mm long. All animals were returned to their original group cages for a three-week period to allow hormone concentrations and behavioral tendencies to stabilize. Each male was then housed with an intact female in a large cage. Aggression by the male toward an unfamiliar male was tested at weekly intervals for three weeks. Sexual behavior with an estrogen/progesterone-primed ovariectomized female was tested on each of the subsequent two weeks. Serum testosterone was measured during the following week. The frequency of aggression was correlated with serum testosterone concentration up to the normal level and did not increase with higher serum testosterone concentrations. In contrast, sexual behavior was virtually absent in animals with no testosterone replacement and normal in all other groups. These results demonstrate a clear dissociation in the dependence of hormone-dependent aggression and sexual behavior on serum testosterone concentration. In a male cohabiting with a female, sexual experience activates hormone-dependent aggression toward an unfamiliar male but the level of aggression that develops depends on the serum testosterone concentration in the resident male.
    And in this one, I am reading that is it better, as far as serum level, to abstain than be premature, although not much.
    Plasma testosterone levels of sexually functional and dysfunctional men.
    Schwartz MF, Kolodny RC, Masters WH.
    Plasma testosterone levels in a group of 341 men with sexual dysfunction were compared to those in 199 men with normal sexual function. All subjects were participants in a 2-week intensive conjoint sex therapy program at the Masters & Johnson Institute. testosterone determinations were made using radioimmunoassay methods after column chromatography; all blood samples were obtained on the second day of therapy between 8[​IMG]0 and 9[​IMG]0 a.m. after an overnight fast. Circulating levels of testosterone in men with normal sexual function (mean 635 ng/dl) were not significantly different from testosterone values in sexually dysfunctional men (mean 629 ng/dl). However, men with primary impotence (N = 13) had significantly higher testosterone levels than men with secondary impotence (N = 180), with mean levels of 710 and 574 ng/dl, respectively (p < 0.001). The mean testosterone level for men with ejaculatory imcompetence was 660 ng/dl (N = 15), while for men with premature ejaculation the mean was 622 ng/dl (N = 91). Plasma testosterone concentrations were not related to therapy outcome but were correlated negatively with age of patients.
    And one on ejaculation and serum levels of monkeys
    Effects of ejaculation on levels of testosterone, cortisol, and luteinizing hormone in peripheral plasma of rhesus monkeys.
    Phoenix CH, Dixson AF, Resko JA.
    Plasma levels of testosterone (T), luteinizing hormone (LH), and cortisol were measured in 10 adult male rhesus monkeys before and shortly after coitus. Mean levels of T and LH did not increase significantly after coitus or in control (no ejaculation) tests, but cortisol levels did in both cases. In 10 different males, no significant change was found in the plasma levels of T after electroejaculation; but in control tests (electric current withheld), the mean level of T was significantly lower at 80 and 140 min, but not at 50 min, after the test. According to present evidence, the effect of ejaculation on T levels differs in primate and nonprimate species. The effects on T levels produced by living with sexually receptive female rhesus monkeys may differ from those produced by intimate but brief contact with them.
    Last but not least a study on test levels and undernutrition in rats
    Effects of undernutrition on serum and testicular testosterone levels and sexual function in adult rats.
    Santos AM, Ferraz MR, Teixeira CV, Sampaio FJ, da Fonte Ramos C.
    Urogenital Research Unit, State University of Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
    The aim of this study was to evaluate testosterone concentrations, sexual behavior, and androgen receptor protein level in the testes of rats submitted to protein- and energy-restricted diets during 30 days. Adult male Wistar rats were assigned to one of the following groups: © control, diet with 23% of protein; (PR) protein-restricted, diet with 8% of protein; (ER) energy-restricted, diet with 23% of protein in restricted quantities. Mount number, ejaculation latencies and copulatory efficiency were evaluated to determine sexual behavior. At the end of the experiment, the animals were sacrificed to determine serum and testicular testosterone concentrations as well as testicular androgen receptor protein level. Compared to the C group, the ER group presented a significant decrease in body (36%), testis (20%) and epididymis (14%) weights in serum (78%) and testicular (68%) testosterone concentrations as well as in copulatory efficiency (26%). On the other hand, the ER group presented a significant increase in mount number (114%) and ejaculatory latency (62%). The androgen receptor protein levels were significantly reduced in both PR and ER groups (41% and 74%, respectively). This is the first paper to demonstrate that the effect of undernutrition on reproduction is not related to reduced protein intake but caloric restriction. Also, in caloric restriction, there is a relationship between sex behavior, androgen receptors, and testosterone concentration.
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    Don't forget about the post i made on page 2:

  8. Once every two days minimum according to a recent study might be healthy or at least a good excuse " but please its for the good of my health"
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    i think this may be the stupidest thread in existence.......
  10. oh come on :D
  11. lazyeyepsycho

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    one of the original reasons i started to lift was to get more kat (many more reasons motivate me now)

    The second i start to worry that frequently boning my girlfriend might make my muscles less "purty" is the time i probably start watching queer eye and start talking with a lisp.
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    After reading this thread i'm thinking...


    By the way... :D i am willing to try this out:D ... i always thought i felt stronger when i held out.

    anyways. i'll let ya know... i wonder if i can make it longer then a week...
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    Maybe you should keep on keeping on till you get to 5 rm, then soak the miscles with test, and see if it spikes them. I can't see how ejaculating will turn you into a girl. My thinking is that if you keep a constant flow then suddwenly abstain, you will get the rise you need to build.

    When I was younger ( I am 42 now ) it didn't matter. I simply had to ejaculate, and if I didn't do it, then mother nature would do it for me (nocturnal emissions). This would even happen after a night of grueling sex. Young, dumb, and full of **** I suppose. The body itself is regulatory on it's own, for the most part. I think it will adapt to whatever condition you are constant with.

    Notice in the study they discussed abstinance. They did not discuss constant sex. So, they have only a basline for abstinance, and there is no empirical data there that would suggest that sex is bad. They say that sex diminished the presence of test, and that ejaculation depleted it, but they did not say if constant ejaculation would produce the same spike. Maybe it's a normal cyclee that occurs anyway. There's no way to tell by what they did alone.


    PS - I will be happy to help them test the constant sex theory.
  14. OneMoreRep

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    yea i agree, the nocturnal emmissions get me.
  15. replying to the question if the testosteron level stays elevated after day 7 : the answer is NO

    although I couldn't open the full text of the article that started this all, I found someone who probably did :
    qoute : "Chinese researchers conducted a study in 2003, and enlisted twenty-eight male volunteers to abstain from ejaculation for a period of one week. The participants were tested daily for deviations on serum testosterone levels. The Chinese study was the first to measure the influence of ejaculation frequency on serum testosterone levels, and the results are provocative.
    Researchers found that abstaining from ejaculation for six days had no impact on serum testosterone levels. On the seventh day, serum testosterone levels peaked to 145.7% of baseline, and then declined rapidly on the eighth day.
    Researchers believe testosterone declined on day eight from the negative feedback suppression of Leutinizing hormone secretion. Leutinizing hormone is essential for testosterone production, and LH determines free testosterone levels. Suppression of LH would decrease serum testosterone levels, returning them to baseline. The study determined that the frequency of sexual activity and ejaculation impacted testosterone levels. " and a bit further :
    "You may also choose to postpone the achievement of ejaculation for seven days so as to maximize testosterone on a day of the athletes choosing - i.e. on the hardest training or competition day. If the athlete chooses this protocol, ejaculation should be achieved on the seventh day, post workout and according to the above protocol, so as to avoid the negative feedback suppression of LH demonstrated on day eight of abstinence. "
    (source :

    as for my personal experience, letting my testosteron peak at day 7 has proven to be very usefull, for exercise en even for big tests because it gives me more mental focus [​IMG]
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    As a single guy whose given my life to the Lord and not having sex anymore (until that special girl comes along) I can tell you from personal experience that "holding out" does make you stronger. That may sound over simplified but I know it from personal experience.

    I've gone weeks and weeks without orgasm and can tell do experience higher stress levels so that is something to prepare for. But I have higher than average testosterone levels anyway. When I was 17 I went to the doctor because my right nipple was getting large and very sensitive and he told me it was nothing to worry about I just had REALLY high test levels and my body was producing more estrogen to try and regulate itself. I've always had a high drive too. BUT you can go without it and still not be miserable....its according to your attitude about life, your beliefs, etc.

    I can also tell you weak moments when I DID have orgasm......I felt so weak I felt like I wouldn't be able to walk again. I felt like something very vital had been drained from my system. Even my mood went down.

    I happen to like having high test levels and being strong with a lot of energy for my size. I'm used to it and don't like it when it goes down.

    Just my .02.
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    What happens if you have a wet dream? If you have a wet dream do you have to begin the 7 day wait again in order to boost T levels?
  18. Lance

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    I didn't know people actually worried about this. I doubt the test boost is anything significant.
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    One of the best ways to abstain is marriage.
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    Umm........don't you all train via a method that's non-reliant on test levels??

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